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  1. Went to the drive thru the other day and got 2 hash browns, I was passed at how much it costs!

  2. Can't tell the size of the bottle but it does remind me of essential oils.

  3. Cycling the collab events back around once in a while. The event that got me hooked on this game was the Monster hunter event, however even though I got hunter Vanessa and Rathalos knight, i never got hunter Sarisse. Considering I was new but i couldn't even finish the event that brought me into the game.

  4. Been dying to find out this characters voice actor, the credits are terrible with explanation as "additional voices" Google is no help :(

  5. Phenomenal voice actors, try to appreciate each and every character! Yea he's Mr jelly bean and I like to imagine he cringed doing that role, but honestly he sells all his roles really well! Voice acting is still acting :)

  6. To both communities I'd just like to say, you know people can simply just like rainbows, right?

  7. People who ask permission and then do shit like this when told "no" terrible behavior.

  8. It might also prevent the Beth's from eventually snapping and killing each other from worrying about being the original.

  9. Yes it had always felt like this Morty is important to him and after the information about C 137 I feel it even more!

  10. Yeah, these people are jerkoffs. And you're right. Trying to get back at customers or Uber itself is moronic.

  11. I simply take note of the address of aggressive customers or people that have wronged me, and I use the address to make sure I don't deliver to them again. That's all lol.

  12. The compliment received was 100% from someone trying to soften the blow, the veterans will try but it won't be enough.

  13. Just remember if EA had the chance they would purchase the monster hunter franchise, just to remove it from competition.

  14. Chick F.A. Around here anyway they treat their drivers like S#!t.

  15. I’m an Uber driver and for a bit I was also a chik fil a customer, I noticed Every time I ordered for my family, there was whole boxes of fries missing, meanwhile they stickers were sealed on the bag. Third time I had fries missing I called the store and said I’m coming back for my fries and they straight up blamed the driver, I knew the bag wasn’t tampered with and I went up there to bitch the manager out and never done an order for them since. Those assholes are sabotaging Uber orders and blaming the drivers probly all to make people use their delivery service.

  16. Holy crap you’re right, they’re not the same but in the exact same style. I wonder who the “mrs” is supposed to be

  17. The amount of times I see players and streamers alike glitching zombies and taking advantage of the a.i. it's just ridiculous.

  18. Whenever I get an order like this it ends up being some kid who secretly ordered on his mom's phone or something, it's hilarious! Also funny when they thunder k to tell me to go back to the restaurant to get BBQ sauce when that isn't my part of the job.

  19. Leave at door means leave at door, like we’re else would I put in, in the bushes? Put do not ring.

  20. I will ring that damned door bell every single time unless 1: there is instruction not to do it, or 2: the doorbell is broken or there isn't a doorbell, in which case I will knock unless there's a screen door, I'm not opening a door to knock on your door. At that point they need to check the phone for notification lol.

  21. Reasonable points until it became insulting, I was agreeing until they started calling people apes, if you can't make a point without insulting someone, don't argue period.

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