1. I’m happy they’re getting much needed time off. We would’ve discussed it prior to her booking and agreed it’s a good time. Plus, if I’m as rich as Envy this wouldn’t be that uncommon. The flight to Asia and subsequent country hopping probably requires at least two weeks to enjoy. Wifey should have a good time.

  2. Nah she is 46 year old women and thats her industry age, for all we know she could actually be 50+. She aint dressing down, she is dresssing her age. Also to be quite honest the only one that really seams phased by her is queenzflip everyone else is chill.

  3. Bingo. They so used to seeinghoes in media they’ve lost sight of how reg folks dress

  4. This is a terrible take. There are a bunch of music videos and magazine spreads of Melissa from 15-20 years ago. These supposedly 40 yo horn dogs wouldn’t need to harass her to see the goods. Plus, what the hell makes you think they’re that hard up?

  5. Joe been in the public eye since 19-20 as an artist. You can’t compare him to people coming into the spotlight late 30s early 40s. It wouldn’t be fair to the people in their life that don’t want to be put on blast. I don’t need someone being “exposed” in order to be entertained.

  6. This a career path / field they’ve chosen to be in now. You can’t take a job and then suddenly be like well I don’t really do all that, I’m not a millennial… y’all act like this show isn’t global??

  7. You can’t act like successful podcasting involves you exposing everything about yourself. Just say you’re nosey lol

  8. No need to carry the debit except the once every two weeks I’m taking cash out on payday. Amex & a Citi MasterCard hold me over just fine.

  9. Google “car payment calculator” and add the interest rate, price of car, etc in and see what your monthly payment would be. Then, you can answer the question yourself. Your numbers show a payment of $622 per not including expensive full coverage auto insurance

  10. Christian Cultural Center in Smithtown. The main one is in Brooklyn just off the Belt Parkway

  11. Bought my house for 320k in 2006 and thought the price was robbery. I remember the best advice I got when I started looking: “you can’t save fast enough so go get prequalified and buy as soon as you reasonably can.” In 2023 real estate sites have my house value somewhere between 710k-740k 😅

  12. Restaurants go through condiments quickly though. It takes bacteria 18-24 hours to grow on media with nutrients in an incubator; it will be fine on an Applebee’s counter for the day.

  13. 31,500 on BofA Customized Cash and I’m done asking for CLI 😅. Have a Citi card whose CL I want to match the BofA. It’s currently 22k

  14. You inspired me to ask for one. Got a 4K increase and I’m shocked since they are notoriously stingy with it. 761 Experian and I did a balance transfer onto the Discover a few months ago.

  15. Nice! Are you still working on that balance transfer or is already paid off?

  16. I’m only 2 months into a 12 month one. It’s not even close to paid off but I will before the interest kicks in

  17. Delis, barbers, mechanics (when I can negotiate a discount), and anytime I’m dealing with a small business

  18. What you wrote is fine. Nobody is ever offended by cash and will often offer “no tax” if you pay that way. “Can I get a cash discount?”

  19. The answer is it doesn’t matter the credit score bump. Pay off the debt that’s charging you interest

  20. You know EXACTLY what stood with it means… Don’t play stupid… If he was able to “tell” he was there and not worried about a thing until HE was caught. He stood with it.

  21. Detail for me what he told. Go ahead. Give me one example of a detail he told. No need to reply back once you realize his telling was “YSL is a gang”

  22. Okay… If you’re trying to tell me “he was just signed and had nothing to do with anything” why is he saying that? For all his only signed ass as an artist knew, it was a record label… No need to respond because he knew more than just a record label and was okay with it until his feet were to the fire.

  23. Rico charge. The threat of jail. He was willing to say anything to get out of that matrix. Do you know how intimidating it is to have a RICO charge and to know that if you’re convicted it’s jail for a decade (the conspiracy charge)?🤦🏻‍♂️. If you sign that means you agree to go to jail for a decade, for anything the other members of the label do on their off time - even if you weren’t physically there. Makes total sense 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  24. Yes the saving is worth it. Especially early on in your 20s & 30s (where compound interest will pack the largest punch moving forward). Better to work hard and eat soup & cereal as a young person, then have to eat it as an old person. Stay strong and max out those 401k contributions (or as close as you can).

  25. I’m super paranoid about security and privacy, and I throw these away. (As the other commenter mentioned, they are not recyclable)

  26. Set up text alerts for purchases made on your account. That way you’ll spot anything unusual right away. Second, review charges on the app weekly. No need to be paranoid. You report fraud right away you aren’t responsible. It’s one of the perks of using cc.

  27. Bank of America Customized Cash desperately. A plain red card with a white back is sooo drab (along with their app).

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