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  1. “A casserole is a normally large deep pan or bowl used for cooking a variety of dishes in the oven; it is also a category of foods cooked in such a vessel. To distinguish the two uses, the pan can be called a "casserole dish" or "casserole pan", whereas the food is simply "a casserole". Often the same pan is used for both cooking and serving.” Yes it is. I have no idea where you got your definition from.

  2. I’ve never seen anyone dance at DDR. Usually they look like a spider on roller skates.

  3. This is just a laundry pro tip in general. Need your dress shirt looking crisp in a hurry? Throw it in the dryer with a damp sock/cloth and run it for 10 minutes while you shower. It will come out crisp without needing and iron. The damp sock will steam your shirt and take out the wrinkles.

  4. That’s insane. That’s how you get vigilantism. I would call them every day until they did something about it. “Ok, I’ll call back tomorrow to see if you have the manpower.”

  5. You need to send letters to the DA and the mayor, not your local police. It’s the higher ups making decisions on not prosecuting smaller crimes. Don’t be angry with the soldiers, be angry with those who gave the orders.

  6. Trying to “fix” their partner or potential partner.

  7. This is a 0 IQ take for sure but also a dangerous one. Single player story games are such an important aspect of video games and this person just denies the value of it entirely which is insane. The $70 price is pretty reasonable considering the hours of entertainment you get from a game, especially considering going to the movies costs way more per hour. There is an old adage about video games that you should get an hour of entertainment per dollar spent to get your value from a game. If you out 70 hours into god of war then you certainly got your moneys worth.

  8. I never understand why you would do a reveal video of this step, it’s an unfinished product. Needs a lot of work before you see what it’s actually supposed to look like. It’s like doing a cake reveal and it’s still liquid in the pan.

  9. Like, I understand when people complain about it in ACTUAL combat sports. Professional wrestling is not that.

  10. Pick one map to get good at and learn it. I recommend customs or reserve. Both good options for loot and quests.

  11. I feel like a service offered similarly to how men pay for it would be reasonably successful. For most women you can just go on any dating site, find someone you like and tell them to come over for Oral and many guys would agree. I think it’s the professional aspect that would be appealing to some women. Pay the dude like $80 and he comes over, does what you want him to do then he fucks off so you can watch greys anatomy. It would likely be relatively successful.

  12. Too many map changes. If I could sign in and play on the maps I knew and loved before all the changes I would. So many new operators and new maps that there is 0 nostalgia for most players. Nobody will come back to siege after a 1-2 year hiatus because the game will have changed drastically in that time.

  13. One good idea Canada had, you are legally required to have insurance

  14. "This is to all the new players out there. if you are not me, do not shoot bullets."

  15. Shut up loser. I’ve decided this sun is so toxic to just respond how you all do to anything. So shit up idiot. Nobody cares about your opinion. You can’t win fights unless people are face down ass up in a loot pile.

  16. Bro, this sub is toxic for sure, but your response here is not a normal or sensible response to what I said. Take a breath and check yourself.

  17. I might be the only guy on earth who really doesn’t care. I mean sure if I could snap my fingers and make it bigger I would but honestly as long as it gets the job done I don’t care. (I’m average if not slightly below average)

  18. 65+ people only care about the next few years because they won’t be around much longer, they can’t be trusted to vote fairly. Add a maximum voting age. While we are at it? Maximum age of president too.

  19. This is exactly why gun violence isn’t even higher than it currently is. Most people who have a gun to act tough shoot like this.

  20. Very impressive host. Professional and respectful even to someone who doesn’t deserve it. He gives her time to say what she wants even though he disagrees, he attempts to educate instead of antagonize, a class act in interviewing. We should all learn from this man how to talk to others we disagree with.

  21. This bill is not about interracial marriages. They have been legal since 1967. It sounds like a fun gotcha but it’s not accurate.

  22. Most European countries and Canada allow knives under 6cm or 2.3 inches. It’s only America that bans knives outright. All of these knives would be permitted through most airports. -CATSA screening officer.

  23. Oh, well isn't that convenient. You are saying there should be one set of rules for the convoy and a different set of rules for those opposing the convoy.

  24. Yes but again, if you’d use logic you’d better understand. Instead you’re going to act like I also use logic when it supports my side but that’s clearly what you’re doing. The convoy OVERSTAYED during their protest. Not a single person would have cared if they spent even a couple days then left. It’s the fact that they turned what would have been an entirely legal protest into on occupation. The counter protesters were REACTIONARY to the protest arriving. There is no organizers for a permit to have been granted too. I’m sure if if a pro Russian protest happened in downtown there would he counter protests, you among them I would assume. Bu those people are not required to get a permit as they aren’t PLANNING a protest. You’re acting like a child pretending I’m saying that the convoy specifically should have different rules, I’m saying protesting IN GENERAL need permits and rules and counter protesting IN GENERAL don’t have permits because they’re reacting to an original protest. If a BLM protest comes to town they’re expected to follow rules and have a permit/permission. If you go and counter protest them, you’re not. This is not convoy specific.

  25. Downtown residents are mostly single and fall into two categories. Leftist socially liberal young people and older jaded people that didn’t have a family and have nothing much going on in their lives.

  26. As if conservatives never complain about anything? Dude, I’m a conservative. I hold pretty much all traditional conservative values INCLUDING respect for authority, unlike the convoy attendants.

  27. I have a rival too, his name is buttcheeks and his grandpa always forgets his name. I’m also a child in a video game so it’s socially acceptable for me to have a rival.

  28. Potentially controversial stance here, but the Kirpan is not supposed to be worn openly like this. The typical way is to have it underneath your clothes as a religious article for yourself, not for display. You can ask pretty much anyone who is Sikh and they will say the same thing, to open carry a large Kirpan like this on a campus is foolish.

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