1. What do you use? The plant based I've tried have all been super gritty.

  2. For a first meet it doesn’t matter (and honestly for all subsequent meets; just try to beat yourself). Showing up is all that matters. Having a plan matters. As long as you can lift the bar you’re good to go.

  3. I appreciate the advice. I knew about the kg thing, but it would be pretty rough if I started with 400 kg squat.

  4. My first meet I thought I was adding 10lbs to my bench. It was KG. I did not get it.

  5. That's rough. I'm a data analyst, so I will have everything preplanned in a spreadsheet. Lol.

  6. That seems like an inefficient way to exercise my dude. I find when I mix up the order of my workouts I perform differently in each exercise due to fatigue levels, but it's good to mix it up every now and then.

  7. I specifically target my weak areas first. I also tend to prioritize compound exercises first so that I can focus on my form when I am fresh.

  8. I do. Currently work in a warehouse where they track you down to the minute. Verbal reminder helps me to keep my log accurate.

  9. As the asshole in charge of tracking people in a warehouse, I appreciate your diligence and service to the company.

  10. We’re already moving in the right direction. The anti-cop bias is virtually non existent in the mainstream population because people realize that they were hoodwinked by leftist Marxists who just wanted to sow discontent.

  11. There's a non-negligible portion of the 2A community that is jaded against law enforcement. It's usually directed at the ATF and the law makers who keep adding exceptions to gun laws for police officers. Unfortunately, there is some carryover to other departments who are tasked with the job of enforcing these laws or even just benefit from them.

  12. Lately I've been thinking a lot about Martin Luther King Jr and his stance on socialism:

  13. You might look into distributism. It still rewards people for their labor without consolidating power in the financial ruling class.

  14. There are 5! ways that your group can be picked and 28! ways for all of the other groups to be picked. With 33! ways overall, the probability of the desired outcome is (5! * 28!)/(33!).

  15. You could have loot be patches that can be sewn on your character’s cape, and render the cape a different color based on what patches you have on.

  16. As the story unfolds, you could unlock a longer cape and more powerful patches may be bigger or odd shaped (Tetris?).

  17. Not a PhD but before I dropped my masters program I was researching data visualization, specifically for large datasets with complex decision trees.

  18. Is anyone interested in making/brainstorming a semi-auto, high-capacity flint-lock pistol/rifle? I'll add $1k to the bounty.

  19. What are good ways to increase your grip strength with deadlifts? With straps I can pull 150kg for a double, without them I can barely lift 110kg for a single

  20. This "embedded chip" is neat if only you and your fam know about it, think leaving a spare key under the front rug or on a magnet under your car, but it's completely insecure as the moment someone sees you "using it" you're done. Anyone can just hold a modern phone near your hand or, just use a more powerful scanner aimed at you, and copy the ID to be able to get into your car/house...

  21. What is your threat model that you have people frequently within NFC range, but you are also targeted by those same people to break into your house and car?

  22. You can access NFC at extreme ranges of '30 to 40 meters.' That's half a football field.

  23. Not with this chip through someone's hand, using a modern phone. I have one in my hand (not used for anything secure because I also prescribe to an unrealistic threat model). My friends with iPhones or Galaxies have to be centimeters away.

  24. I learned to code in my mid-30s. I switched careers about 4 years ago to become a full-time data analyst with better work/life balance and about 50% pay raise. I work as the data analyst/general automation guy for an engineering department. I don't have a degree, but I am doing really well compared to 10 years ago. I'm looking at hitting 6-figures after my next career move in a LCOL city.

  25. Imagine the rush/adrenaline, and unlimited rewards. No rules to dictate.

  26. This sub is pretty much the only OSR space I engage with, but I haven't seen much here to suggest that the OSR is the cesspit of reactionary white men that this article suggests it is. Was this more of a problem in the past? From what I can tell, bigotry isn't tolerated, and definitely isn't celebrated, in the OSR these days. And like OP, my perception is that the scene is actually pretty diverse and inclusive overall.

  27. In my experience, Facebook is the worst. The OSR groups seem split between people discussing how everyone else is a Nazi and people defending the accused Nazis. I left the one group because they rarely discussed actual gaming and I left the other group because of the Nazis.

  28. Rails and Django let you prototype fast but Python and Ruby lack type safety, which makes them infuriating to work with at scale.

  29. I've definitely felt the dynamically-typed blues myself, but Python does have type hinting. The language won't enforce it, but you can setup your DevOps pipeline to enforce it.

  30. Deadlift question. I find it very difficult to stick to the "protect your armpit" cue, and my upper back AND my shoulders round every time I do a lift that's even close to challenging. Is this only a matter of strengthening my upper back? Am I missing something?

  31. I'm still pretty new, but I found the "shoulder blades in your back pockets" cue fixed a lot of my shoulder/upper back issues.

  32. Department of Natural Resources. Usually cops that deal with parks and other natural resources.

  33. Sleep under 8h. Protein i try to get my 2g per kgs. Its hard not easy 1.80 m 82 kgs Yes i regularly do them. Due to flu i restarted them. I am back at 80 kgs. Try next time 85/90 kgs. Romanian DL 90kgs. But honestly these kids nowadays dont sleep enough and have damn energy. I am happy for them but it a question for me every time. Bench press is hard. For years i am stuck in 60 kgs. Now tried 70 kgs 3 reps possible and then 5 sec pause one possible. 65 kgs was fine. Its too less i know. I can't explain myself too. Perhaps 5x5 could help.

  34. If you are a male and cannot squat your bodyweight after 6+ months of lifting on a decent diet with ample protein and enough sleep, then I would recommend seeing your doctor. Ask for a full blood screen. There are lots of things that this could be.

  35. This makes me feel more bad 😂 Unfortunately the first 4 yrs i didn't workout correctly. Then i did but i guess i started squatting few years ago. But then a little injury. So summarizing i did a lot of mistakes and had no knowledge. Now i hope I will improve. Its obviously clear when someone do this exercise at the beginning he feels motivated and wants to do more. This wasnt in my case cause i had none and the trainer were shit. I was bad in sports and too shy, nervous. Thanks for your replies.

  36. I don't know your particular situation, but I highly recommend a doctor and a coach. If it is something medical, just get it taken care of. I spent most of my 30s with undiagnosed low T and all the depression and weakness that come with it.

  37. I'd definately think I'd be interested in a more "pure" steampunk game. Most things are "steampunk but with fantasy and magic" or "steampunk but with orcs and hot busty mad scientists" or "steampunk but with ..."

  38. Abney Park did their Airship Pirates game. It was ok, but it ran into the same problems that steampunk generally has.

  39. It’s not CNS fatigue. You just need to eat and sleep more.

  40. I was under the impression that eating and sleeping better improve your resilience to CNS fatigue. Is this not the case?

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