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  1. Hes starts out great in the early books, as they go on some people develop the following complaints

  2. he also chronically fucks up and is rewarded for it at every step. With no consequences.

  3. Can you explain? It feels like your answer is tiptoeing around the real answer that I don't get. I can drive down the street and donate plasma for $200 a pop every 2 weeks. I'm not upset, it just seems like a way for rich people, as you said, to get organs from us for free instead of paying us a few grand for a kidney or maybe even skin.

  4. I dont know how to cleanly explain the concept clearly.

  5. The biggest difference between blood and plasma and organs is you know, a little fluid your body will replace. Organs dont grow back

  6. idk why lawns are even a thing. I love houses with gardens, but that's because I love planting and growing stuff and gardening. Why would I want a dumb green carpet made out of grass?

  7. Because tall grass is a pathway for pests like mice and rats, amongst other insects that are unwanted to get into your home

  8. Works well on copper, and hard water spots in the bathtub/shower as well.

  9. Barkeepers friend, and a nylon brush drill attachment on a cordless drill . Cleaning the shower takes me like 15 minutes to do the whole thing, and it is spotless. I work in a metal shop so i come home filthy daily. That combo is life changing.

  10. Maybe I'm extra precautious because I have allergies and asthma but it's crazy how few people actually use a respirator or even a mask when sanding.

  11. Industrial grinder here. You really should use one. I mean I dont, but i should.

  12. I prefer no shortcuts on my desktop. I pinned a handful of my essential apps onto my task bar, and use the windows key search function to open anything else I need to launch. I prefer a clean desktop with my wallpaper engine moving background.

  13. A thousandaire doing what a billionaire won't. Good for her.

  14. Not after becoming a first time renter, it’s not.


  16. Yea parrots and indoor chickens at home are totally responsible for avian flu outbreaks and not poultry in poor health kept en masse in crowded conditions.

  17. Like beef is for cow, or pork is for pig. It makes killing/eating animals more fun.

  18. Does anyone else find the very idea of "upselling" disgusting?

  19. As a former phone retail worker who went to management: if you dont like it, just order it all online. Phone and accessories all at once. Then set it up yourself. It's not hard.

  20. Our girl just weighed in at 58 pounds at a year and change lol.

  21. The region you know as the world has been locked away from the rest by the gods. Its roughly a quarter of the rest

  22. And later it's retconned that being free is horrible for most slaves, and Dobby is said to be a "weirdo" for disliking slavery.

  23. Even in the books its present. Look at whats her name who starts drinking butter beer. he was weird for being free.

  24. Doesn’t hermione literally start a group trying to free the elves lol

  25. Everybody is saying Jates but I don’t know. He absolutely has the experience edge and likely a lot more training but even without the mentioned enhancements I think Ruhar are inherently stronger than humans. And I don’t seem to remember the Kristang being a lot stronger than us. I mean didn’t Dave beat one to death in hand to hand? So I think OP is right, it might be a lot closer of a fight than you think. You’d just have to get Nert pissed off enough first 😀

  26. Ruhar might be a little stronger than humans but you do remember incorrectly about the kristang. They are physically larger and stronger than humans, wven the verd-kris.

  27. People who work in retail or food service typically don't get bereavement. I imagine this isn't directed so much at white-collar workers as it is at blue-collar workers.

  28. I've worked a lot of retail. I have yet ti see a place that doesnt have 3 days immediate family, 1 day extended at a minimum

  29. I noticed 5g sucks in Eau Claire, so I turned my phone 5g capabilities off and this seems to have helped a ton. Hope it helps.

  30. I noticed you didn't seem to have a problem with me pointing out AJ's fumble leaving points on the field. Idk why Crosby missing a kick and doing the same thing is "a shit take," but just furiously downvote I guess....

  31. Crosby did more work to win the game than the rest of the offense. 10 of 16 points. YOU SHOULDN'T BE RELYING ON A KICKER TO WIN GAMES BECAUSE THE OFFENSE CAN'T MAKE A TOUCHDOWN.

  32. You're actually going to argue that "Crosby scored more points," and accuse me of having a "shit take!?" Just wow....

  33. This dude loves pushing people that aren't playing in games

  34. I hope we drop him. No room for that shit. Put him next to suh

  35. 95 gives him a little something too

  36. Started college in paramedic classes, found out how much they made and swapped to nursing. Yall are out there saving lives for 16 bucks an hour, 24 hours shifts, I pass out some pills for maybe 4 out of 12 hours for 40. It's a travesty, I can't understand why paramedics don't AT LEAST make nursing wages.

  37. What about spotting on Canadian and Australian gold coins that are .999 pure? That is a red spot that could be what op is looking for.

  38. It's a reaction to an acid. Gold doesn't rust. It was tested or exposed somewhere along its lifetime. Could be an impurity, but unlikely.

  39. That title art though; it could either be an amazing book or terrible. Seems like it could have been written by skippy himself.

  40. Very nice deer rifle! Really great setup...and I'm mildly surprised your gunstore was able to drill & tap it for your scope! Again, very cool.

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