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  1. Are you literally not ranting on this sub yourself? Not a tip or leak in sight.

  2. People act so weird about rematches on this subreddit. It's like they can't comprehend that some people play games purely for fun, not because they want to be sweaty. I like improving, but sometimes I'm drunk and just want to play against someone with a different character, and a different play style.

  3. Fair enough, but I wouldn't consider a player in the top 10 000 globally in 1v1s that plays their level 28 main religiously a "for fun player". These are mostly the players I was referring to.

  4. It’s a free to play game with a bunch of cartoon characters fighting each other. It’s still the beta and there’s not even a ranked playlist yet. No one owes you anything. I find people who complain about lack of rematches to be the most entitled. There are more important things than you boosting your ego going 2-0, or you wanting to adapt to some random opponent that you’ll probably never see again.

  5. Ah yes. Me questioning the lack of rematches makes me automatically entitled. Since there's no competitive system in the game yet, what exactly are you losing for not rematching people and practicing against different playstyles and/or characters.

  6. Try switching them around.. So move what's in 5 to 6 and 6 to 5. Let me know if they both still have the issue or if it's just one of them.

  7. Safe to say I tried this multiple times in different orders also. Somehow new fans always managed to start a lightshow.

  8. "Didn't do this exactly, but I moved: 6 > 4, 5 > 6 and 4 > 5. After that 1 more fan joined the light show which made it 3 fans. So I think that didn't work."

  9. Well considering I tried the original rgb hub and then another one, I think the fans' rgbs have given up.

  10. Surely no one actually put their real life information there.

  11. Y'all really getting baited by fake beef. They literally live in the same house

  12. Why do I feel like Tahm Kench support is about to destroy everyone

  13. Little Akali main is mad that a guy with 3 minute videos gets more watch time

  14. The fact Riot gives 2 completely useless and ugly skins for reaching honor level 5 for not being toxic is just funny. I've only hit honor level 5 in 2017 and after that not a single time, not because of being toxic, but because you go a checkpoint forward maybe once in 1,5 months which isn't very pog.

  15. Ambassador is a difficult fight to learn. So I'd recommend having at least t85. You can find guides on how to do it with a Masuta's Warspear and Bandos Armor. Just be warned that you are going to die a lot learning Ambassador as but it becomes much easier once you get the first kill so don't get discouraged!

  16. I think I got decent gear. Ring of Death, Kiln cape, Masterwork armor, Dragon rider lance, blood amulet of fury. Don't have curses tho :/

  17. I used ranged, so ascension and Armadyl with intermediate perks. The food eating may be what I s slowing down your dps, but I totally feel the urge to eat to a safe level

  18. So realistically I should be able to kill Araxxi with that melee setup w/o curses and overloads?

  19. Without curses for sure, but overloads would be a huge help. Can u use the elder overload golems this week?

  20. Well good to say I got to Araxxi after taking the elder overload buff. Bad thing is, I can barely kill the thing since I get it to 80k hp and proceed to die :/

  21. Easy money would be ed3 trash runs, meaning you go in solo, kill the mobs until you get to the first boss, then reset the dungeon, takes less than 5mins per dungeon and you make anywhere from 300k-1m per run

  22. Would my gear even be good enough for solo runs? And would there be any other alternative to this? And if I happened to do ed3 trash runs it would probably be wiser to use bandos rather than tetsu right?

  23. Yep all you’re doing is killing the small monsters that lead up to the boss. There’s bots that go in with polypore and batwing lol

  24. You got any other recommendations? Like what I should save up for or do?

  25. Quite funny that we're in 2021 and RS3 can barely be run on 30 series cards lmao. This game is suppose to be run on a hamster with a wheel and maybe a 1999 GPU.

  26. I hope if anyone gets a choice between these skins doesn't pick Urfwick.

  27. From what I recall this is not the same as the skin you can buy from BE emporium. Sort of like championship Riven having 2 different versions.

  28. Imo the change is too minimal. Couldn't convince myself to pick Urfwick for a little crown that you can barely see.

  29. This should get just as much attention as Star Guardian Urgot if not more

  30. By this logic any ability should be able to damage the tower.

  31. Love how a mobile game gets more resources thrown into it than one of the largest eSports titles in the world

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