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  1. Thanks. QoL is quality of life. Makes things more streamline and less grinding. Like if they ever added a way to repair equipment.

  2. That's how hot the McDonald's coffee was that burned the lady who sued them.

  3. Corporations not wanting legal merits has a big sway unfortunately. Most people slandered this woman back when it happened. It was pretty sad.

  4. Damn. It took me 12 hours to blow a .09 in jail last month. I don’t know where I was initially, I refused blow after field test (long story) so did blood draw. I’m only on beer 4.2 now. And only about 5-8 a day. Talls, but better than 2 bottles of gin. Small steps. One bite at a time. This has been about 1 1/2 years of progress with therapy and many medications off and on. I’m not in the same place I was even last month. Just slowly trying. Trying is the key. Easy to say fuck it and blow it, but that’s not out of my peripheral yet.

  5. Living in Minnesota has saved my life many times. The doctors around here put you on a 72 hour hold and the state commits a lot of addicts. Once you have cirrhosis and heart failure they love forcing treatment on you. I'm sober now but I know I'll go back once my commitment ends.

  6. Damn. You I’m sorry. Thats harsh. Utah is big on DUIs. Cash cow with fees, as there is no recourse except dismissal. I hope you don’t go back after you get out, but I completely understand the cycle we are stuck in with this shit.

  7. Yeah it's crazy. The time before last they had to put me on life support and helicopter me to Mayo in Rochester. Had to relearn how to walk, was in there for a month. Started drinking right away.

  8. You could always just ask if you're curious. Does he have to be an alcoholic as well for it to work for you? You did give him a fair warning at least.

  9. I just truly didn't think I was all that out of line. I think her ego was just bruised.

  10. I've only been on for about a year, but the amount of books I've read has dropped a good bit since I discovered reddit. I am disappointed in myself but it's fucking addicting and my only social contact. It makes me nervous, though, I'm constantly worried I'm posting something wrong or whatever.

  11. After a few accounts get banned and your favorite subs deleted you kind of stop worrying about that stuff.

  12. I wish my tolerance would get low enough to get buzzed and hydrated at the same time. Those tasks are unfortunately mutually exclusive for me. Fun story, glad you didn't vomit on anyone.

  13. Some pay you more if you complete a fair chunk of the survey instead of just the intro questions before getting dqd.

  14. Click bait. Reading the article it looks like the problem was falsifying his logbook experience, not like he wasn’t actually certified “British Airways said the pilot was fully qualified and certified.” That makes sense, nobody just “trusts” us, we have certificates, records, etc that show our certifications and evaluations but the record of experience (your logbook hours) isn’t tracked by anyone in particular and people have been known to “pad” their times before an interview. Definitely grounds for dismissal but it’s not as if we don’t have records held at the FAA or it’s UK equivalent, have to pass simulator checks live, in person, then pass evaluations in the jet, etc. But yes, it’s true that you could walk into an interview with a paper logbook of 2,000 hours when you really only had 1,000 and it might be hard or impossible to verify that, but it also doesn’t really matter because you still have to meet qualification standards like everyone else.

  15. I mean not anymore anyways. There's an entire movie based on this called catch me if you can. Although in real life he never actually flew he just deadpioloted the planes.

  16. So you have to have experience as an exotic animal for a year? I'm down with paying animals but its a bit much to expect then to answer the phone. I'm also assuming they don't need to know where the degree is from so I take that to mean just good at being single. I have an exotic animal I'm going to have apply. It's a bearded dragon that meets the requirements once I set up her terrarium to look like a safari. She has some extra time on her hands and I think can handle communication in large groups but I guess we shall see. Bout time she contributes to the household income. Kinda been a burnout lately.

  17. I mean I would add in some things because none of that addresses things I find more important, but that's just me. (Like not abusive, is emotionally supportive, etc.) I don't think when seeking out a partner you can ask for too much, but relationships often involve a degree of compromise to some level and where you compromise can potentially be an area for personal growth for both parties. That being said I would never recommend going below bare minimum however you define that.

  18. Ah the good old days. I recall one time when I was five inches tall. Sorry, I had to.

  19. I'm a good person. I'm not a "nice-guy" like the kind who act friendly than as soon as they're rejected become a total dick because they see women as objects instead of people. I don't believe I'm owed sex and neither do I believe that being turned down for it makes her a total bitch. I'm talking about that kind of "nice guy".

  20. DM me and I may have a handful of pointer then if you would like. We apparently have different definitions of nice guy sory about that. I don't have a problem helping you establish a relationship if you are trying to do so. I do my advice on the sub with my significant other, so maybe one of us will have some helpful feedback for you bud.

  21. "I can talk to women fine, I've had/have many female friends.... I don't simp, I'm not a nice guy, I'm not an asshole or socially unadjusted."

  22. It depends on context completely. If we have known each other for more than a day option B. Otherwise A, simply because in that case they're the same.

  23. Why is it pointless to start an order?

  24. Might as well just join one. All there is to do would be the guardian right now. It will take you a long time to be able to make a group capable of killing it. The rewards are pretty mediocre considering how rare the black weapons that drop are. Plus it cost thalers to start one unless that's changed.

  25. I've been trying to join an order

  26. Are you on the grim soul discord? That's where all the veteran players hang out and there is a ton of information there to assist in the game. There's tons of orders looking for people all the time in multiple languages and droid/ios.

  27. Really depends on the type of guy you're looking for and what your hobbies are. If you like to drink and are a social butterfly go to a bar, if you like outdoorsy/hunting activities ask around a sports shop and hit up a meat raffle around whatever time of year your states major hunting occurs. So on so forth.

  28. You know, bartending is a bit of a godsend. I also bartend and I get cute women flirting with me a lot. Although one, a lot of them are too young (undergrad students and I'm in my mid 40s)and two, it's difficult to convert that flirting into anything else when you're being professional about doing the job and of course you still have to work for another hour or two once the bar closes so you lose the momentum from your interactions when serving.

  29. Yeah it works out good when I'm first cut which is once a week, otherwise it goes in my stack of phone numbers. Biggest issue is trying to find time for that sort of thing while, as you said, remaining professional and doing your job.

  30. We just fired one of our younger employees (after several warnings) because he would prioritise women at the bar, give them double measures for the price of a single and only ever collect empty glasses from tables predominantly populated by girls, standing there chatting with them for ten minutes at a time, whilst leaving them to pile up everywhere else. I even had some women come up to me saying "your colleague keeps trying to undercharge me" then give me the right amount of cash so the register wouldn't be down at the end of the night. Obviously his strategy worked some of the time as he was getting laid a fair bit, but the rest of the women saw right through him or were otherwise creeped out. He was like one of those sleaze bucket bar tenders Jon Taffer loves to shout at on Bar Rescue 😂

  31. Yeah bartenders like that are the worst. Most of the customers are going to get pissed, liquor cost ends up high unless he short pours others to make up for it, and you have to do extra work to make up for the slacker.

  32. Beef jerky. I don't know I a single guy personally that turns down some quality jerky.

  33. Well you just met one. He’s on a pretty strict diet atm

  34. I mean it's reddit I'm sure there are tons of people. I've just personally never met one. Also it was more of a joke since there are plenty of good answers already.

  35. Incompatible on expectations. Break it off. You'll either annoyed her with asking or have a void in your life that will lead to resentment. There are other women out there for you and other guys for her that share more similar viewpoints.

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