1. Mine just boots to grub> to enter a command and nothing happens

  2. Looks like buggy brains and buggy systems go well together

  3. Too far, if you're not gonna actually ask for help, get out, and don't call us "buggy", I think I speak for the community when I say this: you're trippin.

  4. Looks like your personal issue. There are normal people here

  5. UEFI not enabled in your Bios ? Or secure boot not disabled ?

  6. Secure boot is forced can't be disabled that's why.

  7. Download the iso again, and flash it on the stick again. If that still doesn't work, try a different program, for example if you used rufus, try balena etcher. If that doesn't work, try a different stick.

  8. It's just nothing works on this freedos laptop except windows so rip. Thanks to Intel

  9. Do you have this problem when trying to boot from usb device, or AFTER installing it to your pc

  10. I have windows installed and that's the only os able to boot from usb on this laptop. I can only flash iso in gpt mode and I can't disable secure boot.

  11. Depends on the hardware, not the manufacturer or form factor. Works fine on my two Asus's - one tablet and one two-in-one.

  12. Cuz people like u exist. He's f2p or he wouldn't bother being so proud showing it off in the title.

  13. In my opinion this game shows that no matter what devs will do to please mmorpg players, they will always find something and keep ranting about until they take the game down.

  14. Its not even an issue with the VA's, the subtitled translations were nonsensical when I played a couple months ago. One bit of dialog can be completely disconnected from the previous dialog.

  15. I agree it's poorly translated but that's the issue with anything Chinese in the west tbh and I think it can be patched easily

  16. Blizzard is NOT worried about Undecember especially since it’s not a mobile game. Just like they don’t care about Lost Ark. Once DI hit those games will see a huge decrease in players as DI will be the best MMOARPG on the market. And then after that they have the new Warcraft mobile coming out. I don’t think they are worried one bit! Haha

  17. Very bad timing. Undecember is also coming very soon. They should wait and think more about how the game plays in 2022 😂

  18. Odin is better than most MMORPGs on PC in terms of everything right now

  19. I also played Torchlight and Undecember. Both game are quite good but Immortal is different league. Way above those games.

  20. Undecember is basically Lost Ark on mobile and it absolutely destroys Diablo. Nice try

  21. Without a doubt he will he mention the auto-path and combat instantly

  22. There are way more profitable coins to mine with a CPU I just don't see what's going on here lol

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