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  1. It’s whatever you feel comfortable doing. In stationary traffic it’s rare that in two lanes of traffic going the same way that you could squeeze between the two. I never go in the left hand side when filtering as usually there’s a cyclist in there and they’re too slow to get around. I will go on right side of traffic if clear or the traffic is stationary. Best of luck on the roads!

  2. So its perfectly legal too, okay. Thanks for clearing that up for me thank you

  3. Bro id so buy one 💯 what's the ship cost to new Zealand?

  4. I would drop you instantly for wearing that penis helmet

  5. Is that bbq sauce? Egg your house? Id fucking throw a molotov at it

  6. I think the house insurance company would not put me at fault for that.

  7. These little cunts kept calling my apartment, like im going to walk 3 floors down to give them sweets..

  8. I'm inclined to think that they've input your details and that bike doesn't come up as an option for you...

  9. Yeah, could be. Ill try again today and give them all a call starting with axa now

  10. I’m insured on a 2017 one through principal insurance. Never had a problem getting quotes from anyone on it too!

  11. Think they told me i cant be insured because im not 21 yet… im 20 and been on my learners for about 5 months

  12. Admins for DayZ servers are for whatever reason the biggest shit bags/morons. Idk why. I really don't. It makes no sense. And RP server admins are EVEN worse. It's crazy. I just don't get it.

  13. Right now looking at a cbr 500 r 😂 so bit more than 5 grand

  14. If you over pay they will not cover the cost you paid they'll only cover market value so tell them what you actually paid for it.

  15. why is there a subreddit for anything??? u dont have to be here lol

  16. Nah not staying here lmao, just popped up, Lidls better dont take offence

  17. Bark at it, bite the dogs ear to show whos the dominant one

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