1. I was playing on July 4th this past summer at Sunset Valley in Highland Park, IL. All of a sudden we heard a shit ton of sirens and the alarm on the carts GPS went off with a message “Seek Cover Active Shooter”. The Highland Park Parade shooting was less than a mile from the course.

  2. The truth of the matter is, you need to stop. You need to let her get in trouble again and spend the 6 months (or possibly more) behind bars. The fact that you’re driving her on drug runs and you know about it makes you complicit in the activities. It also sounds like she would be willing to let you take a fall for something she’s doing, I.e., getting pulled over she would put the drugs in a “communal area” of the car making it your problem as you’re the one driving and it’s your car. You might take some shit for it, but you NEED to do it, for yourself and for her own good in the long run. She probably needs the time to sober up and actually LEARN from her mistakes instead of getting a free pass. You’re enabling her to continue her problem by just “keeping your mouth shut and getting it over with”.

  3. Check the back hologram. If it’s gold instead of the normal silver, it’s worth a lot more.

  4. I’m probably thinking about one of the other Jeter rookies I have, lol. Carry on

  5. Not really, Eury Perez throws darts. Should be 4-2 Marlins. They’re in Colorado so you would automatically think “Over” but I like the pitching in that game to a 6-7+ strikeout game.

  6. Gomber’s ERA is close to 7 and the marlins can hit bad pitching.

  7. His ERA took a hit last game giving up 5 to Cinci. Before that he held Philly and NY Mets to 3 or less and went 6+

  8. So you followed someone’s betting advice and got mad when it lost? It’s gambling. There is NEVER a “guarantee” win, doesn’t matter what anyone tells you.

  9. You didn't comment on that thread I linked in the description. That's all it was.

  10. Lol, I’m about to post a ticket I need some love on for today. 7 of 10 so far

  11. I'm just gonna mention it so I jinx it: omg the Cards have a no-hitter going!

  12. I appreciate your analysis sir. I will hunt you down and tip you if I hit any one of these crazy parlays I set up using your picks.

  13. lol, thanks. I can give my game plays in a little bit too. I just don’t like how pitchers that SHOULD have won the last couple days have shit the bed.

  14. The books know something…sprained ankle after Jokic hits a little floater in the lane for Denver to start the game 2-0 and LeBron is out till game 3.

  15. Jays getting their lick back, Orioles need to get their lick back, and Dodgers are undefeated vs twins, idk, i like the chances.

  16. Welcome to the club. Money has zero meaning to me anymore. I’m nearly $50,000 in hospital bill debt, and that’s with insurance! I stopped going to some of my appointments because I can’t afford it.

  17. I’ll take a new pair of Air Force 1’s low top white on white. Lol, if this wins I’m taking my wife and kid on a nice vacation.

  18. I don't understand how they're giving you +2400 on Judge and Bichette, you should be smashing those individually if that's still there.

  19. Individually it’s +280 judge and +700 I think for Bichette, those are the parlayed odds because they’re in the same event.

  20. Oh, of course. I sent in the receipt and got paid, every time. I’m not sure whose pocket the expense ultimately came out of, but as long as I was covered, I was fine.

  21. This is going to sound like an extremely dumb question…how do you get the screen recording to upload to Reddit? Maybe I’m slightly retardant, but every time I try it won’t work.

  22. That’s why they play 9 innings, lol. I’m just pissed I only bet $2.50 on it.

  23. It was ok, Monday’s was nicer, lol. I just wish I could hit my bigger plays one of these days. I’ve been off by 1 or 2 on some 15+ leg plays this season. I actually love the Red Sox tonight. Not betting it though. I stayed away from a few games today. Didn’t like the matchups.

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