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Ukraine applies for fast-track NATO accession

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  1. The only thing whores are more afraid of than a good moral compass is the irs…

  2. Better than having Rutgers, Maryland, and Nebraska. God those schools have brought the standard WAYYYY down.

  3. Last time it said Canadian man, then the time before said American man. Well which one is it? And is the OP not karma farming?

  4. Those are roots. Once one finds a way into the pipes the problem gets worse from there on until it comes to this.

  5. When I first bought my house, we had a plumber come and he pulled out like a 3 foot pile of tree roots.

  6. We should pop into the bottom of the rankings in the next couple weeks

  7. Yeah but you’d rather lose in week 1 than week 10. New Years Six bowl still within our grasp!

  8. That one cop was itching to deliver some flying kicks. Counted him doing it 3 times in a row, plus a foot trip and one more kick for good measure.

  9. Holy shit I see it. Dude was like “finally I get to show off these glutes!”

  10. Miami and Columbus both won and we lost… NOT GOOD.

  11. It’s to show solidarity with protesters in Iran. Like how people all over the world protested after George Floyd was killed.

  12. Thank god! Lula was a victim of political assassination spent time in prison, and then comes out on top! I fucking love to see it!

  13. I was expecting a 7-TD day from Stroud, but instead he’s got more turds than a dog park.

  14. I know, and I’m excited for him. Just tired of Bama players winning the Heisman…

  15. The only way for StarLink to work to its “intended” effect is to put 100,000+ of those satellites in orbit so that everyone always has coverage. HOWEVER, this presents several problems: how do you maintain them? And how many billions and billions of dollars would it cost to make and then launch them into orbit? How would they prevent collisions from the thousands of other satellites already in orbit? And most importantly, you can say bye-bye to seeing the stars and planets with the naked eye.

  16. 46! OH muh Gerd I cannot control my cum when I see his face and it gets even worse when I think about him accomplishments!

  17. KILL THE CAMERAMAN! She just showed her knockers full out and bounced them and your dumbass doesn’t even film it.

  18. In other news, water is wet. OP is karma farming!

  19. Red flag bruv. I dated a girl once who would get angry if i even struck up a convo with other girls at parties but damn its okay for her to go on solo trips with her "guy" friends now and then cuz it's her "personal time"

  20. Trips with her guy friends? Nah she getting gangbanged bro…

  21. Question about the Bailey: can my 7 year old son come with me?

  22. Problem is that Cubas position isn't much better, as they voiced support for the invasion of Ukraine not long ago. That puts a slight damper on any relationship building, I fear.

  23. THEY HAVE NO FUCKING CHOICE! The embargo shuts them out from like 80% of the world. What do you want them to do? Starve?

  24. My wife surprised me with an attitude. Nvm, it wasn’t a surprise.

  25. Those knockers are great even by today’s standards lol.

  26. You’re 109 years old, just eat the booger.

  27. Question for those rooting for Ukraine to get accepted to NATO: what situation do you think would realistically play out if that happens? Because realistically article 5 would be initiated, thus bringing all of Europe and the U.S. into the war. This will no longer be contained to Ukraine, this would be a full-on global and more than likely nuclear war. Would China just stand by as their ally is being attacked by the entire world? Will this just cause Putin to give in and say “well that’s done” and just leave (99.99% doubtful)? In what scenario does this end good? I get it, the chest beating and the claiming you are on the right side of history, but deep down, war is fucking horrible and the only objectives are to take territory and obliterate your opponent. I hate being a pessimist, but seriously, why cheer on mutual destruction and world war?

  28. Yes Putin would have to capitulate. He's obviously gotten by based on Bluff. Time to call it in, neutralize Russia and get a democracy in there that can act to contain China. Toppling Russia is a huge hedge against China.

  29. If it works literally perfectly, sure. But you do realize he has the nuclear football right? And you do realize that he will not go down without a fight if someone does attempt to topple him, right? As I said, what is the end game? It’s the fantasy that he just capitulates, but that is just not the reality. And that is also not the Russian reality. He is not Gorbachev, his image isn’t openness. It’s being a “badass” and strengthening Russia. It’s somewhat under control because it’s not too chaotic in Russia, yet. But if the fight is brought to his doorstep, you bet your ass it will be scorched Earth.

  30. Even though women are the ones who get the overwhelming majority of revenue from porn acting.

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