1. I’ve broken up multiple dog fights. Just do it from the back. I’ve found grabbing the rear legs does it every time. I put one arm over the other and lift so the dog ends up being drug away upside down. They seem to let go immediately and it keep you away from the pointy parts.

  2. I understand. I have not dealt with police or the court systems in the US, so it all seems a bit daunting and the hassle.

  3. Small claims court is super easy in most areas. One page form at the courthouse and a small filing fee.

  4. So i am seriously considering this. Read about it.. personal property damage is covered in my state in small Claims court.

  5. It’s pretty straight forward. Not a lawyer but you typically need to send a demand letter first. Something stating “if you don’t pay X, I will file an action against you”. They get some amount of time to respond (like 7 days). The courthouse can be really helpful in answering questions and they usually have a great website”

  6. You are defending a person who chose to drive in the wrong lane. That wasn't anticipation, it was lack of patience. You also claim to make driving decisions based on anticipation and assumptions you make of other drivers. Talk about a nightmare.

  7. He was getting around the OP, who appears to have stalled in the middle of the road.

  8. None of that is how driving works. You're defending a person who couldn't wait 3 more seconds and decided to illegally go the wrong way. OP was simply being aware of their surroundings.

  9. Nothing says “I’m losing the argument and don’t want to admit it” like calling the other person names.

  10. did you cut that tree from behind the Tesla charger? 🤣😂

  11. Yeah. If I hadn’t had so many close calls with dumbass drivers not maintaining lanes I never would have gotten my first dash cam.

  12. Oh Jesus! It’s crazy that Reddit puts that in my response. What will I do??

  13. ZX14R’s and hayabusa are the best daily drivers. Comfort, handling and insane acceleration for a reasonable price.

  14. The Model Y is a better car and a flat-out much better EV. The biggest cons against the Model Y are the lack of real blindspot monitoring or rear cross-traffic alerts.. and no CarPlay or Android Auto. The biggest pros are the range, efficiency, performance, cargo room, safety, tech, ease of use, and of course the Supercharger network. No other EV matches it in any of these categories.

  15. Agreed. Until others get charging networks, I’m afraid we are stuck with Tesla.

  16. Yea, that's not me. I have a bad habit of cruising at high speed. I'm also very cautious when things catch my attention. On my s1000r I was splitting lanes at "high speed" when all of a sudden it felt like I was riding on glass. Carefully went to get off the freeway and by time I got down to 50mph the bike started bucking, felt like it was trying to kick me off, and once I stopped the bike was unrideable. Pushed it up the ramp and down the street to the gas station where I found a 1/4" hole in my rear tire.

  17. Agreed. Probably too new. Took me a month to go to full throttle on my ZX14R and I probably still only do it once every few rides.

  18. Haha, very true. I say Tesla's don't drive, they teleport 🚙💨

  19. Because you're supposed to use both lanes, even if traffic is light and I'm in the correct lane I still leave enough space for one car to zipper in front of me if they come along because it's not a wrong thing to do and it is just calmer and smoother for everyone. It's literally 2 seconds of your life.

  20. Had a small crash due to poor bike maintenance (fork oil on the front rotor). As the other reply said, keep your bike in top shape and wear gear. Good tires are super important. Don’t cut corners.

  21. Can I take my Tesla offline to avoid this? Disconnect the cellular connection?

  22. The goal is to seat the piston rings. This means low engine load (to limit blow by) at fluctuating RPM’s. Your owners manual will tell you more

  23. The preacher can’t help but smile with some of the things the cameraman said 😂

  24. Even SAP programs arent classified, thats why they give them ambiguous names and dont tell you who the customer is. Not overly cautious just anxious.

  25. What?? Combining skill sets with program names with program managers is definitely a problem in many areas.

  26. Ah okay my bad, do you think they should be included in the analysis. My strategy was to overestimate nuclear casualties and to underestimate coal to be safe from criticism

  27. For both, I think you should include the increase in fatalities due to air pollution/radiation. Air pollution is known to cause a significant amount of early fatalities. There are also some good stats on radiation release where they can study the increases in cancer rates following an inadvertent release. I would guess that this would make coal more than 10x more deadly than nuclear.

  28. My sister drives like this. She speeds , She weaves and she tailgates. She also makes fun of me for driving like an old lady (I drive normal and mostly within the law). So when we took separate cars for a 220 mile trip I told her we are not going separately instead of the normal one person follows the other and we take shared rest stops.

  29. Funny story about karma I was on a toll highway near where I live and I have about a 20 min drive on this highway. One day there was a line of about 10 cars in front of me and we were all moving pretty steady in the passing lane. There was a car behind me who was riding my ass as if I could go anywhere or faster. He kept trying to pass in the right lane but I held close to the car in front of me to prevent him from getting in before the next car/semi in the right lane blocked him. This happened about 5 times that he failed passing on the right. The road eventually opened to 3 lanes wide and he sped past us all in the left most lane. I was like ok whatever. This happened about 2 miles from my exit. So I get off the highway heading for the exit tolls and I see this same guy stuck in a line of about 10 cars waiting to pay. So me with my express pass drive right by him, beep and wave as he’s now stuck waiting to pay. Made me happy inside that all the guy’s efforts was for nothing.

  30. Just let the guy pass. I had someone do that while driving my dad to the ER. The self righteousness here is ridiculous

  31. Let’s be honest, high school is a waste of time from an academic perspective. Have you looked into early graduation? Kudos for being able to pull off good grades in something that doesn’t interest you, that is a skill

  32. I did the exact same thing when an old man pulled out in front of me many years ago. Still feel bad to this day and haven’t flipped anyone off since

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