1. Hows those monster truck tires in the wild?

  2. I paid that for a 2019 GT with 23,000 miles . Don't regret it one bit.

  3. I was using Honda around here (Dayton).. they sucked. Got lucky found a local to install and tune anything I throw at him.

  4. That's what I paid in Dayton, OH. Id say its normal out the door price.

  5. Where and When did you get yours in Dayton? I'm shopping lol

  6. I did a little bit on the motor housing. But it fit without grinding, just real close.

  7. Kinda of a dumb question but what do you even use to grind it down? 😅 this looks too good for me not to try

  8. The grinding wheel just smoothed over the tires' path on the case. There's a couple of ribs and a little angle. I just put the tire on and spun it. Where it looked close, I went over it with the grinder.

  9. It's pretty simple, I just followed a few videos on YouTube. A 39mm socket is needed for the clutch though, I did the 'AutoZone loan a tool' or you can buy one on Amazon.

  10. It grabs a lot quicker, almost no hesitation compared to stock setup.

  11. I have 2 Monster Minimotos I put Predator 212's on'em and they are amazing. That being said, they are low speed, high torque, perfect for a mini bike. The torque converter helps with drivability, but the size and low speed isn't worth it on a Navi. I know people have done the GY6 150cc motor on a Navi, much more tuning options.

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