1. I'd assume there were enough cancellations in the last three days to warrant this immediate reversing of the new rules.

  2. I saw someone call this on this sub yesterday. It’s part of their strategy so when they release the intended password rules that are less strict the public won’t mind in comparison.

  3. Assuming that CEO Ted Sarandos doesn't override it and double down on the stupid, like every other decision he's made at Netflix

  4. I love the Eisner era this guy approved everything and no one told him how weird or bad his ideas were. We got great things from Eisner but we also got...whatever that was.

  5. Is there some story in the production of the series? If there's a drop in quality or something... :D

  6. The third season saw the show move to ABC, where the execs there destroyed the series. Animation quality dropped (Nelvanna took over for the 3rd season), as did the writing.

  7. They'll block your home device if you don't use Netflix on it every month

  8. Some of the show's best episodes were animated in Japan, mainly by TMS Entertainment (the studio that also made Akira). Including Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

  9. Most of the stuff being removed now can be licensed out to other platforms, the tax write off stuff just gets thrown into a black hole.

  10. Whilst we only have the word of the execs (and rightwing shitrags) that these projects they removed to never be seen again weren't good.

  11. Are you saying conservative media is riling up their base about shows getting removed?

  12. Conservative media is riling up their base that these shows and movies are getting removed because they were "too woke". And that WB was going broke because they allowed diversity.

  13. The Mississippi: River of Song was a PBS series that aired in January of 1999, and I was hoping to ask if anybody here had the complete episodes saved somehwere. Clips from one episode are one Youtube, but the rest of the series is lost (never released on DVD, few VHS sets remaining).

  14. My cousin is married to a French lady from Normandy. As it turns out after Columbo finished in the US reruns ran in France for years. They loved theme of the rumpled detective nailing the smarty pants arrogant aristocrats. Go figure.

  15. If Kramer from Seinfeld was a detective he would be Columbo

  16. After Seinfeld ended he actually turned down the role of Adrian Monk (inspired greatly by Columbo), Tony Shalhoub of course instead took the part.

  17. More like laughing at the fact it's not in my house and I don't have to deal with this. I had also previously warned that this might happen... I told ya so came to mind.

  18. The Stargate version of TNG Code of Honor.

  19. Written by the exact same writer, but replacing racist Black stereotypes for Asian ones.

  20. I would have thought there was nothing more unnecessary in the entertainment world than a new version of Night Court

  21. Maybe on CBS. Hard to say, I haven’t watched network comedies live since Community left NBC (missed Brooklyn Nine Nine).

  22. CBS has "Ghosts" which is pretty good. Not much else worth seeing there, or on NBC and ABC.

  23. Really? They're banning those books? They're not allowed to be sold or included in public libraries? Look, hyperbole won't help your point. It's like calling that Florida bill the "Don't Say Gay" bill. Stick to the facts, not a simplistic narrative. There is no one denying the 'racist stuff' America has done in the past. The Civil War chapter still exists in history books. No one has tried to deny LGBT people exist. That's just silly. Call it what you want. You'll learn a lot when you have kids.

  24. Teachers are being threatened with arrest (stripped of their job and their voting rights) if they're found with any books in their classrooms on Florida's restricted list.

  25. Wouldn’t he get more votes by appeasing the general populace then targeting right wing radicals? (I don’t wanna say racists and homophobes because I tend to vote republican)

  26. No, he simply makes it harder for everyone else to vote (during the last election he arrested a bunch of folks on trumped up charges to prevent them from voting in time). Most of these new laws also have anyone charged under them turned into felons... which makes them ineligable to vote.

  27. I stumbled on this exact video last night and dug into the background to it after listening to give me one reason and now I’ve seen it randomly twice on the front page of Reddit the very next day.

  28. I saw it over on r/ videos, but the OP who posted that was making up a whole bunch of bullshit in the title (as if Chapman was some unknown artist pulled out of the crowd to play at that concert).

  29. It'd probably be around 83 or 84, when she was going to college at Tufts University

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