1. The person you describe as Figo is Kaka tho..

  2. the last 2 texts sent by this scamming bloke on image 1/2 sounds like what i'd say as a child when my mother asked me about what i wanted for my christmas, for a football kit.

  3. Currently running the Twitter for

  4. ah mate, if someone pledged 50p, currently, they'll've put in almost 41 quid.

  5. No kidding. 10p is far and away the most popular option and it’s amazing to see how it all adds up. The last two World Cups saw 169 and 171 goals scored, equaling around £17, which presumably most people are happy with. As the goals fly in though, it’s obviously going harder for people up pledge.

  6. bet there will be a bloke who wants a "1p donation" option, so they can just use their minimum wage job's salary of 5p to donate

  7. Just gotta ask, in what way is this p2w?🙈

  8. You seriously mean that a 111ovr squad like that, screams p2w?😂

  9. either that or the fact that everyone who tops V2A (my fav mode,) usually has a entire squad with a value able to pay man city, PSG and ronaldo's contracts for a year.

  10. Reading comprehension is hard eh? Wow…. This was the reset for THIS CURRENT SEASON. Doofus. If you don’t believe me, look at a calendar and tel me when January 2022 is.

  11. The article you posted says verbatim “THE NEW SEASON OF FIFA MOBILE IS COMING JANUARY 2022”. I’m not sure what you don’t understand here? I’m sorry you need to resort to this but I’m sure the downvoting you’re getting on your comments here shows that you are, in fact, wrong on this. Get it together bud.

  12. i do not remember hearing your brainless, budweiser chugging, fat-ass, self for what you said. you smell of rotten eggs from chernobyl if they were put in the elephant's foot under reactor 4. most of the time you ask me if im free, its for "shopping." you always want to go to gucci to get perfume, a nail tec so you can "be more attractive" or a salon so you can just get a new haircut. and you ALWAYS ask me to pay for it.

  13. Say: in trans bacause i have color and joy in my live but if i look at you i don’t see anything other disappointed

  14. Konami when the ESRB takes their currently M rated game and then bumps it up to rated M

  15. Looking at the mcdonald's breakfest menu, for the delicious hash brown. A delicious hash brown is great on its own or as a side at breakfast time. Crispy on the outside and served until 11am, they're what mornings were made for.

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