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  1. Dont feel bad. Its either kill or be killed. I dont feel bad even for the freshies that I kill, I just remember that if I didnt kill them, they would kill me

  2. Probably the safest bet, start with a clean install of FNV+DLC and FO3+DLC, then run TTW installer, then do additional modding.

  3. Alright then, do I need to delete the files that are already in TTW install folder, or they can stay and the installer will simply install whats left?

  4. Not sure, but your safest bet by far is do everything 100% clean and follow the instructions in the guides above at least up through the installation of TTW itself and essential mods. Then you can tinker with extra stuff (though be warned any FO3 mod will be flat out incompatible and many FNV mods are incompatible or require patches, best to stick with things that explicitly support TTW).

  5. No, didnt help. Reinstalled FNV and F3, didnt modify them in any way, but I still get this error. Both FNV and F3 are from Steam. The FNV is the PCR version, maybe thats the issue?

  6. You don't need an accuracy mod, mortars forced missed radius is affected by manipulation and shooting skill (above 8).

  7. Schwerer panzerspahwagen 7,5 zentimeter sonderkraftfahrzeug 234/4 panzerabwehr kanonenwagen

  8. German does have... you know... some words are just tasty to say.

  9. Like Schwerer panzerspahwagen 7,5 zentimeter sonderkraftfahrzeug 234/4 panzerabwehr kanonenwagen?

  10. It’s inspired by an anti Vietnam poster, the enclave guy was Hitler and the soldier was an American. The khans were Vietnamese civilians.

  11. I tried to search for it online, but didnt find it. Can I have a source?

  12. Maybe Caesar's Legion propagandists too, after all when the enemy side does a warcrime it's an atrocity and must be condemned, when your side does warcrimes, it didn't happen, it wasn't that bad and the victims deserved it

  13. Bold of you to assume that Legion propagandists know what an Enclave is to put it into their propaganda

  14. What hapepns if you kill him now? Will the entire Railroad become hostile?

  15. The fuel usage alone lol, a modern US tank uses something like 10 gallons on startup & gets less than 1 mile per gallon. If you don’t have a fuel refinery you are screwed, let alone the insane maintenance & logistics nightmare for even basic things like having to replace a track in the field.

  16. The Boomers could fuel a goddamn B-29 in vanilla game, which means they could produce fuel at Nellis. The NCR now controls Nellis, which means they have access to Boomers' production facility

  17. I don’t think they’re talking about the lore, more so the technical aspect of adding tanks into New Vegas/Dust.

  18. Oh. Its The Frontier and "Wasteland Tonk Edits" mod, or something like this. Adds The Frontier vehicles into the Mojave (tanks for NCR, chariots for the Legion, etc). Then its just the console to place one of the tanks and Rangers there and take the screenshot

  19. Fallout New Vegas, Fallout 4, War Thunder, Hearts of Iron 4, Rimworld, DayZ and Escape from Tarkov

  20. We dont celebrate Christmas here (and its on other date, actually), and celebrate New Year instead

  21. It's all the skeletons that ruin it for me. Tons of them lying around for hundreds of years that haven't been eaten by radscorpions or tidied up by survivors.

  22. Same with all sorts of paper. 200 years have passed and the papers on desks in abandoned buildings arent even yellow

  23. Pro Russians on this sub will defend the extrajudicial, government approved murder of a Wagner guy by sledgehammer, but will cry and whine about people being arrested in a war zone.

  24. Ah yes, a deserter and traitor from the PMC is totally the same to a civillian who probably simply received Russian humanitarian aid.... Yes, they totally deserve the same punisment...

  25. Was logged into it only on the phone (without access to the old number already), then, the phone broke, and the password was forgotten a long time ago. So, the password is lost in time, and resetting it isnt possible because it requires the old phone number

  26. Holy fuck, this cant be real. Why do they have the article about this happening in support, then? What do I need to tell them in the email? It doesnt specify what do I need to tell them. Is it my Tarkov account details? Email details (which I dont know)? My in-game details? I can even access my account on EfT website!

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