1. It's incredible how wildly different we are despite being 1/2 the same color. Please let go of your foolish superstitions and embrace the future. Through technocracy and transhumanism we will have no more need of gods, for we shall be them.

  2. Transhumanism and Technocracy brought us Modern Dystopia and destruction of Enviroment

  3. So long as we elect our officials we will never have a technocracy. With elections the most popular person wins, which is rarely the most qualified. A strong state led by those with the proper qualifications can guide our technological development towards a goal that is beneficial for all of humanity, not just the CEOs of big tech companies.

  4. I had someone tell me that the voice I used to order pizza being different from my casual talking-to-friends voice was an indicator of sociopathy. When the pizza arrived another friend questioned whether I had poisoned it.

  5. Looks like Germany and Italy both went non-fascist. My guess is that when the Swiss do their fascist path they will become the puppet of the strongest fascist power active in the neutrality descisions instead of Germany if Germany isn't fascist, since they would otherwise become a German puppet.

  6. I sure hope this doesn't lead to the deaths of tens of millions of people in the next 30 years and the rise of some of the world's most violent ideologies!

  7. Based Transhumanist. I can overlook your pacifism and libertarianism for it.

  8. So your ideal society is basically 40k empire right? :DD

  9. I have 2-3 friends hop on a discord call, host a game, and we play for a day. Usually we crank up the crisis difficulty so we have to work together more than fight each other.

  10. I'm not turning into an animal, I'm turning into a god.

  11. I think ChatGPT might be becoming a shitposter.

  12. You like to steal things and commit genocide.

  13. There's a reason why MIT is known for high suicide rates, but luckily I have a goal that keeps me motivated to push through all of the work. I haven't gotten into any of the super in-depth concepts yet, but just being here and going through the basics that I know will build to something far greater gives me an indescribable sense of hope and dedication that has really made me feel fulfilled. I'm also looking into participating in an Undergraduate Research Opportunity (UROP) at the Center for Brains Minds and Machines to get some practical experience with doing research in the field.

  14. Coming out of a public American high school, it's a big increase. It's not as if I don't have time for fun or anything, after all, here I am having a conversation with someone on Reddit, but it's certainly not for those who can't manage their time well.

  15. I don't need to read other manifestos. I'm writing my own.

  16. I have 5 now and I've only spent a good hour on it. I hope that I'll have enough time free from the watchful eyes of others to exceed your expectations.

  17. Not only unflaired. But shitposting PCM while also being unflaired?

  18. And like a Phoenix from the ashes, the New World, in all its glory, shall be born and guide humanity to their ultimate destiny. Immortality, Godhood, and Infinite Joy are within our grasp, we must simply seize the opportunity when it arises. The opportunity is coming soon.

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