1. It would be better if it had been said : Goodnight to my wife, fuck anyone else in my life!

  2. According to Oxford Dictionary, either of the two main categories (male and female) into which humans and most other living things are divided on the basis of their reproductive functions.

  3. What are you crying for?! Those useless beatcoins?! Or that guaranteed useless banner within the 10 spins?!

  4. Everything about this song imo is bad. The chart is unsynchronized and bad. The singer's voice is bad. The music is bad. The rhythm is bad. Overall, it's not an understandable song for most ppl.

  5. Glad for you. I really get nothing out of these events. I just lowered my expectations and satisfied myself with the "guaranteed prize within the 10 spins" to feel better.

  6. Who cares? Pooh cares….

  7. I used to. But what life did to me just killed my feelings. I really don't know who I became these past few months.

  8. Yea that might look wierd but if I'm correct you need 3 gems per token and you need 10 tokens for a spin so that's 30 gems 30 x 5 is 150 but they made it 112

  9. Actually they made it 125. The problem is that Op has 5 tokens so 125-(5*3) = 110 not 112!!!

  10. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! We have been quite busy working on a new feature that, while it's for everyone, was designed with maxed players in mind.

  11. You can count on me because I have all of my songs DPed except NOK, Godzilla and Firestarter (I will dp it asap).

  12. I appreciate such an in depth tip guide, I’ll start trying to do everything on this list, also do you find that you do better with earphones or no? I typically don’t use them and when I do, I use AirPods.

  13. Your welcome. I mostly use airpods to enjoy the songs and play casually.

  14. 221 songs in, with about 10 songs with only 1 perfect, I finally managed to control my nerves enough to see this one through to the end. Probably not that impressive to most of you, but it felt really good to finally get one!

  15. What are you saying?! It's such an impression for us. Basically it's just the start. If you could get a dp on this, you can get a dp on a lot of other songs.

  16. In my case, there‘s 2 reasons I love this color update:

  17. They are bringing those back in the form of another event.

  18. Congrats. This song is considered as a 5/5 star scoring difficulty. So you can diamond most of the other songs.

  19. TKAC was a nightmare for me back then, when perfect+ highlights weren't a thing. So it's better to choose it last Ig. Good luck

  20. You suck. Jk, I'm still working on diamonding this one.

  21. Congrats. Keep it up and add more of those to your collection!

  22. Congrats. This song is amazing. Only god knows how much I like Dua Lipa's songs. And I'm really happy that her song started your DP journey!

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