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  1. Oh man! I wish my work had beds so I could nap whenever I wanted to!

  2. I think I'd generally prefer being allowed to go home without worrying I'd get fired for it, but you do you.

  3. Guy's really living that boardroom royalty dream: Never goes home to deal with his own family, never lets his serfs go home to be with theirs. His own private kingdom, with all the entitlement and self-righteousness that comes with it!

  4. Shit, this guy has guns made outta adamantium! Unbreakable guns!

  5. The only opinion I have regarding this contest: It should not exist.

  6. The art of this card is amazing but it also feels like absolute satire. Here we have a squadron of modern fighter yets and a mentally challenged guy with bow and arrow.

  7. Nah, this is just what you get when Hawkeye: Buddy out here, falling to his death, shooting something with an arrow when everyone else is throwing fighter jets at whatever it is.

  8. That's also why, hypothetically, if M. Night Shamalayan we're to direct a movie a live-action theatrical feature based on the animated show, it could only be called "The Last Airbender."

  9. Congratulations! You are the first person to ever make this joke!

  10. Really? Wow, I thought I was basing my facetious comment off a well-known meme ... This is really exciting! Thank you!

  11. Yes. Mutants in the Marvel universe are a constant target. Better to organize to protect them and give them a fighting chance. I love Rogue as the X-nanny until the younger mutants get up to speed with their power sets.

  12. But there's a difference between training children - powered or otherwise - to defend themselves, and sending children to war.

  13. They could always add more land. The map looks like it's still coming together.

  14. Seems the most likely scenario.

  15. Really looking forward to this making the rounds on Facebook as a serious post about a thing that's actually happening/happened.

  16. So there's one that looks Daredevil/Elektra themed (mask and sai). One that's Gambit/Rogue (playing cards, yellow gloves). And this one, I'm leaning Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman - rubber bands and a bubble, and the comment says "stretch."

  17. That one seems unlikely, unfortunately. Only because we just had a Panther BP.

  18. The US Military has required dozens of vaccinations for a long time. Why is the COVID vaccine any different?

  19. Because conservative double-standards and Republican reliance on fear tactics.

  20. I'll at least give him credit for chewing it. I wouldn't go even that far, personally. Love garlic. Hate pickled anything, and don't do spicy.

  21. Sorry, are you calling me a child?

  22. Geez, there's a lot to unpack here. Networked worldbrains in our pockets, and still people do this shit. Willful ignorance is a hell of a drug, I guess.

  23. The same old tune from this band of conservative crackpots. I'm not trying to downplay the Republican push for authoritarianism, but I will say the threat is somewhat lessened by the entitlement and cowardice of so many of their key players.

  24. Sure, the "key players" are cowards, but G.I. Joebob has been itching to shoot black people his whole inbred life. Now he's got his idols telling him to do that.

  25. Joebob is no more brave and no less entitled than the talking heads he nods along with. That's why they're so successful in reaching out to him. And, like them, the one thing Joebob fears more than anything else is facing the consequences of his own actions.

  26. Eve, ???, Edge?, Exercise, Exit.

  27. Hey, yeah? That was my guess too, but I'm not a math guy. Wasn't sure.

  28. Hey! No! Not "based on literally nothing."

  29. Did what? I hit 1000 today too, are we getting something for that?

  30. Minor similarities between all three base skins, but the "same skin" stuff is bullshit even before you get to the alt styles. They're sporting distinctly different fashion styles and personality, and I think the boba girl even looks distinctly more anime than the other two.

  31. I mean, if people stop playing the game because a new system is introduced that requires them to play ... that's probably pretty valuable information for Epic.

  32. Honestly, I bet they would. Stickers, at least (the manual's probably online, so they may just refer you there).

  33. I like them being part of those mid season quests, but t100 should be shit they thought of for sure

  34. When you think about it, licensed skins being part of mid-season quests makes a lot of sense as a middle ground. I know Epic will never push collabs to the shop entirely, no matter how much I want that to happen - they need collabs to sell those battlepasses and improve engagement with the game.

  35. I don't think she looks anything like a Starbucks employee. Thinking on it, I'm pretty sure I've never seen a Starbucks barista in a skirt.

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