1. I wish we could just do what we wanted but it’s scary out here. A few years ago a guy who went to school with me killed a female international student because she told him she didn’t want to talk/date him. And there were so many accounts that no matter how rude or polite she was to him he still stalked her, attacked her and killed her.

  2. Feeling something rather than nothing is still a feeling. I’m with these other guys, you should probably seek outside help.

  3. How cruel dude, I weigh around 220 pounds and am 5’7 and my partner definitely doesn’t have to manoeuvre weird. Have you considered you might be bad at sex??

  4. Can I ask how you go about painting them? We have a pump we’ve been wanting to restore for a long time but a big hitch has been the paint—we don’t know the right way to do it

  5. Best way we have found is using an etch primer, a high fill of some sort and then acrylic paint. Optional is putting a gloss coat over the top. We had our learning curves too, just using primer without high fill causes the paint to flake off. Also making sure you rub the panels down and wiping them down with a wax and grease remover is key too! Using a filler paste can also cause the paint to flare up. If you need specifics or more info just dm me!!

  6. God I feel you (fellow Aussie too). It’s so gross that our culture is so engrained with only being able to hang out with people if you’re drinking.

  7. I resonate with this so well. I’m just happy enjoying company and doing what I need to do. I’d much rather a friend who can sit with me while I cook or run errands instead of someone who wants to go out, so I getcha

  8. Honestly either, I have no reason to be picky at this point. I used to have loads of online friends but they all faded away after a while

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