1. I think this sub will blow up when we get closer to wayhaven

  2. I’m traveling to taiwan in 10 days and I’d like to know what’s the better way to go about the money I’ll take with me. Are American dollars accepted anywhere or will I have to exchange everything into the local currency ? Does most places accept credit cards ?

  3. That actually sounds pretty fun

  4. It's a story about the MC returning to their hometown after a long absence, reconnecting with their childhood friends, rivals and acquaintances, dealing with haunting nightmares and their own tragic past and slowly uncovering the mystery this town harbors. It's well-written and the characters are interesting. I really love the atmosphere and the slowly building suspense. There's also romance and though I just bought the full game and haven't finished it yet, I remember it being really intriguing in the demo.

  5. Is that rival an RO ? Asking for a friend.

  6. Whoever voted for 30-40 gotta be a psychopath

  7. Well look, this movie hurt me in ways you could never hope to understand… it stole my job, dumped a bucket of slime on me while i was giving my valedictorian speech, and rustled my jimmies, i’ll never forgive it

  8. Let me guess. She dies. I’ve seen too much of this type of anime to hope for a good ending.

  9. Who would have thought that the man that can only talk about woman in terms of market value would treat woman like that ? /s

  10. Then your nickname is troublesome

  11. Of course it had to be a hufflepuff

  12. The dog couldn't care less... (corrected)

  13. A kiss from death is exactly what you’re looking for. Most of the main ROs have done some despicable things. They’re not exactly the villains of your story but they’re villains alright.

  14. He’s already trying to save face for when he steps down

  15. Some very very questionable top 10 choices. And on what fucking planet does Brazil deserve to be above Argentina the day after Argentina won the WC??

  16. Argentina isn’t reigning SA as much as you think. Brazil were first on the qualifications for the World Cup, only drawing 3 games while Argentina had 6 draws. And about copa América people often remember that Argentina won 2021 beating Brazil but forget Brazil won 2019 beating Argentina on the semifinal. I know it’s weird we had two in such a short time. Both teams only had onde defeat this would cup (the Croatia game counts as a draw) and Saudi Arabia is a lot lower on the ranks than Cameroon.

  17. They killed de paul. You bastards!

  18. Lol Europeans crying about diving. They’ve never even watched Libertadores GOAT Deyverson, they don’t know what they’re missing in their life.

  19. If Deyverson was at the wc Croatia would never scored that late goal. He’d probably fake another foul from the referee.

  20. My grandfather even has one of those German electrician’s uniforms

  21. Art. 4º A República Federativa do Brasil rege-se nas suas relações internacionais pelos seguintes princípios: I - independência nacional; II - prevalência dos direitos humanos; III - autodeterminação dos povos; IV - não-intervenção; V - igualdade entre os Estados; VI - defesa da paz; VII - solução pacífica dos conflitos; VIII - repúdio ao terrorismo e ao racismo; IX - cooperação entre os povos para o progresso da humanidade; X - concessão de asilo político.

  22. Oh god my first purchase was in January, how am I at 38 already?

  23. It took me 8 years to get over 80 and I don’t know if it’s a good thing.

  24. Pelo aplicativo na Apple eles tão saindo por 40-45 bonoros

  25. Eu nunca imaginei que ia ouvir Jesus falar que o bostil é intankavel kkkkkkk

  26. This post made realize I’ve bought over 80 of them over the years. I think I’m addicted.

  27. He’s getting definitely pegged tonight lol

  28. Is that supposed to be a bad thing ?

  29. Being a bully definitely isn’t something that stops a character being a RO

  30. Anyone else get the impression that this is ending in a bench-clearing brawl regardless of who wins?

  31. If there’s a goal it’ll become a war

  32. The new game they just released has a lovers to enemies to lovers again route

  33. There is a thing in japan were people "virtually dress up" as 3D animated underage-looking girls and play games and talk in "cutesy speak" for the money of inept lonely anime fans who seek a parasocial relationship.

  34. You sound like a fun person

  35. I never really understood why they make so many meaningless changes to flags almost every patch. Something like changing is_occupied to is_available.

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