RC Ventures updates SIC code to match BBBY's

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Can’t hold this f*** in BBBY bag any longer , paper handed with ‘ONLY 16k loss’. I thought i’d be able retire early if it ever hits $200. FML , 7k left, what do i do to recoup my 80k loss ytd??

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German embassy in Kyiv hit by Russian strikes

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  1. You were bamboozled by the media and AMC grifters.

  2. The Twitter account already said he's not RC.

  3. So your are telling me RC gets on a burner account to retweet Ryan Cohen tweets? Lol

  4. I hope they show how many stores have officially closed. BBBY needs all the inventory.

  5. He must only be friends with other billionaires. Kids are behind grade level in almost every subject, mental health issues are on the rise, public school teachers are doing Uber Eats on the side to pay rent. Almost everyone is worse off.

  6. Munger himself lived through the Great Depression.

  7. Why leave out the $600 million loan from a few months back? Lol

  8. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. Noice. But, 183%?? Like they don't even care to hide their illegal shorts anymore?

  10. These parasites destroy American companies.

  11. What's the difference between an M&A & a takeover?

  12. Im literally selling my cars and collateral my house coming Monday morning. All in order to Fomo on bbby next Monday. I mean it me aint dicking around in this comment section of yers. U gotta adopt me if this fails. Too much jackin tits this Saturday night seeing this

  13. Chill you're going to make me pull out my lotion bottle

  14. TD America turned off day trading buying power for TSLA yesterday.

  15. Off exchange volume at 24 million today and 18 million yesterday.

  16. Yes we knew this already but this popcorn cult is brained washed by influencers.

  17. I’m an adult & we need a wrinkle brained ape.

  18. Setting up RC for a “pump & dump” narrative

  19. Damion is a crook. His thoughts are irrelevant.

  20. You still haven't answered my question, bud.

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