1. The Evan Powell essay linked there is a 404 now, would you happen to know another place I could find it?

  2. The important breakthrough here is ChatGPT’s ability to iterate and build. You have to get used to the conversational style. So, if you like two courses, but the third course and the dessert sucks, you say, “I like course one and two, but give me a new third course and a dessert with bittersweet chocolate.” This ability to iterate ends up with a much more refined result much quicker than using Google.

  3. During the live demo they took that a step further that really made the utility of the conversational / context-aware AI obvious - they wrote back which three meals they wanted to make, and then asked for a complete shopping list and got one.

  4. And for the next step in the demo, they said "Okay I pick these three courses, now make my shopping list" and got that.

  5. True, but one can tell the search is a bit smarter, as if intelligence is working in the backstage. It interprets the query, nails the subject, summarizes the results, provides further context.

  6. Exactly this, i doubt they are even using the chat tab, it is completely separate from the browser/search bar.

  7. Actually, I'm wrong! I'm going to edit my comment with this correction.

  8. Yeah, there are some really weird things going on with

  9. I camped out in a stairwell trying to get this shot. I was amazed at how many people actually walked around this patch of light, and so it took about 18 frames to get a shot I liked: a person fully illuminated from the front while also having their entire shadow in the patch of light.

  10. Your timing was more perfect than you make it sound here - that composition is so evenly balanced! He’s centered on the corner of the light and the shadow is perfectly spaced from the back corner, just incredible. The darks have such great texture and detail too.

  11. It’s not necessary since the AGI will be taking over every internet connected screen in the world shortly after the start time

  12. Smokin at the Half Note on 33 👀👀 one of the few albums I own on 45 because that was the only option!

  13. It’s not really a different angle, that comment is by the same user and expands on the original comment with more context.

  14. To be fair the comment said another angle, not a different angle.

  15. Seems more like adding another helping of salad to your portion, it’s still the same salad.

  16. It's part of a greater societal trend. We beat down smaller people out of frustration from not being able bring down the powerful people who are actually making our lives worse.

  17. I figure JKR will see about as much of the royalty money on this game as most rightsholders do for the games I buy, $0 after I buy it used for twenty bucks on the Amazon Marketplace in six months. God help my wallet the day they stop releasing console games on disc.

  18. The problem is, with this game being well-reviewed and selling well, JKR will get more money for licensing sequels and whatnot. Which she'll then use to continue pushing anti-trans rhetoric in the UK and everywhere else.

  19. Yea, unfortunately the evil billionare is going to continue using her money for evil. But if I play this game in six months on a used copy I'm not having any effect on that.

  20. IGN did say it's pretty buggy in their review but it doesn't seem to be affecting score for many reviewers or getting much focus. I would guess they're expecting a big patch within a few days as is usual these days.

  21. Spoken like a true Redditor. If this comment got under your skin, you should check your own maturity.

  22. not this time, born and raised in the city. I honestly don't know a single person that would order pepperoni over sausage. I get why it's on the menu though.

  23. Ah good, because you came to this thread I can ask this question - have you given any thought to not being such a douchebag?

  24. It's a Ryanair thing. Frankfurt-Hahn is the worst example, but they do this a lot.

  25. My boyfriend can literally leave whatever it was he told me he was going to wash up for a week. I discovered this the only time I decided to experiment with leaving it there instead of doing what I always do. Just washing it myself.

  26. Only a week? Lucky! I caved after nearly 2 and a half weeks with mine

  27. Goodbye Internet. Hello force fed information with a new and improved taste!

  28. It's not the tech that I mistrust; it's what or who, is feeding it its source scope. In the recent past, most information was simply crawled and presented. Pure! I do not have faith that this will be the case, despite the genius application and utility that it offers.

  29. Unfortunately, search results haven’t worked like that in a long time! Have you ever tried looking up help for, ie, Excel and gotten a wall of fake-helpful websites that are really just trying to serve ads? They’re showing up because they’ve “gamed the system” to get filtered to the top.

  30. In the words or Nute Gunray: This is getting out of hand! NOW THERE ARE TWO OF THEM!

  31. Baking powder, or baking soda? Doesn't baking powder fizz in water?

  32. they are using it to show the public what China is all about.

  33. When Pelosi flew to Taiwan US electronic warfare craft jammed the entire airspace to soup, China couldn’t have targeted the flight or likely even found it. Can likely assume they’re doing the same thing here, if they even think it’s necessary. The craft isn’t going back to China so it must be communicating remotely, so the US can also intercept all of those communications.

  34. the logistics of your supply chain don't limit you to those six ingredients in such specific ratios

  35. It seems like Q Sound (at least as used in the various albums) was specifically designed for stereo / headphone setups - no additional speakers needed.

  36. Oh DUH, I thought you were talking about quadraphonic sound. My entire comment is about quadraphonic, lol.

  37. Don't call the police and certainly don't dial 911. You want to talk to the Fire Marshall. They are law enforcement officers who have full powers of arrest. Important to your situation is that they can get a warrant based on probable cause that there is some kind of violation of the fire code; some volatile chemicals are being used inside a residence.

  38. Yeah do these people insisting on calling the police read the news?

  39. The director Johan Renck should get equal credit IMO. Chernobyl is one of few show's I've watched and thought, "this is really well directed". There's so much visual storytelling going on, great choices of shots, the use of sound, the ability to induce feelings of dread and suspense, the unusually high level of period-and-place-correct locations and props.

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