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  1. Designed to keep up with Corvettes in development!

  2. What would be wrong about complaining about that?

  3. Go with 603 Brewing in Londonderry, very good beer.

  4. I tossed some boiling water into the air and it turned until vapor!

  5. If youd like to see a souped up version, check out Travis Pastrana's Family Huckster

  6. I'm familiar, it's the stuff of my car fantasies! A fast and functional wagon!

  7. He looks like his musical side gig is in an Emo cover band.

  8. Quick get away before the proctologists start looking for you!

  9. People get so wrapped up in their own ego, they can't see the douche in the mirror.

  10. 🎵 I'm looking at the douche in the mirror 🎵 ala Michael Jackson's song

  11. Anyone know where I can find a full version of this interview?

  12. I was caught up in the Jesus Freaks and Martyrdumb movement of the 90s. That and Purity Culture. Needless to say some of my spiritual baggage has left me fucked up.

  13. Anything (menu, marquee, etc) written in Comic Sans or Papyrus.

  14. Thanks for the recipe. I see some call for sugar, none in your batch?

  15. Ah I knew I was forgetting something in the written recipe I put a little like 2 - 4 tea spoons

  16. For a moment I thought the music was by Explosions In The Sky which would've made it very fitting.

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