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  1. Of course the Nucks fans leaking their special meme goo everywhere

  2. They did change Daily Quests, sometimes within the last year I started, and it wasn't much as you and others still wish for more resources.

  3. Aye, cheers to the man who tries his best to be better.

  4. Honestly my friend, sounds like you have a lot going on. Maybe you should talk to someone professionally? As important as friends are for being a support group, it sounds like you might need more than that. 6 family members passing away in a year and a child being diagnosed with Autism is A LOT. That's a lot a lot, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with needing help.

  5. I really hope OP can find someone to help get it off their chest professionally. By in most cases won't hurt to at least try out for most.

  6. Yeah, I can't imagine a way of answering whether Braum is weak without giving a conditional yes. Braum is never going to be powerful in himself, even if he carries the game.

  7. I remember a time, a short time, when you could go on-hit Braum jungle with I believe the yellow gem AS red smite.

  8. Does that spawn a lot? Or is it once, at the first location you approach Mistlands? I certainly couldn't ignore that when I saw it through the mists.

  9. I'm so curious; what is a dverger dock?

  10. His dog is adorable on the calendar too.

  11. I made it up to that point and then force quit the app because I don't want to bind an unawakend 4* relic to a skill champ without knowing if it could be upgraded in the future. Like use it on a 6* champ just to show me how it's done? Because after buying a 3-6 crystal that only had 3* relics in it, there's no way I want this stuff on my champs yet.

  12. The tutorial forces you to bind, and teaches you the innings and workings of relics. There is a total of 7 free unbindings, and for each unbinding used, a timer starts to countdown for another free unbinding.

  13. Never done it myself, but I assume it can't buy anything since it has no money

  14. Same here. Tried em out in RoL and they're effectively halving my hit count. Looking forward to see what they'll do with them in the future, and how releases will be

  15. Which relics are you sporting on which champs?

  16. Once awakened you get the benefits of the relic abilities much like an awoken champion innately gains its benefits.

  17. If you're constantly getting peppered and your team can't manage to keep the puck out of the zone for more than 30 seconds at a time for 90% of the game... Yea some soft ones are gonna in. Is he his best self? No, but he's also very obviously not the glaring issue that's been clear since day 1. The Canucks have 2 good D men, the rest mediocre at best and bad to the point of extreme deferment at worst. On-top of that only about a quarter of the team gives enough of a shit to play hard.

  18. If the team is getting battering rammed into their zone, it's not all on the defensive depth either, it has to have some responsibility on the point guys, the forwards, in that pot of soup we call a team.

  19. That's what the red gems do? I thought they were just worth more XP.

  20. There's regular red gems, which are the highest xp gem, and then there is the mechanic of the "hidden" red gems.

  21. It's totally alright, I discarded extra items because I didn't want them to take the spots of the ones I had. At least you asked!

  22. Classic, neighbour drops off a support package and talks about their struggles, you let them know everything's been hunky dory.

  23. Message me and I'd love to gift you the DLCs. Enjoy something in life.

  24. It’s the year where the release of the N64 is about halfway between today and the day man first landed on the moon.

  25. I swear it's a cycle of reddit to have the deathbell toll by a random comment comparing this generations related cherished video game system to the launch date for the moon landing.

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