1. My “good” REM sleep is 50-60 minutes, is 85 minutes actually bad????

  2. Work/study first, then workout. Better if cardio as the adrenaline post study sesh helps to remember what was learned.

  3. Put mouse in its own box, stick the declaration form on this box with a simple tape. Put this inside a simple cardboard box, dont wrap it in anything. Take this item to a courier, dhl, bluedart, dtdc, delhivery are good. Dhl bluedart will be costly, maybe it will cost 1k. The other 2 will be less costly. Should be under 500.

  4. I paid Rs 50 to send my mouse thru a local courier - took only 3-4 days as well. Also you don't need to put a cardboard box over the mouse box itself, just the courier wrapping over it is enuf - make to put your invoice inside it and declaration form outside using tape.

  5. mouse invoice ? if yes then I wont be left with any proof if I send them this. Only have one hardcopy of invoice, no softcopy.

  6. I have gone through this one. Only knew about the focus bit. I must have missed the confidence bit.

  7. I live in Pestom Sagar....and yeah u r right an area of 2 km radius..this is the tallest building

  8. Try to get that yellow blue contrast daily for 10 minutes morning and evening. Good for sleep.

  9. And this how people become unhappy. Having unrealistic expectations based on comparisons to others.

  10. Current update: sitting on the couch watching tv and my heart is racing. Normal life things. You’ll be okay

  11. Any update ? On couch mine is around 90 when walking briskly 120

  12. Mine has been this way before covid. The BP machine shows in the 75+ and the pulse oxymeter and health bands shiw 90

  13. Maybe like 4ish days. I did have to hop up super early one morning which probably helped shuffle my hours a little. But it's now like a week later and I'm still going good.

  14. What was the hrs difference, when you first woke up early

  15. Started by not changing my hours just hopping up usual time 7.30/8am and getting sun and a walk for a couple days. Then had to hop up one morning at 4.30 which probably shocked the system. Went back to hopping up around 7.00-7.30 and started just being more awake and not snoozing as much. The weirdest factor is I partied hard on the Saturday night and slept most of Sunday hungover and this week has been fine. I'm not snoozing as much. Summary:

  16. Just giving a pov here. I am Indian and people don't drink alcohol very often here. And it is in most societies a taboo. From my friends in europe what I've heard is it's a normal thing there. Apparently if you don't drink there, you, are the odd man out. I was surprised when I heard it the first time.

  17. Inside boot from EFI file: NO VOLUME LABEL. [Acpi (PNP0A03, 0)/Pci (1F|2)/Ata (Primary, Master) /HD (Part1, Sig0E39A076-D6F2-4CD7-A4AF-39B64DDAC23F) ]

  18. Go to ubuntu, select the grubx64 file.

  19. For IBS and impending hypothyroidism the research I did after listening to the gastro episodes was really helpful. I really expanded my fruit and vegetable variety (30 different kinds of plants every week) and stomach pain seems like a thing of the past, and my thyroid numbers were no longer borderline on my last blood test, I think the change in my diet reduced inflammation and helped those too.

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