11-year-old calls 911 to help mom from abusive partner, responding officer shoots 11-year-old instead

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  1. They have been slowly removing 1sb click and earn since april for most people. If you were still seeing them last week its actually surprising, but theres atleast a post once a week saying they stopped appearing, so some people were still getting them.

  2. Thanks. I just started using Swagbucks after a month off and hadnt noticed until now.

  3. I loved Ivy! I am not a Liam fan but really liked them together but I think the actress ,Ashleigh Brewer ,is back working in Australia

  4. They tried to make it like for adults and I do not understand that decision at all

  5. I like that is was for adults especially former contestants but wish they brought back Kirk. It might have been more successful also with another network (dont watch CW) and different time slot

  6. There are some on YouTube if you search. Most are kind of grainy to watch, but still great memories.

  7. Thanks! I wish they'd release the show on DVD or Blu-Ray but unfortunately they dont do that with most soap operas

  8. I want for Hope and Thomas to get together and somehow start causing trouble together.

  9. Oh Thorne/Macy. A guilty pleasure because in my time watching he left her for Brooke AND cheated on her with Darla (with whom he lived happily ever after until her death, which I also hated) yet despite him continually breaking her heart I somehow still wanted them to end up together.

  10. I always thought it was very out of character for Darla to get with Thorne. She was always such a sweet friend and very loyal to Macy. Poor Macy and Thorne's romance never lasted long but when they were together it was good

  11. That is so sad. Boy should have been hailed a hero not shot!

  12. It was boring when I started watching after AMC and OLTL ended. It is still boring but super gross and kind of triggering for me watching Hope drool over the man that kidnapped her,stalked her,harassed her, was planning to RAPE her and that horribly abused his own son.

  13. Part of a good soap opera is having horrible things happen and the audience going "oh my god no", doesnt mean its right. Its a show! Remember when Caroline was raped in the early seasons? It was a horribly sad story line but it was very relatable as thats unfortunately happens to many women. She grew to become a stronger character after that.

  14. They usually have special door busters, and offer gifts to the first X number of customers. Nordstrom store openings are always fun regardless and you should try and make it!

  15. Thank you for your reply! I will try my best to go. I am excited now! I love Nordstrom :)

  16. Dont get why they do not place them at the bottom where it wouldnt be problem for the person purchasing the shoes

  17. I love the milkshake whipped leave in for damp hair. I use a Kevin Murphy Young Again serum after.

  18. I hope the strike is over soon and the writers get their compensation.

  19. Clever Fox is the default name for foxes, you can easily get this name by just starting the game and choosing the fox(i think??), or in the past by buying a bundle that included the fox

  20. That makes a lot of sense! I am always seeing "Clever Fox" whenever I play and thought that person was just always playing. Thank you for that explanation!

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