1. I feel more government oversight will be a double edged sword. We will see more bureaucracy/red-tape which can be a pain to navigate. But, the oversight should help prevent similar situations like FTX.

  2. They really should have mentioned Satoshi if they're honoring people that contributed heavily to crypto. Without Satoshi, i'm not sure if we would even be here in this sub talking about crypto

  3. True. But, he's most likely over 30. Also, there's the hidden identity thing.

  4. A gun with no trigger and coke with no sugar/caffeine. Soulless as expected.

  5. Thats why I Just keep triggers, caffeine pills, and sugar on my nightstand.

  6. Now your talking! Shaky hands from caffeine/sugar and a hair trigger. Thats exciting!

  7. Man this Rollercoaster sure goes down deep this year

  8. Agreed. There are lots of more healthy exchanges though. Just need them to grow and not destroy themselves from the inside out. 🤞

  9. TC group is still asking for 4.5% respectively for three years. Inflation this year is st 6.8%. So.. no match for us even if they give what we are asking for..

  10. I posted about the rate hikes yesterday and got swarmed by NSP ball lickers. Guess I need to keep it short and sweet like you. Lol

  11. Day dreaming about what's possible. Like early Bitcoin miners. Some did it on whim for fun. Then made real coin. Never know what the future will bring. Maybe I will retire early with my moons. 🤞

  12. Its crazy a company with so much potential and assets could just evaporate like it did. I'm sure it will be used as a case study in business schools all over.

  13. I believe it was within a leaked interest email. I will look for it.

  14. This was the leaked email I was referring to. It is behind a paywall unfortunately.

  15. Until they break ground and start construction of the port I will remain skeptical.

  16. Can't imagine that would happen before the tiny, two-lane roads in the region are massively (and expensively) upgraded to handle the huge loads that would be needed for a working spaceport.

  17. Is omnicron still the dominant variant? Or are new ones popping up?

  18. I'm sure Houston is fully aware of the grave state of our Healthcare system. I can see how some might find him ignorant of it when infront of a camera. As a politician he's not going to admit things are not improving under his watch.

  19. So misconstrued, elon wants all employees that aren't 100% dedicated to Twitter to leave and is giving them alot of money to do so.

  20. Employees "will need to be extremely hardcore" in order to succeed. "This will mean working long hours at high intensity. Only exceptional performance will constitute a passing grade."

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