1. Play at ur pace. Enjoy the game. Don't worry about others opinion. They don't care about you as well.

  2. But hey, it was a pretty memorable experience I'd say.

  3. I bet it was. Probably never gonna forget it.

  4. I am planning on switching to it soon. What engravings should i get? I got the usual one. Grudge/ignite/hitmaster/alloutattack. It's just an alt. Probably will make it as my 2nd main soon. Gonna push it for clown.

  5. Nice, Ty for this. Will save alot of time.

  6. My friend solve this issue by using ethernet instead of wifi.

  7. Is Zinnervale a good pve server? Or is it the most populated one?

  8. There is no such thing as pve server or pvp server only in Lost Ark. Zinnervale is one of the high pop. Thirain is high pop as well.

  9. Good luck man. I am in Neria. My server is pretty much alive as well. Think most EUC is pretty much alive.

  10. This is really awesome stuff man. What are you planning next? Possible you can do machinist?

  11. Well atleast that one is fast. Lol GL on the cards

  12. Weird... I got on alt #1 and just finished the whole questline. Got on alt #2, I see the bag under the tree in Rania Village, but it's not glittering. No quest. Same with alts #3, 4 & 5. Bag there, no quest. My main and alt #1 that I just finished it on, no more bag under that tree... am I missing something on the other alts? A pre-requisite? They've all finished the entire South Vern storyline.

  13. You probably haven't done all side quests in south vern

  14. It's vram related. Most likely dying, but not always - had a 1070ti that did this once three years ago. Cleaned, repasted/padded - still working like a champ to this day in my son's PC (an SFF, at that).

  15. Okay, will then most likely do this after reinstalling windows again. Appreciate the tips. Thank you.

  16. More of a Hail Mary play than a fix to be honest.

  17. Alright thank you for the tips. Will try it.

  18. I got an alt bard. Only thing i did with it is i have a text macro on ping. I only use it from time to time when i am about to cast heal. That one tho can be really irritating.

  19. easy then do ur own bus or find another bus with allowed bid on the title.

  20. Im so-so on my Arcana atm. I just pushed it to 1400. Fixed some lvl6 gems on it and some tripods. I know Arcana won't feel better til later on. Just gonna keep her for now. Will probably push it to 1445 later. Right now my focus is getting my bard to 1445 and my Glaivier alongside my alt Sorc.

  21. Some of yall need a job. Take a break lol

  22. But but but if u get those 5k? You won't complain right?

  23. Come to Neria in EUC. I got an active guild with lots of new people on it.

  24. For months since i have started playing the game. It was mostly just me and a friend who is running the guild with our alts. Cause most of the other members quit. Then one day the gm was inactive. Then i became the gm. All i did was recruiting people almost everyday. Cause i got sick and tired of just 2 people running it and nobody to talk to in-game. Now the guild has 50 members. Daily probably you will find at least 10 people online. I have recruited alot of new mokoko players. Now most of them are 1370+. I have been helping them a lot. Give some advice etc. Some of them are even 1400 now. I have been running Argos and Oreha hard with them on my alts. Game is alot more fun now that the guild is active again.

  25. I definitely agree that the game is a lot more fun with more people in the guild I'm hoping that more people join once I level it up some more and maybe even asking the newer players if they wanna join

  26. My guild is a casual one. I have a pre written save about joining the guild. Which i use just to whisper all mokoko players i encounter. I hope ur guild will grow. Just be patience with people u whispers. Most of the time like 2/10 people will whisper you back. I wish you good luck.

  27. Yup. I clicked on it on a non-gold alt, read the giant warning about how this shit would all be bound to it, and then decided not to open the box.

  28. People just click their way through. GGGGG all the way. Don't care about reading right?

  29. You can check it on Maxroll. Good luck!

  30. Welcome and I hope you will have a fantastic LOA exp.

  31. It seems like your computer needs an upgrade

  32. I don't think so. I have never had this issue since day 1.

  33. Oh damn, thanks to you I just saw there is a new drop for watching. The glasses and Amethyst box. That's 1k shards, I'd still be missing 200 after that though :(

  34. They will probably do another one in the future after the drops.

  35. I didn't miss the previous one with the Pupper headband. I'm flabbergasted how I am lacking shards, afaik I collected all possible ones. Thank you for the heads-up on the currently active one though!

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