1. Best I have comes from my sole experience with one Abus Plus core. I would turn all discs as CW as they'll go and start picking from the back. Once a few gates bite the sidebar, I would get some feedback and make my way to the front.

  2. Thanks! Do you tension off the front disc or the rear?

  3. This was with a Sparrows dd pick, so front tension.

  4. Nothing fun. If it's anything like the standard Biaxial it's got a sidebar that's manipulated by notches in the sides of the pins. The key has angled cuts that rotate the pins to line up with the side bar. Very tricky to pick.

  5. Whaat? Those are super fun! I'll point out there is also a LFIC version that is held in the padlock body with a screw, no second shearline.

  6. I have the LFIC version. Stupid grub screw exploded when trying to remove the core the first time. Had to drill it out. Now I have a biaxial core in my pocket everywhere I go and a mangled medeco branded paperweight 😅

  7. Ouch, that's a bummer! Least you can still pick that core.

  8. Oh well played, those are tricky locks!

  9. Merci, tranquillement mais sûrement ça s'accumule!

  10. I think this might be the first home-made complete copy of an Emhart. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think anyone has done proper interlocking pins before.

  11. Holy wow, very impressive! We need more pictures of the build process!

  12. Belle trouvaille, ça risque de te tenir occupé un bail!

  13. Well done! A good open sometimes really helps lifting the spirit.

  14. Right, yeah, tried that. The dials don’t twist if there’s tension on the lock.

  15. Tension on, check for a loose digit (looser than the others), if none, release tension, turn a digit to the next number, apply tension, check for looseness.

  16. Yes my friend, in this case was a lot of silver soldering.😉

  17. I have to start looking into getting equipped for that too. So many dd pick design require it..

  18. Great job! Those V18 are quite tough to pick, especially the top row. How'd you like it?

  19. Yep, makes everything so much easier. Once the rotations are set, you're left with lifting only.

  20. Just pick the outers first, don't focus on the inners. If all the outters feel set and you don't fall in a huge false set state, just pulse tension because you might have an inner pin overset. Once in the deeep false set, just tap at those inner pins for the open. The game is usually pretty much won with the false set.

  21. Nice to meet you too. Like Jim mentioned, bigger flag to start and smaller for inners later on when the false set appears. Practice makes perfect, good luck!

  22. The challenge for many is the latest LTS from Ubuntu ships 8.1 standard. It screws up wordpress and other things as well. Meanwhile some packages benefit from it. It's going to be a chronic thing going forward, php advancing faster than its user code base. Better get used to the idea of having a 'standard legacy and standard current' php version running everywhere.

  23. Learning that the hardway, it makes sense.

  24. Invest your time in setting up Docker. It really simplifies managing things, like PHP versions etc.

  25. Is there a recommended docker solution that will work with Debian 11 or should I stick with a Debian 10 option? Can't seem to find a good docker option matched with Debian 11.

  26. Looks like a JN/Star key bitting. Well played man 👍🏼

  27. Could be just Classic. I have no clue, this was what I found on it.

  28. Just be warned if you intend to gut this one that it should be a split core. The bible and plug are held together by the padlock body, so be ready to hold it together with your fingers or the drivers spring pressure will send everyone flying in the room.

  29. It's not the worst thing to be gutted, you just need to be aware lol

  30. Looks like a Group 2 Sargent & Greenleaf dial, not that bad to decode if you have the patience for it.

  31. Hey there! I was wondering if you had any input on sparrow's sets? I was thinking of grabbing the night school set that came with 3cutaways, their repinning tweezers, mat and black cylinder tool thing (forgot the name :|), the heavy TOK tensioners and their "hooker set".

  32. Night school opinion: The case ✅ Worth it The picks, worth the 2 hooks but rakes are meh imo Those 6 tension bars will come useful but not as much as the tok bars. Cutaways, I would skip. Much cheaper to get a few padlocks at your local hardware. I get the instructional side of seeing what you're doing in a cutaway but it's overrated imo. Lockpicking is all about "feeling the pin state". Vision will rarely be needed.

  33. Thanks for your quick feedback! I think I'll take your advice with skipping on rakes for now until I understand better lockpicking and get more into it.

  34. Nice duo of locks 😅 Where did you get the Illinois? Looks much nicer than the small cam versions I see on eBay. Also, is that Medeco a driverless version? Going to be a good fight!

  35. Hmmm you're right, that's not very clear at all.

  36. Well that's very much appreciated, gave it a quick read and I think I will go on with your write up!

  37. Thanks for the hint. I did purchase a higher tier SD card from a reputable brand with an A2 rating but I understand it remains a SD card. I do have an external SSD via a powered USB hub (that's where the media files are saved) and recall trying to send some of the Nextcloud data over there without success. That was over a year ago and can't remember the issue at that time, maybe permissions.

  38. That's an interesting safe box, never seen one like that. Good luck figuring a way in!

  39. Congratulations, this lock can be tricky to figure out.

  40. I can get behind that statement 😂 Congrats mate 👌🏼

  41. It would seem we have third contester so if you’re sincere in your question and assuming all three of you are on board then the answer is yes I’ll do a small batch.

  42. Sounds very cool, count me in indeed 👍🏼

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