1. Tbf official statements from people who make the character DO matter. Feats are a big deal, but if we went by just that, not comparing or listening to statements, Goku would just be multi planetary at best (which he’s obviously way above, but I’m just highlighting my point).

  2. Coding for the ability to lift the entire planet you‘re standing on sounds like it would be very hard from a programming standpoint without making it a cheap experience, tbh

  3. Coding has little to do with this, this is to do with the animation and given the resources they had for the game it's not too hard (animators feel free to correct me if I'm wrong). I think making the humanoid characters look proportionate, emotional and proper lighting takes longer time.

  4. Imagine watching the show for ,8 years, you've endlessly discussed your expectations, theories and futures of the characters for that long. And then you get hit by S8 with shit tier writing.

  5. The world IS materialistic. Those texts were written a long time ago, their standards of degeneracy and ours cannot be compared. We learnt from the mistakes of our past.

  6. Large group can help you in many ways, although nothing wrong with small group

  7. Every battle takes place somewhere in the Riverlands. Those poor people!

  8. Friction mate. Nearly everyone knows this, even if you don't know the word friction.

  9. The thing is Po trained for a relatively small time which can't be compared to Tai Lung who started training at a very small age. The movie gives the wrong idea by showing Po being better than Tai Lung at fighting.

  10. I know I'm late and deleted account, but I just wanna say that Po didn't beat Tai Lung through superior kung fu, he utilized what he had(environment and his natural fat). Like nowhere in the first movie does he show good skill, he uses the environment like using the tree to yeet Tai Lung, the firecracker cart, the stilts etc.

  11. Table 3. Robb is my fav, the mannis is awesome and I can tolerate Tywin, he's not scary like Gregor or Ramsay.

  12. 6 th grade. Got awards, punishments and marks without even studying. Back then the teaching staff was very good too.. sigh

  13. Why tf do they call it gaming if all they're banning is gambling

  14. As much as I agree on Delphi not being Voldemort's daughter, that's not the point of the wiki.

  15. He's a comic relief , and in universe chaperone because let's be honest, a ship full of 7 hormonal teens will be quite indecent, especially if they're stressed due to wartime. They wanted to avoid what Percy and Annabeth may or may not have done in the stables.

  16. I mean, who really cares if they were boinking? Like, Hedge was apparently fine with sending these kids off to fight and die to save the world, but the idea that they might have sex is too upsetting? It’s just a weirdly prudish aspect of these novels.

  17. Here we go, another guy who thinks ki u need money to go to Ivy League universities,

  18. ... you gonna be living for free or what? Rest of us regulars require food and water, that isn't included most of the time. Fees isn't the greatest obstacle here. Heck Id have even gone to Germany rather than IIT, they have free tuition but that's not enough, living there requires a ton of money.

  19. Wanting female characters to be reflective of actual women when they portray characters that are based on real people and real historical societies is not sexist. Not wanting a scene where a woman is condescending to real female oppression in the name of 'feminism' for a : "you tell 'em Rhaenys" moment is not empowering to most women, and insulting to historical women who "toiled in the service of men" because they were forced to.

  20. I'm not sure where you saw fans calling it a cool moment, I remember vividly this sub thought it was weak writing and many people called Sara Hess(the writer) out for it.

  21. Par bhai 10th me bohot grind kr rha hu ek saal thora enjoy krna hai

  22. Dude trust me, 10th grind is nothing. Ofc enjoy life but please don't ignore prep if you're serious about JEE(at least 3h per day a month after 11th starts. It's good enough for 11th and you can increase time in 12th). Half the people who give JEE are people who thought 11th is just there to waste time and never study or study very little. Wasted 11th is the recipe for a terrible 12th. I hope the best for you mate.

  23. Thnx but i aint goin jee, see my list, its says abroad good uni

  24. He wouldn't be very useful with the force would he? I imagine being a cyborg he'd have low midichlorians.

  25. Why? Ignoring the ridiculousness of midichlorian counts, is that even how it works?

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