1. I have heard of cauliflower ear, but I have never SEEN cauliflower face

  2. I talked to a Prusa rep today and told them that I was BOTH keeping my preorder for the XL AND purchasing the mk4 (which I did the moment preorders went live) and they still said preorders for the XL get to skip the line for the MK4…real bunmer

  3. I preordered the xl on preorder day in 2021 AND the mk4 today, I don’t really want to give up my xl preorder to modify to a mk4 to get it sooner

  4. Phew ok, so I’m hoping it’s a glitch in their sustem

  5. so here is a question, I preordered my xl within the first 10 minute (thanks to reddit) I ordered a single toolhead...should I wait until may to finish my order to add another toolhead or should I complete my order and purchase the second toolhead and install it myself when the toolhead kit becomes available?

  6. I want this infographic to be super flattering towards the x1-carbon on the

  7. Might want to get some silicone mats to keep that table resin free

  8. Just learned this, fan shroud is supposed to be printed with PC per Prusa a website

  9. Change the picture to doctor monkeys working on a human

  10. "Its not a bug, its a feature or INABIAFOR for short"

  11. It is a thing to buy real estate in an IRA, but it's loads of red tape and steps to get through.

  12. Are there any resources for 1031 exchanging? They have some properties they are selling and they want to help us out…they feel bad b/c we have been saving for a house close to them but then house prices jumped up 600k. We can afford the down payment but the monthly is killing us (we could have afforded 1.2m-1.5 but everything jumped to 2m we live in so cal)

  13. It’s a bummer b/c they said they would straight up buy a house for us, but they are concerned it would disqualify their IRA

  14. False color is a tool to optimize (or visualize) the luminance of specific areas, its not intended to "key out a green screen". The most important aspect when using a green background is - as said before - an even and very smooth lightning setup on your matte.

  15. Sorry that’s what I meant, I use false color to determine even lighting acrosss the surface of the green screen

  16. is that stable enough for your camera (I have been looking at buying one those myself)

  17. I prefer a Nintendo switch before bed myself 😴

  18. hey gang, I'm back again with another one-man crew short--I was able to shoot this one all in one day with my BM6k and a few LED panels.

  19. How do you pull focus when filming by yourself? Love the videos!

  20. I generally only change the shutter when I’m shooting green screen, because motion blur around small objects (like fingers) is a nightmare. Otherwise, 180.

  21. What angle do you change it to for green screen?

  22. She looks like Magneto’s wooden doppelgänger, can someone make that?

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