1. Anyone else want Adam warlock to die a horrific silly death?

  2. It's simple to me-the villain is the hero of their own story.

  3. Eh I like complex villains as much as the next guy but I really miss the days where bad guys were just bad and still written well at the same time. That’s why Kilgrave and Bullseye and Carnage are some of my fave villains there’s no reason for what they are doing they just get off on the power and killing. Rooting for the villain creates interesting discussion but sometimes it’s good to have one whose just plain bad.

  4. It really seems like they are heading this way with Fisk being brought into the MCU and Thunderbolts coming. This is too good of a story for the MCU to pass up. We’re going to need Elektra for sure.

  5. Yes in Netflix. He was never officially until Hawkeye.

  6. Netflix is MCU that is official anyone who tells you otherwise is spreading misinformation or taking simple interviews and twisting it to fit their narrative that the shows aren't canon

  7. As an Asian American I’ve never liked Simu Liu dudes a good actor but every time I’ve seen him outside of acting the guy has been pure cringe

  8. Just rewatch Constantine the arrowverse including legends is a mess writing wise

  9. goddamn it you again? can you read the mf room you just gotta take a peak at your downvotes that is all. just one glance and i’m sure you’ll take the hint. people may care but nobody asked

  10. like i had a big fat smile reading all these comments till i seen this shit my smile faded so quickly

  11. or you know I genuinely think this universe is poorly written and handled and glad that it's over

  12. You’re in an Arrowverse fan subreddit posting an inflammatory negative thread. You’re clearly baiting.

  13. I wouldn't post negative things about the arrowverse if there was anything positive to say about it lol

  14. Lmao I love how I posted this a few days ago and got called out for “retreading”

  15. There are a lot of questions Feige needs to just open up and answer already. Man plays to many games

  16. yes kid I won't watch the next spider man movie kid are you going to watch the next spider man movie kid?

  17. These tweets are almost as bad as the show itself lmao 😂😂

  18. MCU could never make a movie this good scenes still hits you 5 years later

  19. Ryan wilder is not an antihero I can understand why people would think that due to fact that the people behind Batwoman are terrible writers but she is supposed to be a hero

  20. It should be titled “our show should’ve been canceled years ago but here we are enjoy our trash writing”!

  21. Red guardian is the very definition of “look how they massacred my boy”

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