1. A guy i know in his 50s dated a finnish girl 30 years ago. Said he visited the family and they all got naked and went for a sauna and hot tub dip. Either weirdly hot or weirdly weird, cant decide.

  2. The French have been shown to not give a single fuck as long as the authorities suffer.

  3. You replace them, and if any action is taken you jail them.

  4. Bruh Wiley followed me on twitter like 4 years ago for talking shit on dot rotten 😂

  5. He followed me for like a day after I shared an anecdote about eating in the same ramen place in Liverpool at the same time as him. Turns out he has family here. He unfollowed me by the next morning for some reason. Probably for the best as you said 😂

  6. Something caught her attention in the back yard. Probably a bird knowing her.

  7. I use one of those Muslim Thobes with a tabard over it tied at the waist

  8. Fraudsters covered this clod awhile back.

  9. I have a medtronic cobalt icd and thier website says saunas are fine, just the implant may feel a bit warmer.

  10. Do the latrines get a sign with a picture of an office toilet stall?

  11. ROFL. Organic means they don’t add pesticides to the food, meaning bugs can crawl into it and infect with diseases. Also if the water they’re watering the crops with is contaminated it will contaminate the food

  12. They also add plenty of pesticides to organic stuff, just "organic" pesticides like that is somehow magically better.

  13. What does it taste like, I've heard of it but never seen or used it. Is it like gravey?

  14. British people be like “ranch? What’s that? Americans are so weird” and then be putting something called salad cream on their beans

  15. I would love to have the recipe if you're willing to share it!

  16. This looks fantastic, I would love to make it for Easter if you have a recipe to share!

  17. thank you! I love apple cinnamon cakes but haven’t had one since I went vegan

  18. Just don't take too long from mixing to getting 8t in the oven due to the baking powder. I added a tsp of vanilla too

  19. My son spent 2 weeks in Europe on a school trip pre- covid he said he lost 10 lbs. In England before they got too Paris and he found crossiants and baguettes lol

  20. Not our fault he doesn't understand amazing flavours 😂

  21. It gets more and more interesting. Thanks man like true crime podcasts too. Check out Casefile if you haven’t already, the dudes voice is a little annoying for the first few podcasts then you get used to it.

  22. Please keep your opinions on the occult to yourself. It's not your job.

  23. Every now and again we have a human bone pop up and it's always a wild ride.

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