1. I met Al Pacino a year ago at a healthcare facility (not going to say which one) and he is completely out of it man, don’t think he even knows where he is at let alone impregnate.

  2. That’s what happens when you forget to protect your city and worry about stupid shit like LGBT shitt

  3. I’ll be happy with just 200…..billion a share

  4. Wake me up when it’s at $400,000

  5. Better than the 2023 sequoia

  6. Ok time to move out of San Jose I guess

  7. That’s it! That’s the question!

  8. Make whatever you guys want of this, but yesterday I saw a dude with robhinhood shirt and I asked if he worked there, he said yeah I am a software engineer for them I laughed and said why did you guys remove the buy button lol he laughed and said it wasn’t them it was the cleaning houses and he knew all this shitttt that we have been trying to tell people here over the last 2 years. One thing he mentioned was that Robhinhood or it’s affiliates got a 9 Billion dollar marge called and that’s why the stock jumped like that. Thought I’d put that out there

  9. She can probably Make her own trails, her own path!

  10. I am extremely happy with the Limited a Nightshade ( they don’t make those anymore)

  11. I think tomorrow we’ll hit 28 for sure

  12. Lol I have 1200 shares and it’s my entire life’s work

  13. I put life savings into 3000 shares lol

  14. It shows DRS positions of large quantity of shares

  15. I think I am in the same boat as someone who is over qualified for what he does, I’d like to get an advice from my fellow apes! I am 37, first generation American, came rather late, but managed to finish school a degree in Kinesiology, but work a physical job at a hospital. I mostly move patients around. I have saved up enough money and believe it or not 90% of that about 110k is in GME DRSED. I am kinda too qualified for what I do, but it puts food on the table and I don’t know what path to choose, I’ve been looking into the MRI program but that cost money and I WILL NEVER OULL OUT OF MY GME SHARES to fund my education and if I do go to school whose going to support my family. Any advice would help! Thank you

  16. Please don’t hate me for saying this, but this just a bigger Camry! Doesn’t have 4wd

  17. They sure are Baaaaaaaaack. Get it?

  18. Congrats! Comfort and capability

  19. Always always always swim parallel to the shore to get out of a riptide current.

  20. That’s actually wrong advice.

  21. Waiting in line to buy stuff for burgers while this pic came …. Maybe I should make this

  22. Stared it at for too long, can’t make anything of it .

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