1. Add ons to the base van = ~1800-2000 lbs With both water tanks full add about ~500lbs (28 gal fresh/25 gal grey) that'd be if you didn't empty the grey though But there is factory added "beef" to the frame, but its sorta equivalent to a utility van used for construction if you're comparing for gas mileage. Sorta depends who/what's in it/road conditions/etc after that

  2. It’s fucking snowing where I’m at. I’m working on getting L lmao I’ve never tripped in the winter I think I could stare out the window for hours watching the snow fall

  3. I tripped once during a major snow storm and it was life changing, we stared at a lamppost for about an hour cuz the snow was reflecting the light

  4. I use red eyes, the super lubercation or whatever they call it. Two drops or so per eye and your good👌

  5. Tried googling and couldn’t find anything? Possible you could provide a link?


  7. You can evolve plus hasn't failed me yet. Has a storage part on the bottom, you can fit quite a bit in there. And you can get a dry herb attachment too. Round 40$

  8. Well if I were a gnome I would mine for hours till I found this underground patch

  9. "And remember, tomorrow I've got a late meeting, so dinner is your--"

  10. My dad did that to wake me up one day, passed out with wrappers everywhere. He came in with a high powered headlamp, points it right in the eyes😁

  11. I've talked to dogs and trees telepathically while tripping 🤙

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