1. No one, I'd be a regular dude. Probably a farmer. Living in the country side, minding my own business, terrified of those pesky pirates and their shenanigans. Worried about the cabbage harvest. A south bird would be my pet. Thats the life I tell ya.

  2. Live as far inland on the biggest land mass in a cave underground.

  3. Whitebeard is a clear safe choice. They're ride or die for their crew. Same with Shanks.

  4. I think wrath would beat musashi because wrath doesnot f.. around . he could beat yujiro high diff tho

  5. Yeah I think he could do well vs Musashi. He has the ability and swordsmanship. I just dont know about some of the bs Musashi could do.

  6. I feel like Yujiro was his only true match-up so I'm disappointed they didnt fight at least.

  7. As a member of the male species... Most of the Lookism cast is hot, in a totally nonsexual way.

  8. Creed didn’t even know what his job was in Quabity Assurance

  9. He probably didn't even know if he was employed. Idk if he was

  10. I... I'm sure I'm most scared of Meguro or Misasa. Which is weird cause thats a scary lineup but only the Wu doesn't scare me

  11. My aunts do this all the time to other members of my family. They started doing it to me, I told them we agreed on X, if you can't show up by X then I'm either going to eat and leave or not show up. They were late and surprised when I wasn't there. Did that twice, now they're strangely on time every time.

  12. Your boundaries I agree with. Glad they listened. Weird to me to set plans with someone regularly yet not care? I just found out a coworker is leaving and wouldn't change plans with her for anything short of an emergency

  13. Don't think that height should be what's mentioned. The weight is the bigger factor

  14. Remember when Rory said if they break up, he taking all his friends.

  15. It feels like he's so much stronger and smarter than whats being revealed and I'm here for it

  16. He manhandled someone twice as big as him. Easy. With accuracy.

  17. Tbf to David Wallace, firing Michael would be extremely tricky. It was on record that Michael was consistently running the highest selling branch, Michael successfully absorbed Stamford without losing any clients in the merger, and Michael had shown incredible loyalty to the company for almost 20 years. He’d have to go into a lengthy explanation with sound reasoning as to why he could not find any conceivable reason to keep Michael employed

  18. Not to mention they hardly paid him like a manager. He managed a very profitable branch and probably got paid the least of all managers

  19. No. Dwight was helping Jim eradicate the smug bedbugs. He was oblivious to the Cathy problem.

  20. Kaido is stronger. It was a whole ass raid battle. 1v1 was never a convo. Kaido wins

  21. Ch 235 and here's the quote "Don't waver.... with that sword of yours it's possible. It has been forged by the curse of it's thousands of victims. Take that sword and impale her." - skull knight

  22. Her referencing... shierke, farneze, fairy queen or caska? All the above? I'd impale

  23. It was referring to Slan the whore princess and am surprised she's not in your "to impale" list

  24. I'd say they're fine not souled. Geo doesn't have enough damage skulls imo, samurai too. The 4th skill is great but... maybe not for samurai. You want to play off its passive, damage is what you want

  25. Hanayama, but him being able to fight "toe-to-toe" and him almost beating Musashi according to his d-riders puts the conclusion of this fight a sour aftertaste. Great fight nonetheless tho, plus we got Bakis cold ass line in the end.

  26. Eh. It's fair in the sense that Musashi uses a sword and Hanayama has no technique. If Musashi took it seriously then Hanayama would be killed faster than Retard Retsu

  27. Who said political? I said wrong side of obvious things. Like for instance on the recent pod he tries to defend Stephen A for unnecessarily bringing up Beyoncé compared to Rihana. It doesn’t matter what it is, he takes the contrarian perspective and usually makes no sense

  28. I don’t know why, but the thought of hanayama being into femboys is hilarious

  29. Oh wow really? I thought it was a reference to Chinese Rock Paper Scissors and there was some compatability thing going on between their styles. Since Lu (Centipede) beats Liu (Snake) and Liu beats Fei (Toad), albeit Fei also scored a victory against Liu anyways.

  30. Its referred to for Kanohs backstory. There's something like creating a strong poison by putting many poisonous beings in a "pot" and they end up killing eachother. Whatever poison wins is then strengthened by the others.

  31. Muay Thai and Judo really stood out for me in recent years. I'm still not clear, although I could Google, why they do the ropes on forearms and legs but I assume it's for durability training.

  32. I never really cheered for him. Never cared for him tbh I just wanna see the OGs fight

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