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Boldly go where we haven't been in a long, long time.

  1. Is Cuban and has a horrible attitude. What a shocker.

  2. The article cites "dozens" of complaints. In a military of over a million, with half a million in Ukraine or having served at some point, that is actually a miniscule number. Title is incredibly misleading. Reading the article would do you good. Also, the flair.

  3. This angle shows just how truly NASTY that slider was.

  4. McNeil gets on, Mookie walks it off and leaves us all with blue balls

  5. "No one in the lower bowl is sitting." Literally everyone on screen is sitting.

  6. That's what we have the "Ghost of Kyiv" for. Portrayed by a black transgender woman.

  7. Nah it'll definitely be portrayed by a white guy because according to Netflix and HBO straight white men are guilty by default.

  8. That homerun just made me so happy, and I don't give a shit who wins! That fan damn near made me wanna cry! Lol

  9. The Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966 allows any Cuban who has arrived in the US legally to apply for permanent residency after a year and a day in the country.

  10. Yeah but they may deport him before that year and a day.

  11. Do we have the ever-so-exciting John Smoltz in the booth to talk about golf and Carribbean Colombia?

  12. Do we have the ever-so-exciting John Smoltz in the booth to talk about golf and Carribbean Colombia?

  13. Her personality is probably that of a beach.

  14. 3rd Quarter and runs against them coming out of timeouts.

  15. Apparently not, just checked and looks like Cuba is still under authoritarian rule. May need more signs.

  16. Yeah that's worked for the last 65 years really well.

  17. Youre right, they should prolly all just shut the fuck up right?

  18. Or actually put their money where their mouth is?

  19. Two weeks ago the Ukrainians were completely surrounded according to media. Just yesterday there were stories that Ukraine still had supply lines open. I don’t think this is close to ending in Bakhmut.

  20. They are completely surrounded. And there is still only one road in, and it's incredibly muddy and is bombed to hell by artillery anytime somebody tries to move. Rather then go door to door (which they are doing on a smaller scale with Wagner in the North) they are laying siege to it and trying to bleed Ukraine out into eventually retreating while Wagner also pushes them to that one road.

  21. The most perfect pair of tits I've ever seen. If you watch True detective, you seen it all and it's glorious.

  22. I don't die. But most of the time at work, especially when people are acting like assholes, I say to myself: "Please kill me now."

  23. In 4 matches, we have 2 wins, 2 draws, and ZERO losses. I'll take those numbers any day. The good teams find a way to grab points, even on bad days.

  24. You got any evidence for this claim of going into towns and villages and shooting them in the head for being gay? You know, besides some guy in Miami's word with no physical evidence?

  25. Yes. Cuba assisted the communists in Congo and he went over there and killed more innocents.

  26. Angola? You mean the war that happened like 12 years after he was already dead? Guevara's ghost strikes again!!

  27. Thank you Jessica Simpson for your service and for your boobs!

  28. You, sir have done mankind a wonderful service.

  29. What an amazing game. This game did such an amazing service for the sport of baseball. Gotta love it!!

  30. That's what the world thought of a great deal of their tech and war machine in general. It all fell flat on its face. The successes they're having are on the back of sheer numbers right now. You may well be right, but I just can't see it.

  31. I really hate when people say it's because of Russian tech that it fell flat on its face. That is simply not the case. Incompetence, horrible planning, and not going full throttle (half-assing war NEVER goes well), and basically the entire western world emptying its arsenal into Ukraine has led everything to going how it has. But the fact of the matter is there are anti-aircraft and artillery in insane numbers all over the place. Now it's a war of attrition and siege. As a pilot, that's the scariest and most dis-advantageous part of war, when everything is still in place.

  32. Did we not sign Scott to be a starter? I don’t think we are going to sign another safety.

  33. He's a DB that specializes in being a slot corner.

  34. Oh, well I agree that that was wrong but don’t riots like this only hurt people and don’t really solve anything.

  35. Tbf, they did peacefully protest for months, and Macron basically said, "Hey, look at these idiots taking a walk" and went ahead with it anyway.

  36. Well tbh their government just FUCKED the working class pretty hard. And the President did it undemocratically via special measures to bypass the parliament. So yeah, I'd be pretty fucking riled up if I were French.

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