Making vodka

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  1. In the intro cutscenes to one of the Fallout games, you are in the player character's body, staring at an in-world display of the intro cutscene, while an immobile, fully modeled character sitting behind the screen voices the narration. There are wacky ways to get things to work.

  2. Ah, yes. It was New Vegas and Ron the Narrator. Little known fact: he has an identical twin - Testacles the Debug Centurion

  3. Why tf the moment I force myself to forget about this fucking gif I immediately see it again?!

  4. me, getting a job at twitter then writing everything i possibly can on a new line to become the highest paid engineer.

  5. Warning at line 1. Statement elonmusk == adumbass is always true

  6. My DnD party is going to fight an evil king-archmage with a six-barreled rifle)

  7. Yep. It's really hard to find anyone at all with actually left views

  8. That is the most pitiful ip address I've ever seen. Y'all need to learn the basics of ip addresses I AM SICK OF THE IGNORANCE AND LIES,oh hey woah naked skeletons 🥵

  9. I have a simple solution for you; magazine fed shotguns

  10. You fool. You should have put onions on the different layer

  11. Wtf no. I watched jojo and this lady wasn't there, only boy and imaginary hitler

  12. except if you mix your drink with 100% pure ethanol, which is impossible to get from distillation, as

  13. Well technically it is possible, but the process involves vacuum, adsorbents and proper lab equipment. And even after that, 100% ethanol is highly hydroscopic so it won't stay 100% pure for long

  14. Shitcum has no idea who these characters are, shitcum just liked the animation

  15. This is Caustic (gas daddy) and Wattson (she fr*nch) from Apex legends

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