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  1. I would argue that the movement gunplay and maps in this game are all horrible. Is slide canceling supposed to be some amazing movement or something? There are many games out there with way better movement. Gunplay, there is literally no skill in the gunplay in this game, everything has no recoil and downs super fast. The maps are terrible, this new one with 8million rooftops doors and windows yet no fucking useable audio lessens the skill gap even further. So what exactly is it that does it for you?

  2. Hey man if you don’t enjoy the game you don’t enjoy it. I’ve already explained what does it for me. Just move on instead of trying to have people change your mind? Seems more reasonable.

  3. Probably because he wants too much guaranteed money is my bet. That’s kinda this agents thing. MB isn’t gonna break the bank on a safety.

  4. Which is kind of the right move. I love Jessie bates but I just don’t see how we can pay him and then keep all our guys on offense a few years down the line.

  5. I agree. We’re already at a disadvantage having a cash poor owner, safety is not worth it especially if Daxton Hill pans out

  6. I’ve only played one night since the update but my homie and I won 6/7 games. Felt like SBMM was turned way down, we have never won that many in a row on rebirth.

  7. That jar looks sweet. Never expected pride stuff from cultivators but it's appreciated.

  8. Firelands have multiple different labels like this and donates to multiple organizations. I know one is orange for traumatic brain injury and they’ve done pink for breast cancer. I’m not really a fan of most of the flower I’ve got from them, but they seem to be focused on giving back to their community which is neat.

  9. People love for athletes to become activists until they support something they don’t like, then it’s “shut up and dribble.”

  10. Really? I fucking loved aaron rodgers showing everyone what a fuckin idiot he is lmao.

  11. Underrated: Chidobe Awuzie quietly had one of the best seasons for a CB last year.

  12. Do the smalls come labeled as smalls? I got a half of their sour blue diesel this week in a clear bag, says nothing about smalls but they’re all about the same size as your pic.

  13. The Democrat's have had complete control for nearly two years, have they done anything meaningful with that power?

  14. Nope and as long as we keep propping up corpses like Biden and other milquetoast centrists who “aren’t trump, so good enough”, we’ll see no meaningful change. Just empty promises while their friends, family and political donors thrive.

  15. Mald harder bozo, none of those things you mentioned in your rage induced double reply is celebrating the act of torturing animals. Most people know factory farming is a trash practice which is why you should support local farmers and butchers, or hunt for yourself, if you eat meat.

  16. I just told you how to circumvent factory farming as a consumer lmao

  17. How did you fight the craving? Did you find healthy alternatives or was it just straight will power?

  18. Every time you crave a soda, train yourself to think of the pain of pushing a kidney stone out of your dick hole (if you have one). Worked for me.

  19. I'll give it a try, do you just imagine what it would feel like? I've (luckily, knock on wood) never had one before

  20. Yeah pretty much. I’m fortunate enough to have never had any either, I used to drink Mt Dew a ton as a teen and learning about kidney stones just scared me out of it. I work in health care now and have had plenty of patients who have compared the pain of passing kidney stones to the pain of giving birth. It’s seriously up there as some of the worst pain you can deal with as a man. That plus the fact that it’s loaded with sugar and corn syrup etc which is terrible for your body in other ways just makes it not worth it at all imo.

  21. When it’s used tastefully and sparingly (forget me nots played by Freddie Washington for example) it sounds really nice in certain genres.

  22. Yeah it’s almost as if he lost his starting right tackle, was facing tough d lines, and had Isiah Prince and Hakeem Adeniji starting on his o line. People don’t realize how important an offensive line really is until you have a really bad one.

  23. One more fucking second… that’s all it would have taken, and he would have hoisted the Lombardy… fuck… I’m sad again.

  24. Don’t be, that run was legendary and we’re ahead of schedule, friend

  25. You mean on menus? Because it doesn’t sell and they have a huge grow area constantly pumping out more.

  26. Have you looked into the fender vintera series at all? May be the middle ground you’re looking for.

  27. Baker will play if they don’t trade him, he’s looking at losing millions. No way he walks away from that.

  28. “Ope, pulled my hammy during the first drive… guess I can’t play sorry guys”

  29. I would say it’s definitely window 11, it’s not optimized for gaming. Revert back to 10 and I’d bet it’s fixed.

  30. Sorry for the inconvenience and possibly causing you health complications, here’s a hat so you can give us free advertisement 😃

  31. It gets a lot of love around here and this is an unpopular opinion thread to be fair

  32. I’d imagine they’re just doing due diligence. If we got him for a good price, great, if not it’s really no loss.

  33. I currently have a batch of shrooms I haven't touched in about 8 months. In the freezer waiting.. lol I've thought of micro dosing myself. How much and how often do you intake? I've read to start with .1g, but is that just once a day or a twice a day?

  34. .1-.25g, once a day a few times a week. Maybe every other day or so. You build a tolerance to them rapidly so dosing twice a day would kinda be a waste.

  35. Think there’s a wave of names being banned recently. One of my homies who has had a very tame name since the beginning of mw19/warzone just got his removed 2 days ago.

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