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  1. Let’s throw something new in there now like Dogs of Chernobyl.

  2. I’d be like “I loved you in Game of Thrones.”

  3. Wanting to fight after almost getting KO’d by an open handed slap probably isn’t the greatest idea.

  4. I hope he broke his hand on the back of his head. POS.

  5. On time rent payments should go towards your credit score imo.

  6. Extremely tricky song to play cleanly. I also struggled with that d minor transition for years and I still mess it up 20 some odd years later. Keep at her guys! Nice work!

  7. TSTDATD proves that Dave can still release kick ass albums, regardless of his voice.

  8. Should you stop? You’ve only lost 2K? By all means keep going and lose more.

  9. Thread title makes it seem lots of husbands are doing this while in the article it exposes just a few cases.

  10. The blatant disregard for human life is becoming a scourge to our society. This is so sad.

  11. What bands are putting out their best material 30+ years later? Answer is zero. Bands tend to regress after their 4th album. Metallica is no different.

  12. Love SFSGSW but it does not hold a candle to arguably one of the greatest metal albums of all time. Comparing anything to RIP isn’t fair lol.

  13. I think they wrote it to sound more like Megadeth tbh. (CORRECTION) They wrote is to sound more like Dave Mustaine wrote it

  14. Megadeth has put out 8 albums since 2000, Metallica has put out 3. Except for Super Collider, every album Megadeth have put out in the 21st century has been better than Metallica's St Anger, Death Magnetic, and Hardwired, and it's not even close. Just my opinion, to each their own.

  15. I consider myself more a Metallica fan than Megadeth(absolutely love them both) and I fully agree with this statement. I’m very curious to see how the new album stacks up to TSTDATD, which I consider a very good album.

  16. I’m a much bigger fan of Metallica than megadeth but 90s megadeth is much better in my opinion, including youth v load.

  17. I’m a bigger Metallica fan as well but I think Metallica has better 90’s albums while Megadeth has much more solid albums than Metallica after 2000. I find the highs of Load(Bleeding Me and Outlaw Torn) beats the highs of Youthanasia.


  19. I can see why. Before I got my cpap, I was ALWAYS nodding off driving home from work. I had one really close call where I came to and I was completely in the other lane. Luckily the road was empty. Scary stuff.

  20. fOOw says:

    I have a new machine I used once, I lost weight and changed my lifestyle and I no longer have apnea. Private message me and we can meet up and its yours for free. I think it was $2500.00 new.

  21. Just going to comment that not all apnea is because of poor diet and obesity. Not saying that you’re saying that. I’m 6’2, 215lbs and have bad apnea.

  22. I water my toothbrush before applying the paste but to water it after??? Madness I tell you.

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