‘It’s over’: Twitter France’s head quits amid layoffs

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Twitter reportedly limits employee access to content-moderation tools as midterm election nears

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  1. It’s mind boggling how a foreign country can just use our supply with no limits and pennies on the dollar.

  2. The narrative is to blame the Saudis but why aren't our own government and politicians mentioned at all? Its legal and they allowed it to happen.

  3. Definitely not a free speech platform. Private company, controlled and curated. Which is their right as a private company. Don’t kid yourself

  4. For example Japanese twitter trends changed to anime from politics after the takeover and mass layoffs. That should give u a clue about its curation.

  5. He had his chance, the deal the unions voted down was made by the presidential emergency board. His fault for not actually addressing the problems the unions are striking over.

  6. He delayed the strike till after the midterms. That was the real goal.

  7. 10,000,000% factual, it's fucking insane, ridiculous, unfair and so so many people turn a blind eye to it.

  8. Your politicians and upper classes, most homeowners ignore the problem because its not a problem to them. They benefit from the real estate bubble.

  9. I've been perfectly conditioned, too. I get nervous if I have too much money in my bank account. I get a shiver of fear that lances down my spine because I think I forgot to pay a bill.

  10. see thats why the economy is doing well. because the money is being circulated at high volume, most people aren't allowed to save them.

  11. Hey! I havent really touched the PL settings at all just Voltage. I would assume that the time setting doesnt matter at that point.

  12. i noticed my friend's 13600k does not downclock much during idle, maybe one or two cores will downclock to 800mhz but the rest stays at turbo clock rate while idle, is this normal behavior for these newer cpus?

  13. When Japan was invading China in early ww2, they used their concession in Shanghai as a launching point for the invasion. They turned the whole city into Stalingrad, with vicious house to house street fighting. A Chinese fighter-bomber famously bombed a British hotel full of journalists in Shanghai, because they were aiming at a Japanese position next door. At the time precisely nobody blamed China for the tragedy because, even ninety years ago with their brains full of mercury and lead, our ancestors weren't that fucking stupid.

  14. WW2 Allies frequently carpet bomb enemy-held areas. There's a long wiki list of allied war crimes killing untold amounts of civilians.

  15. 7.7% is still atrocious, political circle jerk aside.

  16. Yeah i don't know why people are cheering like its over. Not only high inflation isn't over most prices will never go back to 2019 levels unless people are willing to endure a couple years of deflation.

  17. We found the issue, it is not cooling or anything, his Mainboard has a issue that it sometimes ignores his OC settings and it overloaded his CPU. But thanks for the Help.

  18. Told ya its a hardware issue. Games do not cause complete system crashes they only expose the issue.

  19. Am I the only one who’s kinda bummed that if we start making more money, theyll just drive the economy into the ground and squeeze whatever juice they can out of consumers?

  20. So you couldn’t stand by your partner if she was the victim of a savage crime? This tells us a LOT about YOU.

  21. It's sad how little mens' reproductive rights is respected. If a guy wants only kids that are his he has every right to do so. In this case She is free to choose whether to raise a rapist's baby, her partner has the right to choose whether to participate or not.

  22. Right, this really has very little to do with greed because that's a fundamental driver of economics that doesn't ever change. Changes in inflation are not due to changes in level of greed.

  23. The cynic in me thinks the greed theory is being pushed to deflect blame from monetary policy to corporations

  24. Not that I put any faith in anyone's casualty assessments, but I don't understand the hostility here. Why put general in quotation marks like it's fake? The man is an actual general. And Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. His sources would be the entire intelligence apparatus of the US military.

  25. He is so pro-Ukraine to the point anything to the contrary is fake news to him.

  26. It still boggles the mind. IF a sane person simply looks at how each side governs. one wants to take away taxes from retired people who paid into the system their entire lives, the other wants to help people more. One spent their 4 years in charge trying to fuck over everyone but the 1% and defrauding the american people to the tune of billions, taking bribes from foreign powers who have funded terrorist attacks on the US and before that spent Obama's entire time failing to lead their states or goven as their job demands. The other tries to work with republicans regardless of which side the president is on and tries to make America move forward.

  27. I know many are happy that dems performed better than expected but reality is the results are too close for too many seats. It proves the extremists have widespread support and will win power if dem voters let up for just one election. It's not "40%" of the voter base supports fascism, more like 45% actually. Very close to half of the electorate.

  28. Projections were GOP winning both chambers quickly...didn't happen cause dems outperformed in many areas...but GOP held their ground well...neither party won outright so we got ourself 2 years of obama style lame duck I guess.

  29. Seriously. Governments shouldn’t have the power to pass laws that are above both the courts and 90% of the constitution.

  30. Technically they can do whatever they want as long as the legislature agrees.

  31. That should carry the same punishment. Men aren’t the only ones who sabotage birth control. Also this should apply for MSM encounters.

  32. I never heard of any woman being prosecuted for sabotaging or lying about birth control. Even if it did happens the man will still have to pay child support as the welfare of the kid is considered to be an entirely separate matter.

  33. The government have been 10 to the tenth steps ahead of the public … most people didn’t expect this. We were innocent. While the wolves saw all the tech as opportunities for control.

  34. This is according to plan unfortunately. People keep focusing on the financial aspect of this whole thing and I don't think that any of these people bought Twitter to make money. This was all done simply to remove Twitter as a way to produce information from places like Iran , China and Russia to stop people in places like this from having a way to get heard and organize protests.

  35. That's not really the case and they have always 'owned' Twitter nothing changed. They have had small 4% stake in the company since 2011. If anything Musk buying Twitter diminished their influence.

  36. Facts are not allowed if its against the narrative. Minority shareholders don't affect the company at all but that doesn't stop redditors from pretending otherwise.

  37. Their enforcement is very uneven. There are much worse tweets left unbanned. And in other languages enforcement is even less.

  38. Especially with how diverse Asia is. SE Asia is so different than EA or South Asia. I know so many friends that were Asian but poor without access to tutoring. They had to still compete at the highest levels of schooling just to get into mid level schools if they were even able to at all.

  39. "Asian" is such a stupidly broad term, there are hundreds of races with significant numbers in Asia

  40. Posts a Tweet attacking the victim of a politicised hammer attack and has it removed by his own moderation team. The bird was set free and was immediately hit by a bus.

  41. my shorts are still filled with andrew tate, jordan peterson gary fucking v, some lady who shears sheep, bad edits of peaky blinders and ozark with overdramatic music, and a bunch of dipshits pretending to dj with lists like "if you know these ten songs that were popular in 2014 you are a boomer"

  42. The YT algorithm pushes the most popular and controversial videos to maximize traffic. They don't restrict themselves to only recommending relevant videos to your interests.

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