1. Oof congrats! That picture sends me flashbacks of the D12 and ML#19 but with even more sauce!

  2. Well played, those can be quite tricky indeed. I cleaned up the weatherproofing rubber gasket with a compatible light grease and it really help ease off tension to pick. Also makes key operation smoother.

  3. Thanks! Want to gut and clean it but the pin is peened in place or have some sort of insert beside it. Really hard to get out 😅

  4. I don't have the same padlock body but mine does have a retaining pin at the bottom of the shackle. There is a hole a the padlock body allowing a punch to push it inwards when in the unlocked position.

  5. That Ace padlock has good pick resistance for the price. I imagine this isn't your first lock?

  6. Use lock lube (many like Houdini) and operate the key a few times. Should work fine afterwards.

  7. Somehow I fumbled the ball here so bad...I can't find it. I've torn my area apart for like 25 minutes. And the other is bent at the end

  8. Happens to us all haha, don't sweat it

  9. Anything better? AB vs AC 8077?

  10. Not sure what changed except the dial color (green or black) and how they marked the index and change number position.

  11. Try depressing the plunger at the bottom right of the keyway with a pick. Is it springy or stiff?

  12. It is springy; I can push it like one or two millimeters towards the bottom of the keyway and it will come back up. (I guess it is supposed to be springy or not?)

  13. Yes, it is supposed to be springy. The warding on your key is matched to push it in just the right depth.

  14. Those should keep you busy for a while, especially that BiLock 👌🏻

  15. Well done, that thing bites hard! Only ever picked mine once and left it there since lol

  16. Nice job, these are pretty rare too!

  17. Haha lucky bucket, I don't think they are locksport kinda rare but definitely a brand you don't see very often.

  18. Congratulations on your open ! Very satisfying lock to pick open eh?

  19. Nice, how did you know the key cut heights for the 3d printer?

  20. Very cool project! Congrats on getting it to work!

  21. Got a chance to listen to these at the Montreal audio show. Very impressive sound from such small speakers.

  22. I agree, had the same impression after hearing how they could fill such a big room given their size.

  23. While the Muso 2nd gen would be great for this, it’s about $1050 USD more than your budget.

  24. Welp, went for a bit more than I had budgeted and I'm currently enjoying the vibes from a Naim Mu-So QB 2ng gen. Loving the small footprint and wide sound dispersion from such a tiny unit.

  25. Ah! That’s a good point. It’ll probably be great for you then. I know Sonus Faber also makes a similar speaker but it’s likely still going to be $1200 USD ($1600 CAD) secondhand

  26. I'll check it by curiosity and thanks for linking that Morel, had no idea it existed.

  27. That's just the learning curve. Sucks when nothing mentions four chambers but it comes with a 5 pin key. Good job on the open!

  28. Bitting, security pins used and such can greatly vary the picking experience between two similar designs. Looks like quite the MTL Interactive clone

  29. Good luck! One thing that really helped me with these is tresting the pins like tapered. It might click but often needs additional nudges to really get in that gate.

  30. It a lever padlock made by Abus, I don't remember the model number by heart tho. Levers are another locking mechanism, some can be picked with pin tumbler picks but you need a different style of tensioner. Youtube is going to be more helpful to show cutaways of the internal mechanism of such locks.

  31. Never picked a Jr but that looks like a Classic to me and yes, pins are correctly oriented.

  32. First thing, bravo on your open! Cam designs are harder than their PT comparative. The original and biaxial cam locks have the same internal design where the driverless pins need to be lifted and rotated correctly for the sidebar to retract. The difference is how the pins interact with the key. The original only has one position, where the pin is centered in the middle of the chamber. The Biaxial has chamfered pin where the contact with the key occurs fore or aft (towards entrance of the keyway or the rear of the lock). Not to rain on your parade but a 4 pin Biaxial cam lock should be considered purple imo, the 5th pin really cranks up the challenge.

  33. Nice job on grabbing those beauties, I joined the lock fun too late as they aren't available anymore.

  34. FYI, I contacted Bowley to see if they will ever bring the 543 back. He said the problem with the 543 was the shackle was too big and people kept returning them because the didn't fit, but now that they are gone locksporters keep asking to buy them. So he is seriously considering bringing them back in smaller quantities marketed as a collectable rather than a workhorse, or building something unique that uses the same double Bowley key but without a shackle that wouldn't be used if it sits on a shelf for show.

  35. I'd love to see that happen, I am one of those locksporters that contacted them but they did not seem to have any plan to bring a similar product on the market at that time.

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