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  1. Hey Reddit! I wanted to share this one - I thought you might all really enjoy this look at a card that really impacted Magic, and if you haven't been playing for a while you may not know much about. Thanks for watching - enjoy! :)

  2. That's for sharing! Kool trip to when I was a kid playing. Just came back after almost 20 years. Loved seeing cards I recognized.

  3. The square bill! Man...haven't seen that in a while.

  4. f0me says:

    Every LGS I know has significantly downsized their inventory of MTG while increasing their stock of Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Flesh and Blood, and other TCGs. Why risk it when Amazon will just undercut you with prices even lower than distributor pricing

  5. You named it. This kinda think kills game stores. If MTg so cheaper to buy in Amazon then my store closes. If it closes I have no where to play. If I have no where to play....i stop buying MTG cards.

  6. They got us fighting a culture war so we won't start a class one.

  7. You think the US military has better numbers? AD suicides are not new. The general public just never hears about them because the military doesn't let it be reported.

  8. What u mean is that the headline news doesn't cover it. The military is required to report that shit and they do....alot. It's an American people issue as to why you don't see it in the news. If wouldn't get views or clicks so it's not covered.

  9. Wrecked my world every time it came on the battlefield over 3 days....jesus and fuck that card.

  10. Did 3 this weekend. The GW and GB decks that focused on poison, proliferate, and removal dominated. Got lucky and made one 1st night and did well. Other two nights didnt and didnt do well lol.

  11. ...and that's how I met your mother.

  12. As I am here to talk shit and farm moons.... No! No they can't and I challenge any one of you nerds to prove me wrong with conjecture and rumor as that is the battlefield I use for my comment creation!

  13. I just hope another studio makes a better version down the road

  14. Read Ender's Game. Buy rights to Echo VR. Remove Echo Combat it sucks. Take Echo VR and turn it into the battle room from Ender's Game. Profit.

  15. Haven't heard 40 rounds since 2005 lol

  16. And they make you a better rider. No shit.

  17. Do u have a hi res pic? I want to read the cards :)

  18. Why is virginity so important to these weirdos? That's like saying you want your Uber driver to have gotten their licence the same day you need a downtown NYC.

  19. Awesome article. Great way to show hacking used for good

  20. There is a dead Pvt in there for sure.

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