1. Well you see I have a Apple Watch, there’s a specific image that says “download”, and I’m wondering if there’s a way to purposefully make images say that on iMessage. And the other question is if I download it how can I reverse it and make it say “download” again.

  2. The “tap do download” placeholder is used when for whatever reason your device hasn’t automatically downloaded an image. Auto download is how it’s supposed to work.

  3. Update. It succesfully booted and formatted the ssd disk.

  4. this is the option that the internet recovery tool offers me.

  5. The problem is it wants to authorize by sending a text to the phone number and the phone number is my second line. Someone else already has the phone and he’s hours away and I have the SIM card that was used in that phone. I did a master reset on the phone but I forgot to delete my number from the iCloud account I had set up. My current phone is not unlocked so I can’t put this other SIM card in it to receive the authentication code to access the iCloud account and delete my number. It keeps saying restricted access and won’t let me delete it or go into the settings and take activation lock off. So do I basically need an unlocked phone to put my sim in it to receive the code?

  6. This has nothing to do with an upgrade. The phone I’m having the iCloud issue on is like 8 phones ago. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  7. Wanting to organize everything in my life and starting with this

  8. I don’t really care too much about having my old texts or anything like that. I will backup my old photos and that’s about all I care about.

  9. OH MY GOD RIGHT?!? I feel like it might be an case by case issue because I’ve met ppl who claim their auto updates have never failed them…. Yet that’s never been the case for me…. Apparently it’s suppose to do it at night between certain hours while you’re connected to the charger? Maybe it has something to do with optimized charging/clean energy charging setting conflicting with your phones ability to auto update…? Because I know one of those settings is suppose to basically cut off your phones power intake from charging when it’s fully charged in efforts to not OVER charge it….

  10. Good point didn’t even think about that. But they do say that!!!…. In the settings under software update. yenno in the area nobody checks 🤣 Hahaha but I agree that, a notification would be a good idea… wonder why they won’t do that? Seems like a no brainer, so I’m sure they’ve thought of it.

  11. I wouldn’t consider warming up when charging ‘kind of responding’.

  12. Thank you! I've done all the above and checking the app it says that my battery capacity is at 77% while the status is "Fair" with 1625 load cycles.

  13. You cannot clone a device with a proprietary interface. You’d need a possibly expensive external interface just for that one task.

  14. I don’t remember mine having a power brick, did they? Been a long time

  15. Nice, thanks. All Ive done since the migration is create another account. Any idea what to search for?

  16. No, I broke the back of my phone and when chatting with apple care+ support they mentioned that it would not be covered if it had water damage. So, I just wanted to know if there was a way I could know if my phone had water damage before paying for it to get fixed to avoid getting charged extra money. I figured that since the back of my phone is very cracked, water damage could be likely even if I didn’t drop it in water just from rain, steam, etc.

  17. The only thing that could be damaged is the charger, that is probably NOT designed to work overtime to charge a big battery.

  18. AppleCare is tied to the device, so NOTHING stops you from hopping to Germany and buying an Apple device with APP+.

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