1. Does he have any history of head shots? I don’t recall him ruining anyone’s career or even their season with his brand of dirty. Komarov might have needed a therapist but overall I can forgive someone’s dirty streak if they aren’t wrecking people’s brains.

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqecy_ezzEo

  3. If Hart committed a foul, it's at 0:03 in the video, before Butler picks up his right foot.

  4. OP got it wrong, the foul was called on RJ.

  5. Josh Hart: In a two possession game under a minute…

  6. lol that wasnt a charge, wasnt even close to being set.

  7. Jack Hughes before signing his 8x8:

  8. My favorite TV show is the NHL Draft Lottery.

  9. God dammit Philly it's too early for edging.

  10. Andy enjoyed stunting on the Broncos for awhile after Peyton retired, of course they are still winning now but without the pettiness he displayed at first

  11. One can argue calling a timeout down 3 possessions with under 2 minutes remaining is petty.

  12. Florham Park isn't exactly some huge town. You are obviously very close to some very populated areas but you are also close to some places pretty spread out with big properties. Plenty of parking and not having to deal with a lot of people besides game days if that's what you want.

  13. Dude made a complete guess and now acts like he's the authority on it. I could find dudes on Reddit who "confirmed" this before he did I'm sure. Also, he said the deal was done, now it's done next week?

  14. You think it was a complete guess saying that the Jets are sending their owner, gm, hc, oc, president etc to visit Rodgers in Cali the same day they flew out there? Because he's the one that broke that part of the saga also.

  15. what's the rule on Siegenthaler waiting in the Tampa bench until his next shift? 😂

  16. So four positive examples in 30 years? How many didn't work out?

  17. The only other QBs that won multiple MVPs and changed teams at the end of his career were Unitas, he played 5 games that year and his team went 2-11 and Namath (lol). He played 4 games for the Rams that year, they went 10-4 and made it to the 2nd round.

  18. I think you guys will get our 2024 1st + some more. A 2025 pick with a bunch of conditions attached for what it is. If we win a SB you could have 24+25 1sts. The Texans paid the Browns a 2nd round pick to take Osweilers contract (16m). Of the Packers are eating 30-40m over 1/2 years it's going to cost us.

  19. There aren't any reports that say he "ran away". We all know he left the scene, and the only other information we have is this, stating he was told he could leave and he returned when he was requested.

  20. Were you there when it happened? No? Then you don't know what the truth is. There are reports going both ways.

  21. The signing bonus is split evenly across the length of the contract.

  22. Marty is a clown. du Plessis didn't "went over to South Africa" he was born and raised in Africa. Usman moved to the US when he was 8.

  23. I don't get it. They need to upgrade their oline; it's maybe the worst oline Rodgers will play with in his 15 years of starting.

  24. There's nothing to get. The Jets don't exist in the cap space world this year. Obviously it didn't happen with Cox, but a 1year 10mil deal for Cox would be a 4 year deal that includes 3 void years and only cost 2.5m this year. We are going to completely mortgage the future for the next 1-2 years.

  25. It doesn't but you made it seem like it was easy to do when your team just failed at doing exactly what you recommend

  26. It's easy to make the decision to draft another QB if there are no other options. It's not easy to win with him obviously.

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