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  1. Honestly I have stopped hoping for people to actually read up on details at all. There are good economic and environmental reasons why nuclear isn't a thing anymore in Germany, and it's not just fearmongering. Fusion might get it to come back one day, but who knows when that will be ready. For the time being, we are stuck with our experiment of making a full transition to actual renewables, and the coal stopgap was always a big issue for the transitional timeframe. Nuclear could have never filled that hole.

  2. I love these sorts of linguistic tidbits. It has become a small pastime of mine to look at words and try to go as deep as I can on where they came from. You come across many more weird things on the way than you'd ever imagine.

  3. I can give you one such thing:

  4. I really like the tank. IMO it's strength is that it has good hp combined with pretty good armor for a tier 8 med. Combine that with pretty high alpha damage and (usually) enough pen to work, it can brawl like a mfer. Sidescraping is honestly a huge plus as well that many people underestimate as well. I personally don't really focus on the dpm, instead went for RM, Vstabs and Hardening, but that is just my preference. You can't really go wrong with Rammer.

  5. Ich wähle die mächtigste Pille: "Das macht Sinn. Das ERGIBT sogar Sinn."

  6. Baku's lore is that she eats moons like cookies. Also she is best girl.

  7. I had the same question, and APPARENTLY, apart from what was already mentioned, the upgraded turret gives better camo rating? At least according to tanks.gg.

  8. Gotta love when a country elects a leader absolutely democratic there is concern just because it isn't on the same spectrum as them

  9. I am not sure the extra speed and and small improvement on armor, dpm and gun handling really justify going up to the worst tier in the game. Like, I love the 111G-FT, but I just don't see why I should grind the 6 million to get the 113 if the gains are that minuscle.

  10. Der panische Igel ist mein neues Lieblingsmaimai.

  11. Airfield. The map design is just so stupid. Who moves first loses 90% of the time

  12. YES. That and Studzianki are tied for most hated map as I see it. Whoever pushes loses, and getting any vision up is a nightmare.

  13. My least favorite map because I hate sitting around doing nothing to advance the game. Prokh is campy but you also fight for control and vision. Airfield is just camping because moving is death.

  14. Könnte mir jemand mit Abo mal sagen, was die Ausreißerpunkte rechts unten sind? Nur interessehalber.

  15. Danke! Jo, das ergibt schon alles Sinn. War vor kurzem in der Gegend um Darß unterwegs und hab auch diesen krassen Kontrast zwischen den herausgeputzten Strandbädern und dem Hinterland gespürt. Das kann sich dort vermutlich niemand leisten, der tatsächlich von dort kommt.

  16. I hope you're working on some kind of bigger project, because this is great. Love the vibe.

  17. Vk4502 A is the only true German heavium, it just happens to be shit unfortunately

  18. It's one of my most played tanks, but holy shit the combination of bad pen and lackluster armor really murders it nowadays. Everything pens you, and to add insult to injury you can STILL overmatch the turret roof. Also while the power to weight ratio is very good, it isn't even that fast top speed wise.

  19. The french color + emblem combination sure looks funky. Nice idea.

  20. The Somua S35 was very capable, but the french army suffered from outdated doctrine and didn't really use them to their potential. Where they got to fight, french tanks were effective, but they just rarely got to do that with how the army was led.

  21. As much as I hate toxic groups, what is often not talked about is forced positivity. There has to be room for constructive criticism. But often people have become unable to find a balance. And a contract against toxicity can become a tool for abuse.

  22. This isn't and has never been limited to WoW. People literally cannot give or receive criticism. Either it is needlessly aggressive or unconstructive by the giver, or received 9n a hypersensible way and instantly disregarded. It's really annoying.

  23. What did he do again? I remember there being a controversy but was too busy at the time to follow it closely

  24. IIRC he openly supported antivaxx protests in Canada.

  25. Ah. I don't agree but freedom of speech and all so that doesn't really bother me. I love his art so it would suck if be had done something REALLY bad.

  26. I always thought wearing Jogginghosen meant losing control over our life

  27. Nah, wearing Jogginghosen means you have clearly escaped the matrix and are now in control of your own destiny

  28. It's... it's beautiful. The turret-to-hull-ratio is completely off the charts.

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