1. Browns are the biggest threat to us in our division imo. For some reason we always get out-coached by them. Deshaun, while a piece of garbage, is still in his peak athletic window and had time to knock the rust off in game last year, and will have a full camp. I expect he’ll return to Houston form sadly. Obviously Myles Garrett is a problem as well.

  2. Why so they can take 1% of his checks notes 200m+ contract? Pshhh. That’s a scam.

  3. Both last year and this year I’ve taken a break after the Super Bowl. I’ll watch around the draft and then take another break and then when training camp starts I’m back.

  4. I use the hemlock more since unlocking it but honestly the taq is still king. Great Ironsights giving you another attachment to run.

  5. Big fan of the brown tort guard on that color. How ya liking it? What strings you plan on having on it?

  6. He can block, we should be kicking the tires. Anything over 3.5-4m would be a dealbreaker imo

  7. I’m seeing the OG S&B Mighty on sale rn for $225. The mighty+ is $280, only noticeable difference from the OG mighty is battery life.

  8. Vapospy dot com, search Mighty. It’ll pull up multiple websites selling it and show you who has it the cheapest. Shows there’s two places selling it for $225. Dank riot, use the coupon code

  9. So true man. After all, it only takes a few redditors to make jokes about a subject for evil to flourish.

  10. Maybe he doesn’t care as much about being in a million stupid commercials and would just prefer to make his money through a fully guaranteed contract to play football.. Y’all thinking agents are gods and solve all problems is weird, agents and their relationships with the media are the problem.

  11. He’s said he wants to be a billionaire, you think he’s gonna sign 4 fully guaranteed contracts? The money has to come from somewhere else. His investments so far in his apparel company and now this portable workout thing are jokes.

  12. He’s average, made some big plays at big moments, and outplayed both contracts we gave him. He definitely got burnt too but so does every cb

  13. I’m sure they will but WRs typically don’t really start to make strides until year 2-3. So having a TE already in year 2 and not a rotating door might be beneficial. Then again it might not matter with how Burrow uses the TE. What Higgins and Chase did is not the norm and my guess is we will end up with someone like Marvin Jones/Sanu/Boyd. It’ll take 2-3 years for the drafted guy to produce

  14. Idk, there’s a lot of examples of WRs coming in and being very good right off the bat recently. Tee, Jamarr, Jefferson, Waddle, Olave, Garett Wilson, Pickens, Amon Ra St Brown, AJ Brown… all within the last few years.

  15. I saw that same video, the whole time I was thinking "why aren't you documenting your progress at home...".

  16. A lot of Gym mirrors are also deceptively angled to make you look bigger on top of your post workout pump.

  17. Ohio could be making bank. Weird that they don't like money.

  18. This is evident by how long they let tax dollars go to indiana for sports gambling and now Michigan for weed. Not the brightest people running this state.

  19. I watched the segment and thought it was spot on. Can you tell me what you found incorrect?

  20. I didn’t watch the segment but Tons of NFL coaches are nepo hires based on their surname

  21. Does taking Mushrooms not lower his ability to concentrate? And ya know, see reality?

  22. Just haven't had the same experience with alot of their flower, alot of brown looking flower and not alot of smell

  23. Same. I’m thinking it’s because we don’t seem to get a ton of artifact jars down in the SW which is where they really shine, their regular tenths in bags don’t seem too amazing. I’ve gotten multiple brown/larfy, mid smelling regular tenths from them. But any artifact is usually fire.

  24. Any of their strains good for sedation/couch lock/knockout effects? I’ve had EPBC and Astral Destiny. Didn’t care for either.

  25. Thanks, that’s exactly I was looking for!

  26. Fwiw I have a MIM p bass with maple fretboard. The fretboard is finished with a gloss and the neck a satin finish. It’s very comfortable to play, I prefer the satin finish on necks compared to gloss. No tonal differences between fretboard wood.

  27. he's a good qb but people pretending he was on burrows level all the way up until the playoffs last season was infuriating

  28. A lot of people see Burrow as the best, and I get the argument. Definitely can see him getting a ring or two soon. But Herbert plays with a commanding poise and manages to have amazing passing stats with a mediocre line. If it were me (personally), I would take Herbert with a slight edge over Burrow

  29. I would say that same sentiment applies to Burrow. Last year was the best line we’ve had for him and it was still league average at best.

  30. Is Williams really a sizeable upgrade from La El Collins? Both liabilities as a pass blocker - Williams the bigger liability if you just measure pressures/sacks allowed - and Collins was the far superior run blocker in 2022

  31. Collins won’t be back until like December most likely. Torn acl/mcl last December. He’s definitely a cut candidate.

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