1. If you prefer low temp and flavor this is for you. Personally not a fan of how hot lusters pods burn which is why I switched back to 510’s on a battery you can set the voltage with and this Airgraft hits even smoother. Has a little vibration as you hit it to indicate a 2mg dose (20mg dose per draw) so it’s really cool you can know exactly how much you’re getting and what works for you. Also pictured is a size comparison to other devices we are use to seeing. Hoping other companies get on board with these I’m a big fan.

  2. How much is the battery? Pod price reasonable? Sounds like a good system.

  3. I was able to get my battery for free with the purchase of a pod with the current promo going on. It was $50 on sale for the .84g Live Resin pod but usually $55-$60 before any discount. Loving the ceramic over metal for the heating component, you can definitely tell with the flavor.

  4. I’ve been wanting to pick up a live resin one myself after reading up on them. Looks like they have a ceramic heater and no metal for the heating elements. Supposed to maximize flavor and how long the oil in the pod actually lasts.

  5. I’ve been ghosted for a couple different positions in the last 2 months. Unfortunately just kind of how this program is. They know there is another 50 people behind somebody not willing to go through this that will put up with the BS for the same pay because it’s “cannabis”. Keep pushing if it’s something you really want to get into don’t let it discourage you.

  6. Love the medicine and the potential for our program I just wanna help people get the relief they need without opiates and shit . I just think it's bullshit to bring someone out three times not show the first time, wait until the interview time on the second interview then cancel. Then rescheduled a third and was late to that one 20 mins as well . I guess it's just a shady industry

  7. Definitely a shady industry in terms of ghosting people but that’s usually happened to me after they’ve actually showed up for all the interviews on time. Time and gas wasted sucks but take this as a sign that this is not a company you want to work for because this is just extremely unprofessional. Don’t let it discourage you from trying elsewhere! I’ve probably applied for 10-15 different positions to land the 2 I’ve gotten, the most recent one finally outside of the dispensary.

  8. Grow Ohio doesn’t use distillate. Full spectrum oil will always look darker.

  9. it's a little strange that AR chose to produce this in both .84g & 1.0g.

  10. Yeah they haven’t done .84 in awhile they seem to have brought them back to give us the option. $4 difference for the G vs .84 at Ethos so I went with the gram. Very good balance of gassy and sweet on this batch.

  11. I really want to try this but only one place near me has the half for $180 pre tax with no discount day in sight.

  12. The reason-They know what they have. Shits wonderful. Klutch hit it with this one.

  13. You are helping me debate spending $193.50 for 14.15g lol.

  14. who does? producers in the state of ohio lol.

  15. These have to be just left over carts from a year + ago. I use to buy their full gram carts whenever they were available and they had this white plastic tip after going away from the wood tip.

  16. Love the new OGKB x Froyo from Ancient Roots. Straight cherry/fruity/gas. I got 2 of their new 90u strain (Grape Cream Cake x Strawberry Banana) and wish I had doubled up on the Froyo instead.

  17. Was kind of disappointed especially because of the lineage. Definitely prefer their regular Grape Cream Cake. Smell isn’t nearly as pungent as the OGKB x Froyo was.

  18. Nice. That’s what I want to hear. Need more choices other than Ancient roots. Thanks for the review.

  19. Yeah we do! Let these 2 set the standard for rosin in Ohio. I have had some really good Standard Wellness rosin as well it’s just expensive and hit or miss.

  20. Only reason I didn’t mention them is because I told myself I would stop buying it after so many misses. Tally Mon is the only one I trust and even then you run the risk of getting basically crumble. I had better rosin from them in 2019-2020 than what they put out now it’s crazy.

  21. If you go to Buckeye Reliefs Instagram (@buckeyerelief) they reposted somebody on their story that bought all 3. Consistency/color looks good.

  22. Thanks man! This is exactly what I was looking for the consistency looks pretty damn good.

  23. About to go grab Lemon Dosidos or 92 Cookies, will be a game time decision once I get to the register and check the terps on both. I’ll report back!

  24. Same thoughts on Death Star. The most pungent weed I’ve ever had in my life. Unfortunately Death Star and Lemon G in our program are not the original cuts. Hope to see somebody get the original genetics we’re all use to seeing 10+ years ago.

  25. They started putting their Live Rosin oil in .5g 510 carts as well for people that don’t like these. I know I prefer the carts myself.

  26. The terpenes you mentioned conflict w/their website's listed terps before they removed it for some strange reason & I highly doubt farnesene is the dominant terp, I don't believe that's even biologically possible.

  27. I’ve had Sunset Sherbet a lot from them and it has always led off with Farnesene as the main terpene

  28. I had this in the past and Strawberries & Cream recently (was at like 15% terps) and in my opinion, I believe they’re adding in extra terps after the fact due to the consistency and artificial flavor on the S&C. It wasn’t natural like hash rosin should be.

  29. This is the 1 strain in the program I have been meaning to try and just haven’t. Making myself grab it next time I go.

  30. I bought a half of Jealousy from them within the past week because a buddy had bought it the day before so I was able to see it and try it. Smell, taste, and cure is on point. Would I have bought something on a whim? Nope lol.

  31. Will even go as far to say I think the taste and smell is stronger on the Jealousy than the Alien Pebbles I grabbed this week from Galenas.

  32. Beneleaves uses distillate for their capsules. Infusion powder and RSO are full spectrum products so you’d probably notice.

  33. Shout outs to Ethos for being the only place in Cinci not trying to squeeze every last penny out of us.

  34. Ethos is closer to Dayton than Cincinnati. It’s 40-45 minutes from the actual Cincinnati dispensaries.

  35. They’re only closed Christmas and Thanksgiving day. You’re good.

  36. Gift cards aren’t allowed in the program. Visa gift card at a place that accepts debit is your best bet (Sunnyside only runs credit so I know they won’t work there)

  37. You know they sell great handheld rollers at waterbeds at a very low cost….

  38. Hand rolled always burns better than cones or machine rolled in my opinion… Why I’m not huge on pre-rolls in markets where they’re available.

  39. Woodward, Galenas, Ancient Roots IMO. All 3 cultivators use zero pesticides as well.

  40. First...I love that you consider purple a flavor haha. Second, please let us know what the price was when you get a min. Thanks, I had no clue we had rosin vape carts/disposables in our program.

  41. Firelands sells .5g rosin carts as well. My go to in the program. Usually get them for $45 pre tax at Verilife. I see the disposables for about $35.

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