1. Paul was probably comparing Schultz to Prometheus. Paul also compared Schultz to one of his favorite Ayn Rand characters.

  2. Someone's already suggested Hello From Heaven; the book When Spirits Come Calling: The Open-Minded Skeptic's Guide to After-Death Contacts begins with a recurring experience the author had with lights in her home!

  3. My one Squishmallow (so far) is a Miles HugMee. He is perfect in every way.

  4. I've actually seen two studies on emotion in the workplace - one on anger and the other on tears. Both used actors with random samples of participants who rated how well the actor handled a workplace situation. In both studies, male actors who demonstrated anger or became tearful were rated highly when presented in a scenario in which strong emotion might be expected. Female actors were rated negatively for displaying emotion, and overall the most successful female actors (those who showed little or no emotion) were only rated as highly as the least successful male actors.

  5. For real. My mom taught me "hurt them so they can't hurt you and run- but hurt them enough that thatnthey can't follow you."

  6. Truly. My one fear is that if I ever did need to gouge out eyeballs to protect myself, I'd be too hesitant to do it. But I don't know of any ethical way to practice it ahead of time!

  7. I'ts a squick thing for me but I feel like just aiming for beyond them might be enough to trick yourself in the moment

  8. Yeah, for me it's mostly squick (I don't really want vitreous fluid on my fingers) and partially that I think of myself as a pretty gentle person so trying to blind someone is very 'out of character'. But I do have that reservoir of rage and a pretty strong "fuck it, this'll make a great story to tell afterward" motive too.

  9. Thank you for this information. It's really helpful. I will say, for me, I wasn't afraid of the horse or death--just profoundly dissappointed that I was dying. I was also like "nope, I'm not going down that tunnel."

  10. In the book "Glimpsing Heaven," journalist Judy Bacrsch (I may be butchering her name) interviewed a lot of NDErs, and several interesting accounts came from people who felt more frustration or confusion during their experience, even angry about it! It makes sense as it's such an intense thing to go through. Even people who report feeling calm aren't necessarily calm all the way through.

  11. I can't remember what it stands for, but it's extreme morning sickness, to the point some people need to be hospitalized.

  12. It's even theorized to have been the cause of Charlotte Bronte's death! Without modern medical attention she suffered malnutrition.

  13. lmfao how is he presenting turning a 17k word story into a 50k one as a good thing?

  14. Oh my god, initially I thought he'd said 175,000 cut down to 50k ... which would suggest a jam-packed and tight-paced book that yeah, might earn 5 stars from readers.

  15. This forum won’t let me post. Is it something that I need to do first? Thank you!

  16. Turns out I had this subreddit set to "Only approved users can post" - no wonder not a lot of people were posting :P. That should be updated now!

  17. Should I post this there also? I don’t want to bombard…

  18. You're welcome to if you want! To be honest, the ADC sub has been rather quiet lately...I'm not as active a moderator as Sandi and it's not as well-known a concept as NDEs, so people come to it less often. But all contributions are welcome and you might even get some discussion going there!

  19. It says I’m not allowed to post there. I tried to do a cross post, instead of copy paste. Is that why?

  20. I've gone in and changed the settings to Public (ie anyone can post - it had somehow been set to 'only approved users can post,' maybe one reason there wasn't a lot of activity there to date) - you should be free to post now!

  21. The tone reminded me so much of my own mother that I ended up reading the post in her voice. Both the oop and my mother are utter snobs. Some of her comments:

  22. The way she drifted into griping about the weather is...interesting.

  23. My husband is awful with dates. He puts everything in his phone & has a calendar on his wall.

  24. Physical calendars are tragically underrated IMHO. Someone tells me a thing's happening on a date, I write it down, I don't need to worry I'm going to accidentally overwrite it or forget to check the app!

  25. /uj What in the holy fuck, I just found. Might have to go down the rabbit hole of their biographies.

  26. Oh my god, you're in for a treat...hope you like Gothic shit (actually, Mary Shelly's choice of location to lose her virginity might require a CW for, uh, I don't even know, aside from Extreme Goth-ness).

  27. I looked up his Goodreads. His latest 5/5 is Spare by Prince Harry. The three books on top of his favorites shelf is The Forever War, World War Z, and Children of Men

  28. Oh he wasn't joking about wanting the zombie apocalypse mid-Proust, I guess.

  29. I like how he's trying to be a lil progressive with the whole "everyone would call you slurs if you wrote this book as a lady or poc (and presumably because they'd be right to because of how ass your book was?)"

  30. I found it interesting that he said that and then went on to give a bunch of breezy one-star reviews of women and authors of color.

  31. Thank you! I read Smartt's book a few years ago - interesting little piece.

  32. Would you be willing to share your thoughts?

  33. I'm recommend getting it from the library rather than paying full price as it's very short. Similar material as covered in the article.

  34. Upon rereading my new favorite part is “survival of the fittest game of chance” for being quite the oxymoron lol

  35. I tripped and am still reeling from "literal act of denouncing her mother's affections."

  36. Can't decide which is my favourite the one that accuses Carter of sexism or the one that disparages the book for being for "Adults"

  37. Up to now the worst review of Carter I'd ever read is one from a (male, ofc) reviewer accusing her of being "politically correct" and seemed to think it was an active effort for her to come up with woman-centered plots, like that wasn't where her muse naturally struck.

  38. The blue dragon might be Miles.

  39. OOP fails to mention (but reveals in the comments) that fiancé’s late brother, sister in law, and niece have all passed away. He understandably wants a piece of his family there.

  40. I was wondering why the ring hadn't gone to the brother's widow or kid. This is the worst possible answer. :(

  41. I can piece together that she probably means bad language, i.e. curse words, which she considers to be a demerit to the book, but what is "scenes" supposed to mean? Is it supposed to mean it has graphic scenes, like sex and violence?

  42. I assume so. Of course, if she's allergic to violence or sex she probably should make more of an effort to read a plot summary before picking a book up.

  43. A lesson in opportunity cost but not a lesson in "It's okay to give up on a book if after 200 pages out of 871 you realize it's not your thing."

  44. You know, I have never experienced dysphoria, as a cis person. But I know it's bad enough that people kill themselves.

  45. I don't see why they think 'someone forced a child to live as a gender he wasn't and it caused him irreparable psychological harm' is an argument against young people having access to transition-related care.

  46. IIRC when the young man in question lived as a man again, he had reconstructive surgery similar to the kind trans men have. Turns out being able to consensually repair and reshape your genitals is a right that benefits cis people, too!

  47. I do think some people have more experiences than others - a common way I've seen it put is they're "more sensitive" - but I don't think this has any moral valiance. Of course this si somewhat self-serving of me, as I'm about as sensitive as a brick wall (though I've had interesting synchronicities, and both my mom and my dad have had interesting "experiences," so if there's any genetic component to it I should be in a position to see/feel something any day now...).

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