1. I find it hard to believe anything could be better than Rosin made from ice water hash. I notice a major difference any time I break from rosin and try something butane/propane/ethanol extracted.

  2. Yeah ancient roots is charging less for better quality and more product. Time to put the pressure on firelands to compete. I stopped buying their stuff and strictly just get AR at this point.

  3. The problem with Ancient Roots is their stuff isn't really solventless. They call it "rosin badder" instead of just rosin for a reason. They pump it all full of solvent-extracted, unregulated CBG isolate. It's a dirty, inferior product compared to what Firelands puts out.

  4. Higher CBG numbers can come from extracting the plants a little early which is what’s happening. You should reach out before you start making accusations. CBG or CBD isolate is always listed in ingredients on the packaging when used. I’ve had pretty much every AR rosin and never have they cut it with anything.

  5. Ancient Roots then Standard and Firelands. Scoop up the Ancient Roots 2.5’s as soon as you see them they go fast. Usually priced at $150-$160.

  6. Sorry for the late response. I’ve liked everything 90u-120u they’ve done so far. Only complaint was the Mac was dry while the animal fire and wedding cake I’ve had in the past both still had that “wet” look.

  7. Bananas & Apples from cookies out in Vegas didn’t look the best when I got it as well but was one of the best smelling and tasting flower I’ve had in awhile. Batch I had was crazy on the terps it was 2.25% Myrcene.

  8. If it helps these are the older 2.83 jars they’re starting to be phased out you’ll see them less and less.

  9. I switched back to 510’s because I can control the voltage level and how hot the oil is burning. Lusters always felt way too much in terms of the voltage level and clouds that it produced. I’m thinking these coils are getting it too hot and burning the oil. Seeing it a lot on here lately.

  10. Concentrates that were bought in Ohio…. Because this is specifically an Ohio Marijuana subreddit lol

  11. It would be amazing, but knowing ohio they'll cost $80-$90 a pod and just not be worth it for the price.

  12. They’ll cost $80-$90 anywhere lol. Rosin is expensive everywhere not just Ohio.

  13. They have them out now. Just recently got a Peach Crescendo 1g and they just put out a Castaway x Wilson x Strawberry Cooler 1g cart. You need a battery that has a pre-heat function and you’ll be good. Typical battery won’t work as well.

  14. So instead of learning from others they just go all willy nilly on us to fill their pockets? Got ya… of buckeye relief spotted guys 😂

  15. More like things take time… You won’t see a change until we get these next rounds of dispensaries going. It’s an expensive program for everybody the patients and owners. It’s basic supply and demand we’re in a limited license state and that drives the price up on everything.

  16. What takes time? MSOs are destroying the program here in Ohio, selling product for over 100% markup is wrong. Greed is what it all Boils down to.

  17. 70+ more dispensaries take time what’s hard to understand lol. The state approved too many patients and were too slow on opening more dispensaries. Prices will significantly go down once they all open in the next couple years.

  18. One of my favorite products to use as an edible. Getting around 700mg of edible solventless hash for around $60-$70 on sale and also only spending 2-days since it’s classified as a concentrate.

  19. The Yocan Uni Pro I have fits all carts and has this tightening mechanism so regardless of your cart it sits in their tight. Can also set the voltage level manually. Highly recommend anybody not using a battery where you can change your voltage levels to switch now and start hitting your carts at 2.0v-2.6v. A much smoother better taste and makes you not burn through your cart as fast.

  20. Peak Pro with a 3D Chamber. I don’t use my torch or rigs anymore.

  21. Orders for the next day always start at 8pm so you can place it now and it will be good to go for tomorrow.

  22. Yep you are good! If you click on shop and look at the savings at this store it indicates it’s 20% off flower Friday (it’s 20% off flower thru Sunday though)

  23. If you live in Cincinnati then yes you can get one at Terps Gallery. Think they’re $25 if they have any left in stock.

  24. Just got this batch with the 35% off discount at Sunnyside. It was dry but was solid other than that. Really good sweet smell and taste.

  25. You mean put it on sale and everybody buys it to the point it sells out? Everybody swears this Ohio Medical program is out to get them personally lmao.

  26. Not sure if you prefer Celsius over Fahrenheit but you can switch it by holding the + and - buttons at the same time. I only say this because my buddy had no idea lol.

  27. They make 2 different carts under Diamond Science. The ones in the plastic bag are just regular old distillate with added terps. The ones in the box are made from single source OCL flower and are full spectrum.

  28. It says hydrocarbon extracted on the box in the pictures lol

  29. This looks like just about every Firelands rosin i’ve bought lol. This is on them not the dispensary. Plus their boxes are almost impossible to flip over so it’s how they’re packaging it.

  30. Yeah this pod tastes like nothing I’ve had before. Almost artificial tasting but very good

  31. That’s because it is unfortunately. These aren’t single strain just a bunch of their random flower thrown together and added terpenes.

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