1. “I didn’t have rights and was abused as a child so you should be as well.” Poor kids if any of them ever get ill. Ill never understand why some won’t give children the basic considerations that we afford adults, we’d never forbid an adult from resting when needed, going to the bathroom etc.

  2. I suspect there’s truth to this , but where I get confused is - if men want a romantic partnership , why don’t they date with intention and seriously ? Why don’t they treat women well ? ( I know plenty of men do these things, but the ones who complain about loneliness probably don’t ) . I put a tonne of work into being a valuable partner in my 20s and 30s , and at one point just realized the men I was dating were just … not . They were goofing around, playing games, checking out other women , some of them were mean or abusive. I feel like the men who complain about loneliness would just treat women like crap if they had the chance. But I’m a bit cynical.

  3. I think traumatised people sometimes get by without doing emotional growth by having someone to take it out on constantly. Course women aren’t obligated to get married anymore so they opt out of this clearly bad deal

  4. the incels movement, no wonder they read the okc graph wrong they can’t even expand their minds beyond their own selfishness long enough to do some basic math and realise that gender ratio is close enough to 50/50 and that there does in fact exist plenty of women not getting s3x that somehow don’t decide to shoot up their universities as a result.

  5. It's not reverse racism or sexism. It's just racism and sexism.

  6. So essentially you’re equating aboriginal deaths in custody with aboriginal people hurting your feelings? When racism is institutional it has devastating impacts, stop steering the conversation towards white people being offended as long as these awful things still happen. (People say excessive things in anger for their community and loved ones being abused, it is not racism In the sense that it doesn’t pervade institutions and cause deaths. The two are not equal and unless you also actively advocate for Black people you are being racist by selective outrage. )

  7. No. I'm saying racism is bad. By making excuses for it you yourself are being racist. If skin colour does not matter then you cannot make excuses for someone based on their identity.

  8. If you read what I wrote you would realise that you’re derailing a conversation to make it about you, racism doesn’t kill white people it does kill black people. Turning notifications off as it’s not worth discussing anything with you if you don’t care about this difference.

  9. I can't imagine the misogyny wouldn't get worse. They'd come up with some sort of incel-esque name by which to refer to these sort of women... anti-birthers or the like. I could foresee this group being sought out for sexual violence specifically..?

  10. Yeah I feel like the go to in every scenario is blame feminists for encouraging women to self educate and advocate. ( probably the audacity of saying no to “nice, blameless men” would be enough to override the supposed crime of promiscuity. Just like how we are prudes if we don’t say yes at the “correct” moment. )

  11. Some new friends might help most to override old associations with new ones? Hope you find the answer hugs

  12. Also grinding is much harder than it used to be with all the prices going up

  13. Might be worth joining some of the Facebook groups temporarily or trying out different places to get a feel for things? The buy nothings and community pages can be really great and give you an idea.

  14. I mean this is always going to be true too in that certain folk will be more readily accepted than others, I thought that was a given? A nice community for white people may not be so nice for others

  15. I know many housebound people who can’t get on ndis. Also keep hearing from OTs about people with missing limbs being asked if they’ll grow back. And the media will go ahead blaming disabled people and complaining. Believe me there’s plenty of hoops to jump through already it’s a full time job managing a disability.

  16. I hate the insult 'retards'. I have two severely disabled sons. I agree with your opinion about racists.

  17. Agree it’s well known to be a slur. Plus the disabled and ill aren’t intentionally belligerent, racist and self aggrandising like these cunts.

  18. Even better would be for him not to come who the hell is letting him in

  19. They’ll guard these beliefs with your life too.

  20. Amazing how this is the logic in sexual assault and murder cases, but if we dare assume any man might be suspicious then we are awful for not giving them a chance. Just what.

  21. I love to see people more and more not tolerating this sh** and dumping them unprompted

  22. You’re not sensitive sounds like your partner’s been saying it that to excuse crappy behaviour. The whole “haha women are bitchy to each other cause we force them to compete for our approval” is so messed up he’s trying to put you in that role and looking down on you. (Meanwhile men can’t have an honest conversation about their feelings and instead take it out on everyone like that’s better somehow? Men have relationships which aren’t open and rely on their female friends and partners for all their emotional coddling yet women are the ones who can’t be friends?) tell him he’s watched too much trash tv and shouldn’t believe everything he hears. Women lift each other up it’s this crap that belittles us.

  23. Psycho is a slur and unkind, if you understood how supposed mental health issues (real or not) has been used against people to lock them up and take away their human rights you wouldn’t use it ever. You’re not going to get anyone to accept help by attacking them as they won’t feel safe to be vulnerable with you. yta

  24. Yeah I feel like online dating is going to be your best bet but you also need to be upfront with anyone you date. Tell them you're demi and that it might take awhile before you're comfortable moving on with the relationship. And you really need to vibe with the person. I can guarantee you that there are people out there who will be considerate of you as long as you're honest about your feelings. Any good relationship is built on good communication. Everything up front when you first start dating will save you so much time if it turns out you don't vibe well, and neither you or your partner will have to waste much time or emotional energy on a relationship that wouldn't work because one of you didn't tell the other about something and it came up out of the blue. Like say you date a guy with a high libido and it's going good for a week or so. But then he starts asking for nudes, then you're left in an awkward situation. Do you tell him you're not comfortable with that or just put up with it and send him it? But what if he asks for more and more. Then you've wasted several weeks on a guy who you kinda like but feel extremely awkward and uncomfortable about. Where you could have told him from the beginning that it wouldn't happen for awhile and he could have said that it probably wouldn't work out because he likes to move fast.

  25. Yeah agree honesty is best and it weeds out that kind of shallowness early. High libido isn’t really an excuse and I always avoid that as soon as it starts, but yeah I feel last time I tried online it was awkward coz I didnt understand the whole Demisexual situation just looking for what works for people. It would be nice in a way if I could just meet people as friends ideally rather than dating apps but even that has its own complications as I mentioned, the timing often doesnt work.

  26. Also make sure you take the antibiotics at the appropriate interval, not delayed a few hours as you want the bacteria to get the consistently strong dose. Cranberry juice has so much sugar I kind of doubt it’s useful, but cranberry tablets before bed yes as it’ll sit in your bladder overnight at a good concentration.

  27. No he just wants to check your boundaries and see how far he can go. Plus those whiny men who you tell you aren’t dating to get them off your back and they then proceed to hold you to this forever and keep checking. Not friend material, not anything material.

  28. Haven’t had morning sickness but when I get nausea from a migraine I eat bland foods and I’ve been sick less, maybe this will help in the mornings. Stay away from strong smells and rich foods. People going through chemo have good advice on nausea.

  29. Let’s make a deal you leave him and I promise not to date older men, it’s so much easier to give advice than take it, think of what you’d tell a friend though everyone here is on your side we know it’s hard to leave.

  30. This was what actually upset me the most. I have gotten quite close with his daughter and because her Mom isn't around she doesn't have a female figure really that she can talk to and stuff. It upsets me that she now is going to have to go through the disappointment and let down if I don't continue the pregnancy, and I don't want her for some reason to think its her fault.

  31. If this is the case, and many of us suspected as much re you being the primary carer of those kids when they’re around, don’t give him another one to neglect. The kids will be over the idea of a sister in a matter of weeks and it’s not worth being trapped over. I hope you can level with the mother as I can’t see it getting better. (She may have some insights too on what exactly caused their marriage to fail might be enlightening to go have coffee.)

  32. Pro tip yoghurt or dairy helps coat your oesophagus so you can get the salt tablet down, I regularly overdo it with my high sodium soups I try to eat something with them and or have a glass of water. (I dunno about family members’ advice. Electrolytes yes straight salt water no.)

  33. Another family member probably: drink bleach to kill the bad karmic vibes youre infected with or you’re clearly commited to being ill and don’t want to be better

  34. My gut feeling is it HAS to be satire or dark humor. If she was actually being abused that badly by a "friend" without recognizing it, she wouldn't have phrased it the way she did.

  35. self esteem is worth way more than a $4 coffee 💀Way undervaluing her time at best if she’s happy with those rates to prop up the male ego

  36. The need to tiptoe around a dr’s ego is a real phenomenon while trying to navigate medical care as a woman, you simultaneously have to be able to inform and self advocate without certain personalities feeling threatened by your lack of ignorance and yell “munchausens” or “anxiety”. This case is a particularly extreme one though and I hope you report them for the multiple issues in that consult..

  37. As someone who cares whether they do wrong or not enough to consider stepping down from a good job you’re probably better than most managers

  38. Get them if you wanna wear it with cat ears and look more like a full cat, I didn’t like them at first but they’re kinda cute in specific contexts. Supposed to be manta it reminds me of a scuba suit.

  39. There is it’s to get supports and understanding from workplaces, if they can’t help they should send you to a specialist who can!

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