1. Where and When did you get yours in Dayton? I'm shopping lol

  2. I did a little bit on the motor housing. But it fit without grinding, just real close.

  3. Kinda of a dumb question but what do you even use to grind it down? 😅 this looks too good for me not to try

  4. The grinding wheel just smoothed over the tires' path on the case. There's a couple of ribs and a little angle. I just put the tire on and spun it. Where it looked close, I went over it with the grinder.

  5. It's pretty simple, I just followed a few videos on YouTube. A 39mm socket is needed for the clutch though, I did the 'AutoZone loan a tool' or you can buy one on Amazon.

  6. I have 2 Monster Minimotos I put Predator 212's on'em and they are amazing. That being said, they are low speed, high torque, perfect for a mini bike. The torque converter helps with drivability, but the size and low speed isn't worth it on a Navi. I know people have done the GY6 150cc motor on a Navi, much more tuning options.

  7. Are these kits or just led strips used for back lighting tv's and such?

  8. Are those the led’s from scooter swap shop? I’m converting mine to those, was it difficult to change everything over from original?

  9. Yes they are, and note too bad of an install. These connectors really helped, I use them for everything.

  10. I personally love the Nugget Brown. I have a Grasshopper Green all decked out, and we kept my son's nugget Brown more stealth looking. Visually... I'd say the mirror's: bar end, tinted windscreen, rear fender: shorty on eBay, definitely toss the exhaust.

  11. Nice man. I really like that deep blue LED matching the decals. Did you wire them into the battery? Also looks like a different windshield from the stock one. But I have to admit I really like the bar that comes with the stock windshield.

  12. It is the stock windshield, I tinted it and didn't like it, so I went black. As far as the LEDs, I purchased a lithium battery, made terminal connectors, and poof!!! Had to go lithium, stock battery was garbage from the get go.

  13. How did you get the windshield black w/o tint?

  14. I use the PE24mm and the thing is awesome. I have a full exhaust, intake, and a good lithium battery. Tuning took 5min and I was cruising with a noticeable improvement up to 50. At 50, I machine gun sputter due to lack of fuel. I'm upping the main jet and crossing my fingers.

  15. You can blast it with carb cleaner, maybe break up some residue. I actually had a pretty similar setup, but replaced the carb with a Nibbi PE24mm, my factory carb was junk (even jetted). Its pretty much the way it should've came stock now. I ride it 50+ miles most days, and it's now a much quicker/safer miniMOTO.

  16. Did that carb bolt right on or did you have to rig it?

  17. There's a rubber adapter kit, and a metal one available for pretty cheap. Both on Amazon and by Nibbi as well. I use the rubber one, it works great.

  18. Is it one of those HID relays that attach to the battery or nah?

  19. Kinda... It's placed between the headlight and it's plug, maybe 8in long. I got them when I did my jeep, and one worked perfectly for the Navi as well. Dirt cheap on Amazon and eBay. Its literally a 1min install, and gives you more options on headlights. I put in a $17 blue halo led, bright as hell in comparison. Ill add a pic if I remember when I get home.

  20. Would love to know about the exact product you are speaking about. The stock lighting is dismal at best. Looking at all options to get some real lumens down the road in front of me.

  21. I feel like I'm at a stopping point with it. Called Honda Powersports and they said just bring it by, we'll fit it in ASAP.

  22. That’s awesome! I need to start riding more often.

  23. I've got 1000 miles on mine and my son's is over 2500. I had to upgrade to be able to ride it all the time.

  24. What did you run as far as upgrades to make it your daily?

  25. Taller and wider length bars from MNNTHBX, also the adjustable shock and mount kit. I've had 2 spinal fusions and like a comfy ride.

  26. Yeah it was, but it didn't last long. My son's and mine melted off, cheap Chinese garbage. Got our refunds and spent more to get new ones, which are amazing in comparison.

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