1. I saw a Kenmore 385 at a thrift store for $20. A review said it's not good with heavy fabrics. Is denim heavy? The fabrics we choose in our life are usually not light fabrics for general purposes. I'm wavering in my head whether this machine would be useful or not. Had my grandmother's machine maybe 20 years ago but have sewed by hand since then. Obviously just a machine would be useful. General feedback on this machine?

  2. Today, I made a white board for my work list. At the top I have 3 places for now. Below that I have a square for next. That's it. If it doesn't fit I cannot take the responsibility.

  3. Best book on this subject: Lost Connections by Johann Hari. You can find an excellent synopsis by searching for book reviews. Basically the author was on antidepressants since he was a teen and is now off them and has written about the entirety of the situation.

  4. Mindfulness meditation is my best tool. The skills that I have now after practicing for just a year have 100% changed my life. It's the cheat codes to life.

  5. I will have to look into that one. I downloaded another app yesterday and am very excited to dive deeper into it. Mediation is difficult for my brain, but I feel like I would get so much out of it.

  6. The point isn't to quiet your mind although that happens sometimes. The larger goal is realizing that thoughts in my head are just another form of something that wants my attention. I dont have to put my attention to everything on the endless reel of thoughts in my head.

  7. Made $5 in my first day on CrowdTap and then they banned me. Contacted customer service and two people said “oh it was a mistake sorry” and never fixed it.

  8. I started working out when I quit drinking, but the thing I've been eyeing for 6 months now is indoor rock climbing. Problem is, I have no one to go with. I could go on my own, I'm used to doing that for most things... But it just seems like it'd be more fun with a partner. I've looked at phoenix and they have a meetup that does indoor climbing.... But I'm afraid I'm not "fit enough." Anyway thats what I'm holding myself back from. Not sure I'll reach out today, but maybe one day. IWNDWYT

  9. I find that 90% of me holding myself back is because of other people, either waiting on them and their enthusiasm or trying to mesh personalities and the like. B-o-r-i-n-g!

  10. I do things at night now. I was at the store a few towns over at sunset last night. I drove my haul home while I listened to Pholosiphize This podcast. It all feels so new and different. No poison for me today.

  11. I’m a few hours away from the end of my first week. I, for the most part, feel great! I have taken great pleasure this week in giving myself access to unlimited and varied cans of fizzy drinks/sodas (but no caffeine). Does anyone have any recommendations?

  12. Bossa Nova is a fizzy water that is flavored with juice so it's like 10 calories. The one I'm drinking is orange and another fruit I cannot pronounce. San Pelegrino has a line of low cal fizzy juices along the same vein, 35 calories. It's called their Momenti series. And for straight up fizzy water my fav is La Croix Limoncello

  13. well i did it! I made it through st patricks weekend, all whilst having a friend home from another city who wanted to hang out every day and even then that wasnt enough, pestered me every day for drinks. But i made it!

  14. "I didn't burst into flames when I licked it" is not the right answer to "How do you know if that cable is safe?".

  15. I guess the next question is why does a shower need power? For a light? I guess that is safer.

  16. We've only got cold water in the garage, muffy. It's less hassle to just hook up an electric shower, which heats the water as it's used, rather than put a tank/boiler set up in there. Plus - it's much cheaper!😁

  17. Aha. I'm on solar power so I literally never think of heating with electric. Oh yes, people do that

  18. So many people were moving today. So great you guys got to enjoy this and hike!! Weather is wild

  19. I'm just taking the bet on nothing being closed below 4500' I'm feeling lucky 🍀! I bet they are closing the gates on maverick right now. Still snowing at 3400 too.

  20. Haha I see my mistake! I meant the paved roads! Oh well 😂🙃

  21. It's a royal mudfest! I even got stopped by a hill on my own road that I can always get past. I considered driving out to see if maverick was open or closed but didn't have the xtra energy. Find out later

  22. I’m slightly frustrated because the website is nowhere updated (still says advisory instead of warning) and I couldn’t get a hold of a ranger. Does this mean we need to find last minute accommodation since our reservation at Chisos begins this evening?

  23. You should definitely be moving to plan b now. Apparently Study Butte is only rain but that still means a mud fest. Still solid snow and accumulating at 3400 feet. Chisos are obviously much higher than that.

  24. Not today folks. Gotta day that's packed full of activities to remain sober for.

  25. I was having a craving on Monday night so I took the dog on a longer walk to go see the ducks at their hangout spot. I listened to some of my favourite music and fed them, as the sun went down. The craving went away as I was swept away in the beauty of the moment and walked back home with a smile on my face. It just takes that swift decision making, and a bit of beautiful peace.

  26. Yay I completed a full week! I don’t think I’ve managed this since October! It was a bit close though. Yesterday I struggled with a bad depressive episode. This is my main drinking trigger. But while I did have some thoughts of drinking, I wanted to just sleep more. Is going to bed at 6 a great coping mechanism? Probably not, but it’s still an improvement over drinking!

  27. Always been a coffee drinker but only recently added the more gourmet aspects. Cocoa is actually quite good for us, it's the sugar that is toxic.

  28. Checking in on day 131! Greetings my peeps! 🐣 Thank you, SaintHomer for that important reminder that the reasons for choosing to quit drinking were never because things were just too good! Definitely the opposite in my case. I now have plenty of things I can do to feed my soul, not drain it away. I spend a great deal of my free time out hiking and connecting to things that aren’t man made. I’ve recently discovered I enjoy identifying local flora, though I’m not very good at it yet. I’ll get there! Totally wouldn’t trust myself to forage but I like the idea. When I’m not doing that and I can get all my kiddos together, we are die hard table top gamers. We actually got out last night at our local game shop and played some of our favorite games and laughed until we cried. I even took a selfie 😜

  29. Good morning Meeple, such good words strung together into coherent concepts coming from you this morning. Have a lovely spring break day. 🌿

  30. Had a dream that I legit LOST AN ARM bc of drinking. I looked down, and thought, “Well, it’s not that bad. I can still drink.” And then realized that thought coupled with the loss of the arm, and how insane it was that I was okay with it and was gonna continue.

  31. 🤣🤣🤣 I love crazy dreams like that. Its telling you something REALLY specific.

  32. Thank you for taking the helm again, oh Sainted one! I am still fighting with pain, which is really new to me. I’ve always been super-healthy and active. But I am currently struggling with back pain, and the hip replacement is feeling bad, I took a stumble and feel like I might have damaged something. I have weaned myself off of the pain pills, and don’t want to start again, so acupuncture is my tool of choice these days.

  33. Crap man. I think it might take a while to heal everything up. Wishing you breaths through your pain.

  34. As someone who can't be idle too long while sober, I'm so stoked for having an extra hour of daylight (time change) to be productive.

  35. Omg, instead of pointing out your obvious fallacy in looking at this thing I will just repeat my mantra: I adore the new green of a lovely spring day!

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