1. Give it some time on that first start up, it builds the shader file in game so those first few mins will be pretty bad.

  2. If you are on the latest gpu drivers for AMD that's what's causing the crash. Roll it back to the previous one and disable windows driver updates.

  3. You could but I believe you have to wait 24 hours to melt a package after buying it.

  4. I'm still waiting for my reputation with red wind to be unfucked since account resets don't fix rep anymore. I emailed support on it and all they did was tell me to file a bug report. I haven't had any delivery missions for like 7 months.

  5. For a 3090? It absolutely is the bottleneck on that build. On an already cpu limited game. The single core performance on that chip was laughable when it came out. It’s horrendous now. A modern i3 from the 12(not even newest) line of intel chips is faster in single core performance.

  6. And I'm speaking in actual reality considering the 3090 should outperform the 5700xt, yea the 3700x would be slow, but OPs performance is so bad because of their settings. I am speaking from the experience that I had worse hardware but was getting fps than they. Sure better hardware will result in better performance but that shouldn't be the immediate thing someone goes to.

  7. I’m confused. A 3090 is a gpu. A 5700xt is a gpu. This game is not gpu bound. It is cpu bound. It wants high single core performance and large cache.

  8. You can check it yourself no? r_displayinfo 4 and fiddle with your settings, you can literally watch the load switch as you change them.

  9. Oh my god. We are in Wave 2. Everyone stay calm!

  10. There is still the 3rd wave but 2 and 3 can be a shorter test cycle I believe

  11. I would say let them hate, don't force them to hold their tongue. Disprove their bias with simple logic some people will just want to hate the game because they are upset that CR was successful. Forcing them to pretend to not be angry at something that they just want to hate will only make them hate it more. They come over to the SC subreddit too you can check my post history to find them pretty easy, it upsets them but I really don't give them any wiggle room.

  12. Ah kinda makes sense you'd only want dedicated bug testers on the PTU.

  13. I mean either 10$ a month or spend enough to get Concierge to test, report bugs, and help get the game into a live release state, during wave 1.

  14. Ahh okk, this is awesome! Thank you 💙

  15. So far the only ones you cannot and are not planned to be added would be the Mustang Omega, Sabre Raven, and Pirate Gladius so far as I am aware. Then there will most likely be specific NPC only ships too.

  16. Pirate Gladius and Pirate Caterpillar are unlockable for purchase 😉

  17. You cannot purchase them in game was the point. Which is what OPs title would suggest we should be talking about.

  18. So I was doing bunkers with a bounty on and some random bountyhunter decided to come take out my ship with this cool maneuver and continue on his journey.

  19. Yeah, thats why I was heading for the bunker to safety but he didn't stick around to try and collect the bounty. Although he did leave me stranded on the moon.

  20. I am surprised that they didn't ask themselves why the contract didn't complete. If they did they would have turned around and A-10ed you into the ground lol.

  21. The new gameplay loops, the servers actually feel a lot stronger even with the server FPS going down, the changes to the interaction system. 3.18 is actually pretty good even with the bugs.

  22. huh i thought i have read somewhere that it was planned for the end of this month because well it is now lol

  23. The only people you can actually trust for this type of info is CIG themselves. If you read it from anyone else that isn't them it's probably just theory crafting.

  24. Reinstall your drivers and before you restart your PC disable windows driver update, IDK wtf windows is trying to do but it's trying to install something that is causing this issue.

  25. DDU had an option to manually disable windows update, yet it kept doing it no idea why. Got it to work though doing a dozen other things thankfully, thank you for the tip.

  26. Yea I have never used DDU I went in and disabled the windows driver update manually.

  27. My reply is the only post showing skepticism. My reply was also the first one posted. If my observation was wrong. I apoligise, but I doubt it was not related. :)

  28. I mean, more the skepticism that this was typed up specifically by OP.

  29. Cool, my observation was wrong, and I apologise. Have a nice day :)

  30. They definitely seem super fake to me when he shows me, but I feel like such a dream crusher telling him these aren’t real

  31. Have him watch some Coffeezilla videos, he does a lot of good investigations into those fake guru type people.

  32. You never need to spend more than 45$ to get into the game. They are making a game and if you think they aren't then you are ignoring every patch that they have ever released.

  33. Go to where your SC files are in live or PTU you should have a file labeled "screenshots."

  34. Good job picking up on sensationalist articles, that were written entirely because one person said something.

  35. I'm confused here. Are they not working on the bedsheet deformation physics? Cause they had a video on it unless I'm misremembering.

  36. I mean opinions like this are always subjective. If your aren't absolutely sure that you would like to play the game get the base 45$ Aurora and when you get in game or before via spectrum ask to either tag along or have someone show you the ropes. You are the only person that's going to be absolutely sure whether you will enjoy the game or not. Yea it's got bugs, breaks easy, and is slow in development, but personally I'm fine with it. I've played alphas/betas before so I'm used to environment, but it might be super frustrating for you to even experience a bug or two a day, simply put we don't know you, only you do.

  37. Yep, figured that out as that was my only option. Still stupid that I have to be within "ArcCorp Jurisdiction" despite being literally right next to where I want to go.

  38. I believe I usually drop 20-30k I'm out and can just reroute to one of the moons. Works if I'm going to the station to because you should be in range to go to the OMs. If you want to go planetside letting it go all the way is the best option else the ship will qt AWAY from the planet if you are to far from it.

  39. Lol, wait wait wait… you’re telling me CIG selling concept ships that don’t come out for years because their greed vastly outpaces their ability to build content is actually more tasteful than EA’s run of the mill cosmetics money grab?! You are obviously living in a twisted fantasy land, I can’t even believe I’m having this debate.

  40. Wait so you are saying that the concept artists should just sit around and do nothing? Making concepts is their literal job, I hate to belittle them because they do some amazing renditions, but, making a concept is considerably easier than actually bringing it into the game.

  41. also the sounds in E:D is way better than star citizen currently, but honestly that's all about it, even the hardcore fans of the game are coming to play SC instead of E:D, which is getting ruined with each subsequent patch (their own words)

  42. Yea the sounds are pretty generic for a lot of things. However those alien ships like the Khartu sound amazing, I also do enjoy that low thruster output growl that the Connie's do.

  43. What do you mean ? I just see an empty hangar... Is something stealthy hidden there?

  44. It doesn't really matter to be honest. I've seen filters mounted this way, the opposite way, and mounted sideways. The main concern would be the oil just kind of splooshes out when the filter is loosened.

  45. I can't speak for whether CIG actually officially announced their 3.18.0 or gave an estimate, come to think of it I took BoredGamer at his word when he said they did just that...

  46. Yea unless they can show receipts I wouldn't trust a youtuber at face value. If I saw an official post on the site or a post from someone like Wakapedia that's about the only time I would actually get excited. We can speculate all we want but they are the only ones that actually know.

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